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Current Topic: Current Events

Meter Man Allegedly Steals $30G in Coins - Yahoo! News
Topic: Current Events 12:13 pm EDT, May  7, 2005

] WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - The man who was in charge of
] emptying parking meters in the town of Mount Kisco has
] been accused of stealing more than $30,000 in quarters.

Meter Man Allegedly Steals $30G in Coins - Yahoo! News

School piano brings 11¢ at auction - Sunday, 04/03/05
Topic: Current Events 3:29 pm EDT, Apr  4, 2005

] MURFREESBORO — The cash-strapped Rutherford County
] School System didn't get quite as much money as it had
] hoped for from this year's auction of unneeded items.
] One reason was the bargains bidders got, including a
] piano bought for 11 cents, a 1997 Ford van that sold for
] $250 and a 32-inch Samsung television that went for
] $1.27.
] Those rock-bottom prices have some school administrators
] wondering if the current surplus system is as good a deal
] for the county as it is for the bidders.

School piano brings 11¢ at auction - Sunday, 04/03/05

The Case Against Michael Jackson - January 6, 2005
Topic: Current Events 1:30 pm EST, Jan 13, 2005

] JANUARY 6--While jury selection is scheduled to begin
] later this month, specific details of the criminal
] molestation case against Michael Jackson have been
] shrouded through a judicial gag order, heavily redacted
] legal filings, sealed court proceedings, and other
] secrecy measures. But now, for the first time, The
] Smoking Gun has compiled an authoritative,
] behind-the-scenes account of the prosecution's case
] against the King of Pop, who was indicted last April on
] ten felony counts for the alleged sexual abuse of a Los
] Angeles boy in early 2003. This story (and the ones
] linked at right) are based on a review of confidential
] law enforcement and government reports, grand jury
] testimony, and sealed court records provided to TSG by
] sources.

The Case Against Michael Jackson - January 6, 2005 - Entertainment - Report: Martha Loses Prison Decorating Contest
Topic: Current Events 12:23 pm EST, Dec 31, 2004

] NEW YORK -- Is Martha Stewart losing her decorating touch
] in prison?
] People magazine's Web site reported that Stewart and her
] team of fellow inmates lost a decorating contest at the
] West Virginia prison where she's being held for lying
] about a stock deal.
] It said each team was given $25 worth of glitter,
] ribbons, construction paper and glue to put together a
] display depicting "Peace on Earth."
] The magazine said Stewart's team made paper cranes to be
] hung from the ceiling.
] However, it quoted an inmate as saying Stewart's team
] lost to another one that put together a nativity scene
] with "pictures of snow-covered hills and sleds.

Ha! - Entertainment - Report: Martha Loses Prison Decorating Contest - Legendary filmmaker Russ Meyer dead - Sep 22, 2004
Topic: Current Events 2:04 am EDT, Sep 23, 2004

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Russ Meyer, who helped spawn the "skin flick" with such films as "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" and "Vixen," has died. He was 82. - Legendary filmmaker Russ Meyer dead - Sep 22, 2004

MSNBC - 'Dome Home' weathers storm
Topic: Current Events 5:22 pm EDT, Sep 16, 2004

PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. - First light revealed that the "Dome Home" made it through the night and did exactly what it was designed to do -- survive even the worst hurricane.

MSNBC - 'Dome Home' weathers storm

NBC 4 - Entertainment - Punk Legend Johnny Ramone Dies At 55
Topic: Current Events 4:36 am EDT, Sep 16, 2004

Punk Legend Johnny Ramone Dies At 55

Guitarist Co-Founded The Ramones In 1974

NBC 4 - Entertainment - Punk Legend Johnny Ramone Dies At 55

DNC Protests?
Topic: Current Events 1:44 pm EDT, Aug 30, 2004

I had some trouble finding details of what the demonstrations at the DNC were like. I'm wondering what sorts of restrictions they had, and if there were incidents. It seems like the difference in numbers is dramatic. Its sort of interesting that even though the country's basically split down the middle, one of those halves is that much more vehement. Pro-Bush people are nowhere near as enthusiastic then their detractors. So, one side is shouting, "FUCKING ASSHOLE COCKSUCKING MURDERING IDIOT!!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY" and the other side is replying... "Eh. It's really not THAT bad." Its extremely rare to see a large group of people who genuinely love the bush administration. It's a shame votes don't track passions.

DNC Protests?

RE: New York Braces for Protests
Topic: Current Events 4:49 pm EDT, Aug 25, 2004

Oh, come on... When was the last time the place had a good riot? I think it's overdue. They've had plane attacks, blackouts and such, but the east coast is getting lapped by the west when it comes to riots. The reasons why it happens isn't important, they just seem like they could use it. Sort of like when they beat up the printer in office space, NY should let it out.

specialK wrote:
] As someone who works in New York City, I take very seriously
] the almost daily stories about security concerns. New York has
] been on terror alert level orange since September 11. Please,
] protestors who are planning civil disobedience or other
] actions that will cause havoc during the RNC, stay home. New
] Yorkers don't need this kind of stress in their lives. Getting
] to work that week will be stressful enough without people like
] this woman insisting on her illegal march to Times Square.

RE: New York Braces for Protests

RE: Marriage is over
Topic: Current Events 12:53 pm EDT, Aug  6, 2004

Mike the Usurper wrote:

] Not anymore.
] So, what happens now is anyone's guess. The only two options
] are strike the rule, or abolish government recognized
] marriage. Marriage is a mostly religious institution anyway,
] so maybe what the step is, government can only recognize civil
] unions, and leave marriage to the church. (The IRS would go
] nuts trying to fit that on a 1040, but no one likes the IRS
] anyway) I don't think that solution makes anyone very happy
] because it means changes for all kinds of people. Insurance
] companies would be forced to retool all their rules because
] just like the government, companies can't discriminate on
] religious grounds (which marriage would now be) and states
] would not be able to do both marriages and civil unions
] because that falls into the category of "separate but equal"
] which was struck down under Brown v Board of Education.
] I would deeply like to thank the current administration for
] this pile of crap. They've chosen to make screwing over hate
] and discrimination a centerpiece of American daily life and
] are doing their best to make it the law.

I think the problem lies with the word "marriage" which has religous significance. Rather aboloshing, ammending the word so its definition in law has nothing to do with a sacrament, or changing it to something else which means a legal pairing. That way people can do whatever they want in front of their god, but the government should look at all of it as silly. It should be something else in law. If this is done, however, it will be a major restructuring of our society and after a fashion, laws regarding gender roles and lifestyle issues will probably start to work properly. But that will take a while. I think that most of the reluctance has more to do with the mess it will create for a significant amount of time until all the other equal-sorta we have work themselves out.

RE: Marriage is over

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