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Current Topic: Music

doves : lost souls
Topic: Music 12:56 pm EDT, Jul 20, 2002

I heard this song "Catch the Sun" on the college station yesterday. Same kind of sappy post grunge rock you've been ignoring for years. Reminded me of Foo Fighters... But, that thing thats usually missing. That soul... It was there! I actually found myself begrudgingly enjoying the song. Someone else ought to listen to it and tell me if I'm nuts or not. It might just be that the stereo in my car is in really bad shape.

doves : lost souls

Behind the Music that Sucked
Topic: Music 1:46 pm EDT, Jul 13, 2002

A large collection of cartoon shorts making fun of the music industry. Watch Tobe Kenobi...

Behind the Music that Sucked

Video Scratching on M-M-Macs
Topic: Music 11:34 am EDT, Jul 12, 2002

"Just as scratching and sampling has forever changed music, video scratching is starting to revolutionize musical performances.

The process is remarkably similar. Using a pair of Titanium G4 PowerBooks and Apple's Final Cut Pro 3 video editing software, the Video DJs (VJs) can match the rhythm of any video footage to the tempo of the music. "

Video Scratching on M-M-Macs

LAUNCH - Your Yahoo! Music Experience - Music videos, internet radio, artist photos, music information, and more.
Topic: Music 7:22 pm EDT, Jul  4, 2002

Yahoo has launched an online music service that based on a collaborative filtering system. Obviously this is an interactive service. I wonder how the licensing works.

LAUNCH - Your Yahoo! Music Experience - Music videos, internet radio, artist photos, music information, and more.

Why Radio Sucks (
Topic: Music 1:41 pm EDT, May 31, 2002

"Each week the program directors review national sales data and Billboard's charts. Focus groups are regularly assembled and phone polls are taken. Is a tune familiar enough? Do people like it? Are they tired of it? Each track is assigned a "burn" score, a measure of how "burned out" the target audience has become; when the score passes a certain level, the tune disappears."

Apparently their scoring system is broken, among other things. Revenue keeps dropping. The size of the market keeps dropping. And yet they keep tightening the screws using the same broken formulas that caused the previous decline. They obviously don't understand the cause and effect here. They see bankruptcy looming and out of fear they tighten the screws some more, causing more fallout. There is no hope for them. They'll go out of business eventually.

Why Radio Sucks (

Nappy Roots
Topic: Music 3:41 am EDT, May 31, 2002

"Seventy-nine coupe DeVille vertical Caddy grill
Interstate 65 headin down to Cashville
Glass filled, to the tippy-top, back-seat Benz
Spent my last cent on the rent, left with pocket lints
A damn shame, gotta grind anythang and everythang
Jimmy Crack Corn, cross the county line with Mary Jane"

Country Music and Rap Music will eventually converge into one genre, at which point I might actually listen to country...

Nappy Roots

From a Few Colored Lines Come the Sounds of Music
Topic: Music 11:05 am EDT, May 28, 2002

A music teacher / MIT Media Lab researcher has developed an innovative new tool for composing music on the computer. He calls it HyperScore, software that would convert expressive gestures -- lines, patterns, textures and colors -- made on the screen into pleasing and variable sounds. The goal, he said, is to let children have "the direct experience of translating their own thoughts and feelings into music."

From a Few Colored Lines Come the Sounds of Music

Matador Records | Jega
Topic: Music 2:11 am EDT, May 14, 2002

Jega is awesome... AphexTwin/Autechre style strangeness... Check the MP3 on this link.

Matador Records | Jega

Hey, Who's That Face in My Song?
Topic: Music 12:15 pm EDT, May 10, 2002

Aphex Twin has hidden some images in some of his songs which appear when you graph the song's spectrum over time. leet...

Hey, Who's That Face in My Song?

Topic: Music 12:25 am EDT, May  5, 2002

I like Cold Play... English indy rock stuff. "Yellow" has gotten some airplay in the states. The samples on this site suck though. You might want to search for them elsewhere...


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