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From User: Rattle

Current Topic: Macintosh

RE: Tiger not all that great...
Topic: Macintosh 9:42 am EDT, Jun  2, 2005

Rattle wrote:
My 1Ghz G4 Powerbook's performance has really taken a dive since installing Tiger. I'm wondering if anyone else is having similar problems...

Yes, I agree. I wish I had not upgraded. They broke Cisco VPN, Tivo Desktop, and lowered performance a lot. Nothing new has been worth it.

I have one gig of ram, yet regularly my system is having to pull applications out of swap in situations where I'm not pushing it hard and never had a problem in the past.

Yup! It has the same feel as my Windows machine.

Dashboard flat out sucks.

I haven't looked at it in weeks. Its a neat toy, but damn is it expensive, and there is no way to shut it off. There is no GUI method for deleting widgets.

Ok, I like Spotlight...

Haven't touched it. Locatedb anyone? Find?

Safari seems to eat more ram with every update. I'm used to unloading it and re-loading it every so often to alleviate its fat, but that has not been necessary recently because it seems to be crashing more. Mail has been crashing regularly as well.

Safari does seem slow. I think it might be the RSS feeds. I should be able to tell it to stop collecting that data. Instead the only way to turn that off is to remove all the feeds from your bookmarks. I just set the article hold time to one day. I haven't, however, experienced any crashes. Neither Mail nor Safari have died if memory serves.

RE: Tiger not all that great...

Steve Jobs: The Rolling Stone Interview
Topic: Macintosh 11:58 pm EST, Dec  9, 2003

] He changed the computer industry. Now he's after the
] music business

A mixed bag of clue and deception.

He is dead on about electronic copy-protection, and the quality of file sharing services.

He is dead wrong about subscription based services. Cable companies, Netflix, XM... There are many examples of media subscription services. The advantage that these services might offer consumers is the ability to branch out and try different music with less risks. There is a real business there. Job's model is better for him because it is more conducive to selling hardware devices like ipods. Subscriptions are for streams.

His comment about copyright itself is nice in that he used the word invest rather then the word create. The funny thing is that he makes the argument about the need for investment, and then he undoes the argument by saying that the core problem with the music industry is that it invests too much! The fact is that improving technology has greatly reduced the need for investment, at least from a production and distribution standpoint. The only thing missing is marketing. If you can get to the point where a lot of people are listening to your music without really needing lots of capital, the question is whether you'll need the music industry when you get there.

He is wrong about VOD. Does my TIVO give me instant gratification? Why should I wait 24 hours for the next Simpsons episode when I can download it in 5?

Steve Jobs: The Rolling Stone Interview

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