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Current Topic: Music

Topic: Music 11:59 am EST, Mar 29, 2005

] A friend who relocated to California from NY said she
] missed hearing all the odd variety of music that was
] played around the office here. "I miss hearing what
] you all are listening to," she wrote. This "radio"?
] is my response. It will stream for a few hours and then
] it will recycle. Maybe it will run longer in the future.
] The artists played here are respectful of one another and
] gunplay is forbidden.

I haven't checked this out yet but it sounds worth a listen.

Radio Nine Inch Nails Bite Back
Topic: Music 12:24 am EST, Mar  3, 2005

] I had plenty of life experience to draw from while
] working on this record," says Trent Reznor of White
] Teeth, Nine Inch Nails' first album in six years. "I was
] getting sane while the world was going crazy."
] Due May 3rd, the follow-up to 1999's The Fragile bristles
] with as much aggression as anything in the NIN catalog
] while adding more live drumming into the mix, courtesy of
] honorary Nailsman Dave Grohl. Nine Inch Nails Bite Back

Ska for the Skeptical
Topic: Music 10:27 am EST, Feb 16, 2005

] ska has a rich history and more recordings than you can
] shake an ass at. i've put together a a collection of
] songs here that i feel represents what i love about the
] music. other ska enthusiasts will surely have different
] tastes and will prioritize a different set of artists
] (notice that prince buster is nowhere to be found here,
] but the slackers have two tracks). my goal is to show the
] progression of roots ska through rocksteady, early
] reggae, and even a few two-tone and third-wave revival
] tracks that deserve respect.

I'm not a big fan of modern poppunkska, but mostly because of the poppunk rather then the ska. I haven't gone through this yet but I'm hopeful. The 80's are conspicuously missing. I'd have included the Police.

Ska for the Skeptical

RE: PBS - Austin City Limits - The Pixies Live
Topic: Music 2:32 pm EST, Feb 11, 2005

] ] Austin City Limits caputres one of the year's biggest
] ] rock 'n' roll reunions as legendary alt-rockers the
] ] Pixies perform. With vintage fire the band takes the
] ] stage to perform their classics filled with brutal noise
] ] and impressionistic lyrics.

Reposting as a reminder. My tivo says this is playing on GPB on the 12th. Check your local listings.

RE: PBS - Austin City Limits - The Pixies Live

Guardian Unlimited | Together in electric dreams
Topic: Music 2:13 pm EST, Jan 18, 2005

] Martin and Ruth, aka Spike, the next big girl/boy duo (so
] they hope) add some synth and a new background vocal to
] the mix. He saves the song and she emails it to
] Polyphonic Human Media Interface who, within 24 hours,
] will tell them whether their song will be a hit. When the
] results arrive they hover over the 20in screen and click
] on the returned mail. There is a graph, showing a cluster
] of many dots, like a constellation, and somewhere in the
] cluster a red spot. The spot marks their song, not quite
] a bullseye, but still in the throng. "It's scored a
] seven," Ruth says, scanning down. "We're in. The record
] company will definitely meet us now." Their future
] suddenly looks a lot rosier.

This seems ahead of it's time. Quite impressive. I'm going to disagree with Kerry here. This is the future. First, it gets cheap enough for every band to tune every song on the suckometer such that it becomes a hit. Then, it gets cheap enough that everyone with garage band can work against the suckometer. Thats when the music industry really starts to collapse, because your friends start producing billboard quality music in their garage. Then someone decides to eliminate the middle man and simply have the computer compose the music directly. Of course, this enables lots of customization.

The end result is that humans will view music as simply a mirror which reflects and re-enforces their emotions. In the same way they use political commentators. In the same way they use clothing. It won't matter that it isn't being made by a person. The idea of people making music will seem quaint. Sort of like having a professional pianist living in your house instead of buying a stereo. Something so expensive and unnecessary that it will seem a little sickening. The machines will do it better. They'll make you feel the way you want to feel, exactly when you want to feel that way, and they'll never bore you with repetitive songs...

Don't worry. You'll be long dead when this all comes to pass.

Guardian Unlimited | Together in electric dreams

Death in Vegas :: INFO :: Official news from the UK band fronted by Richard Fearless
Topic: Music 12:50 pm EST, Jan  9, 2005

Death in Vegas, Scorpio rising.....I recommend this album highly:)

Death in Vegas :: INFO :: Official news from the UK band fronted by Richard Fearless

Exotic Guitars - Skeletar
Topic: Music 7:44 pm EST, Dec 15, 2004

This rules.

Exotic Guitars - Skeletar

Digable Planets Reunite
Topic: Music 4:26 pm EST, Dec  1, 2004

A little old (9/2004) but none the less startling news for fans!

Early 1990's Hip-Hop collective Digable Planets have announced
that they have reunited and are working on a new album.

Digable Planets Reunite

: : : a perfect circle : : :
Topic: Music 1:52 am EST, Nov 30, 2004

] Let's have a war,
] Jack up the Dow Jones,
] Let's have a war,
] It can start in New Jersey...

So, I heard A Perfect Circle's rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" on the way back home from Nashville. The dark, cynical irony of it fit my post election apathy like a glove. The first two videos here are from the album, which also contains a number of other entertaining covers such as the one referenced above.

For the clue deficient the lead singer is the guy from tool.

: : : a perfect circle : : :

Innernational crew underground hip-hop
Topic: Music 3:04 am EST, Nov 16, 2004

I heard "What planet what station" in a bar tonight. I like it. I want more stuff like this. Its a shame its only on 12"

Innernational crew underground hip-hop

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