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Current Topic: Miscellaneous

EricLaw's IEInternals : Internet Explorer Cannot Download https://something
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:06 pm EDT, Oct  3, 2009

if a user tries to download* a file over a HTTPS connection, any response headers that prevent caching will cause the file download process to fail.

* Note that this applies to “downloaded” files that open in programs other than IE. It does not apply to resources that render inside IE’s HTML rendering engine, like images/script/css/etc.

Interesting. I never knew this behavior.

EricLaw's IEInternals : Internet Explorer Cannot Download https://something

Iggy Pop
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:00 am EDT, Oct  2, 2009

is not a handsome man. Then again, he is worth a million in prizes...

Iggy Pop

21st Century Digital Girl?
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:58 pm EDT, Oct  1, 2009

... oh... oh my god ... ... [pukes in the corner]


... its just... its just so... [pukes in the corner]

sweet jesus.

21st Century Digital Girl?

Welcome to
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:13 am EDT, Oct  1, 2009

USB Cassette MP3 Player
Product Code: ULIFE029300
Give your car audio MP3 support without buying a new system
Use it as a standalone MP3 palyer or push it into your car setero to play all your favorite MP3 tunes, right from your SD card. It even doubles up as a card reader when connected to your PC!

The cool part is that it will play MP3s when inserted into a standard tape player!

Welcome to

A Glimpse Into the Future of Browser Security at Mozilla Security Blog
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:40 pm EDT, Sep 30, 2009

As we mentioned earlier we’ve been working for the past few months on turning the Content Security Policy specification into working Firefox code. (You’ll remember that CSP is a framework to protect websites from XSS and related attacks). We are happy to report that the work is nearly finished, and we have some preview builds available for you to try out.

I've mentioned the CSP before. I said then it could be huge. I stand by that statement. This is *the* most exciting thing I see today in browser security.

A Glimpse Into the Future of Browser Security at Mozilla Security Blog

I (heart) my Officejet 6500
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:10 pm EDT, Sep 30, 2009

Today I found myself in an awkward position. A client for the new venture sent me some forms to sign and send back to them. The problem was I didn't have a scanner. Or a printer that wasn't a free-with-rebate piece of junk.

I went into Best Buy thinking I'd buy an HP Laserjet thats on sale for $99. I wasn't very impressed. Then I saw the HP OfficeJet 6500. It is on sale at Best Buy right now for $99. I am extremely happy with my purchase!

-It has wired networking which worked right out of the box. Plugged it in, pulled an IP over DHCP, good to go.
-The driver CD didn't try to install a bunch of crap on my machine
-You can scan using the flatbed *or* by putting a stack of papers on the top rack. Super handy for scanning multiple page NDAs ;-)
-It natively scans to PDF which can then be emailed or sent directly into your "My Documents" folder. So Sexy!
-Don't have to do anything crazy to scan things from inside programs like The Gimp even though its networked.
-Printing is damn fast

I'm creating a legitimate company! I've got the office equipment to prove it ;-)

I (heart) my Officejet 6500

Sniffing for RSS 1.0 feeds served as text/html
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:20 pm EDT, Sep 30, 2009

recently found myself testing how browsers sniff for RSS 1.0 feeds that are served with an incorrect MIME type. (Yes, my life is full of delicious irony.) I thought I'd share my findings so far.

Content sniffing is interesting

Sniffing for RSS 1.0 feeds served as text/html

Leaving HP. Or: Closing doors. Opening doors.
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:57 pm EDT, Sep 23, 2009

After 4.5 years first at SPI Dynamics and then HP I've decided to leave the nest and go out on my own. This was not an easy decision.

I look back over my time at SPI and HP and am so very grateful and thankful for the trust people placed in me and the opportunities that were provided to me. I have had the honor and privilege to work with some of the smartest and truly fun people I have ever met. Thanks to the unique environment of SPI Dynamics I take with me a mountain of experiences and failures that I made me who I am that I do not believe I would have experienced at any other company. Thanks to Caleb, Brian, Tracy, Kevin, and everyone who made that environment possible. I will miss that deeply.

I close the SPI/HP chapter and start a new one. Look here in the next few weeks for more information as I start my new venture.

You can reach me through Gmail at billymhoffman.

QuirksBlog: The HTML5 drag and drop disaster
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:37 am EDT, Sep 21, 2009

In fact, it’s so outrageously bad that I’ve gone on strike. I refuse to do any more research on drag and drop. Go do it yourself. Or don’t bother. Whatever. I don’t care.

OK, got it.

For the drop event to fire at all, you have to cancel the defaults of both the dragover and the dragenter event.

[ ... ]

... say WHAT?!?

OK, let’s try again:

The default action of the dragover and the dragenter events is NOT being able to drop an element. And you have to cancel these default actions in order to drop an element. Obviously.

[ ... ]

Say. Fucking. WHAT?!?

OK, one more time:

The dragover and dragenter events exist for the sole reason of forcing web developers who want to perform a drop action to cancel their obscure default actions.

You’re kidding me.

[ ... crickets ... ]

You’ve GOT to be FUCKING kidding me!

I’m not going to cancel the default actions of not one but two of your bullshit events in order to get the most important action in the entire fucking module working.

Then we won’t play. Nyaa, nyaa...

You bunch of fucking idiots don’t have the fuckingest clue what you’re doing!


QuirksBlog: The HTML5 drag and drop disaster

Topic: Miscellaneous 10:56 pm EDT, Sep 20, 2009

Well, let’s assume that Microsoft had .NET runtimes on everything. Right now I’m staring at an IV machine in the hospital room where our next son will be born. Why couldn’t a doctor Tweet that machine? Using a message that looks something like this:

@sequoia_iv_0451 set level to 1 pt per hour

That would change the drip rate on her machine to 1 pint per hour.

That doesn’t seem that important, does it? But now what if EVERY device in the hospital had a runtime like this and could be queried through a Twitter language?

Wouldn’t that open up new application possibilities that don’t exist today? Absolutely!

... ... I don't know what to even say to this. Ignore the massive security issues. Ignore that Robert is suggesting a 3rd party run by hipsters should be used dispense medical care. A system that fails so often that it uses a flying smiling whale instead of HTTP 500 server errors. Ignore that this is yet another love letter blog post in the "wow, twitter is *Amazing*!" collective circle jerk that is Silicon Valley these days.

I ignore all of that... and I still am overwhelmed by this. Somewhere, the IPv6 guys are all going "See! He gets it!"

[mental note to self: use the phrase "collective circle jerk" more often]


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