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Current Topic: Current Events - Small earthquake shakes the South - Apr. 29, 2003
Topic: Current Events 10:06 am EDT, Apr 29, 2003

] A light, rare earthquake measuring magnitude 4.9 shook
] the South in the early morning hours, waking up people
] from Mississippi to North Carolina, but the tremor failed
] to inflict significant damage, bleary-eyed residents and
] officials told CNN.

This woke up a bunch of my co-workers but I slept right through it... - Small earthquake shakes the South - Apr. 29, 2003

DID YOU HEAR? . . . (
Topic: Current Events 10:17 am EDT, Apr 23, 2003

The Washington Post gives Billy Hoffman the Quote of the Day.

DID YOU HEAR? . . . (

BlackBoard Inc.
Topic: Current Events 11:51 pm EDT, Apr 20, 2003

The statement put up by blackboard about Interz0ne

The "careful and measured" language is used again. My ass...

BlackBoard Inc.

Yahoo! News - U.S. Culture Advisers Resign Over Iraq Museum Looting
Topic: Current Events 9:50 pm EDT, Apr 17, 2003

] Martin Sullivan, who chaired the President's Advisory
] Committee on Cultural Property for eight years, and panel
] member Gary Vikan said they resigned because the U.S.
] military had had advance warning of the danger to Iraq
] (news - web sites)'s historical treasures.

More high level resignations...

Yahoo! News - U.S. Culture Advisers Resign Over Iraq Museum Looting

The 'Guernica' Myth
Topic: Current Events 9:02 pm EDT, Apr 17, 2003

] As over 200 cameramen were setting up, they complained
] that the background at the new location didn't work for
] them. Powell would be speaking in front of the tapestry,
] of which only indecipherable shapes would be visible.
] Couldn't a plain background be provided?

Of course, her smugness is just as disgusting as their dishonesty. All the radicals are the same...

The 'Guernica' Myth

The end of civilization
Topic: Current Events 8:49 pm EDT, Apr 17, 2003

On April 10, a day after Saddam Hussein's regime collapsed and Baghdad was in the hands of U.S. military forces, the National Museum of Iraq was ransacked. In a matter of hours, thousands of Iraqis, some thought to be working for art dealers, clambered into the museum that had been closed to the public for years. After two days of looting, almost all of the museum's 170,000 artifacts were either stolen or damaged. Ancient vases were smashed. Statues were beheaded. In the museum's collection were items from Ur and Uruk, the first city-states, settled around 4000 B.C., including art, jewelry and clay tablets containing cuneiform, considered to be the first examples of writing. The museum also housed giant alabaster and limestone carvings taken from palaces of ancient kings.


Coalition forces are trying to restore civil order in Baghdad, a city of 4.5 million, and the looting has almost ended. However, the pandemonium and destruction that occurred have cost the Bush administration credibility and trust in Iraq and across the Arab world. Silliman, who's now a law professor at Duke University and executive director of the Center for Law, Ethics and National Security, says the coalition forces may have violated the Fourth Geneva Convention, which calls for an occupying force to protect cultural property. Even if the coalition forces didn't intentionally breach the Geneva Conventions, he says, "the effect [of the looting] will be more in world opinion, than in legal sanctions."

It's amazing that we had troops stationed at the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad to protect it. There's no oil in that building, it's purely administrative.

Here we have literally thousands of years of culture being systematically disassembled and sold to the highest bidder while Rumsfeld chuckles and makes statements to the effect that boys will be boys.


The end of civilization

Straw to seek explanation for press deaths
Topic: Current Events 9:53 am EDT, Apr  9, 2003

] The colonel in charge of the tank that fired said they
] had reacted after seeing enemy "binoculars" being used in
] the hotel.

Oooo... Thats questionable. A lot of people in the military are pissed off about the POW footage. It is pluasable that someone would decide to call in those locations for revenge. I didn't really think that was realistic until I saw the pentagon press conference yesterday, which I felt was rather "spinny." Instead of being matter of fact about it they went to alot of effort to talk about how Americans are really good guys and they avoided directly answering questions about the incident other then to say that "war zones are dangerous." Operation piss off the planet continues.

Straw to seek explanation for press deaths
Topic: Current Events 6:06 pm EDT, Apr  7, 2003

This site is basically a weblog. Most of the main news articles come from the major media. Their perspective is a matter of article selection. Seems, at a cursory investigation, to lack the kind of wide eyed conspiracy theories present on other sites.

If you want peace, preach to the unconverted - Howard Jacobson - from Argument
Topic: Current Events 5:49 pm EST, Apr  5, 2003


Easy to blame the war on those who love war; I blame it also on those who opposed it. They should have done a better job – produced arguments that smacked less of ancient ideology, found subtler people to express them, put language to better use than sloganising, sought the support of less obviously biased or hysterical groups, kept one issue separate from another, not turned the cause of peace into a ragbag of associated or not-at-all associated grievances, jeered less, cheered less, put their minds, every inch of the way, to the fears no less than the ambitions that fuelled the war, and why others, who were not all Bush's poodles, did not always think as they did.


Any decent peace movement could have picked me up and made me theirs in seconds.

As it was, they put a wall up, forbidding if you weren't already camped on the other side of it, if you didn't take it as a given that Americans were hyenas, or that the world's stockpiles of poisons would go away by wishing them away, or if you believe that only those capable of listening are capable of answering. And thus they left me out there, where I didn't want to be.


But if they couldn't address the concerns of a man in my condition – a nobody loitering by the banks of the River Indecision with his finger fluttering to his lips – how were they ever going to get through to the hard men, to Blair or Bush or Saddam Hussein, or to those who could get through to Blair or Bush or Saddam Hussein, or to those who could get through to those who could get through? The slow drip drip drip of mind-changing. And don't tell me that those who organised for peace never entertained such grandiose ambitions, because in that case who were they trying to reach?

I know the answer to that – one another.

If you want peace, preach to the unconverted - Howard Jacobson - from Argument

Google Search: hawash
Topic: Current Events 12:31 pm EST, Apr  4, 2003

Mainstream news coverage of the Mike Hawash case has exploded in the last 48 hours. Blogging this search so I can keep up with developments.

Google Search: hawash

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