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Current Topic: Arts

Rodrigo y Gabriela
Topic: Arts 4:38 pm EDT, Jun  3, 2007

Lots of talent there!

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Levitated | the Exploration of Computation
Topic: Arts 9:25 pm EDT, May 28, 2007

Jared Tarbell was the creator/curator of the Gallery of Computation. Levitated is his new home. contains visual poetry and science fun narrated in an object oriented graphic environment.

The sketches and applications generated as a byproduct of research are provided online as open source Flash modules.

These pages are attempting to fasten a usable structure around a continually evolving computational ecology, so that it may be observed and enjoyed by participants of the network.

Levitated | the Exploration of Computation

Improve your photography with clasical art.
Topic: Arts 3:29 pm EDT, May 10, 2007

Thanks for posting this - cool concept.

Improve your photography with clasical art.

With One Word, Children’s Book Sets Off Uproar
Topic: Arts 9:12 am EST, Feb 19, 2007

The word “scrotum” does not often appear in polite conversation. Or children’s literature, for that matter. Yet there it is on the first page of “The Higher Power of Lucky,” by Susan Patron, this year’s winner of the Newbery Medal, the most prestigious award in children’s literature.

Sammy told of the day when he had drunk half a gallon of rum listening to Johnny Cash all morning in his parked '62 Cadillac, then fallen out of the car when he saw a rattlesnake on the passenger seat biting his dog, Roy, on the scrotum.

I am reminded of Manohla Dargis's review of 'The Polar Express':

Tots surely won't recognize that Santa's big entrance in front of the throngs of frenzied elves and awe-struck children directly evokes, however unconsciously, one of Hitler's Nuremberg rally entrances in Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will." But their parents may marvel that when Santa's big red sack of toys is hoisted from factory floor to sleigh it resembles nothing so much as an airborne scrotum.

In the preface to "Style: Toward Clarity and Grace" [2], Joseph Williams writes:

Whether we are readers or writers, teachers or editors, all of us in professional communities must understand three things about complex writing:

* it may precisely reflect complex ideas,
* it may gratuitously complicate complex ideas,
* it may gratuitously complicate simple ideas.


Here is an example of the third kind of complexity:

The absence from this dictionary of the a handful of old, well-known vulgate terms for sexual and excretory organs and functions is not due to a lack of citations for these words from current literature. On the contrary, the profusion of such citations in recent years would suggest that the terms in question are so well known as to require no explanation. The decision to eliminate them as part of the extensive culling process that is the inevitable task fo the lexicographer was made on the practical grounds that there is still objection in many quarters to the appearance of these terms in print and that to risk keeping this dictionary out of the hands of some students by introducing several terms that require little if any elucidation would be unwise.
-- From the foreword, Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language

This means,

We excluded vulgar words for sex and excretion not because we could not find them. We excluded them because many people object to seeing them. Had we included them, some teachers and schoolboards would have refused to let this dictionary be used by their students, who in any event already know what these words mean.

You'll also find the above excerpt discussed in American Lexicography, 1945-1973, an article by Clarence Barnhart, published in American Speech in the summer of 1978. (Subscription required for access to full text.)

With One Word, Children’s Book Sets Off Uproar

Strange Dolls Indeed - Just in time for Christmas
Topic: Arts 8:08 pm EST, Dec 13, 2006

These really are some strange, strange dolls.....very expressive art form. :)

Strange Dolls Indeed - Just in time for Christmas

RE: Georgia mom seeks Harry Potter ban - BOOKS -
Topic: Arts 10:09 am EDT, Oct  5, 2006

I am so embarrassed to live in Georgia.

RE: Georgia mom seeks Harry Potter ban - BOOKS -

RE: 50 Dark Movies in One Painting
Topic: Arts 11:12 pm EDT, Oct  3, 2006

I got a few - 13- but that's all I could get - Pumpkin Head, 12 monkeys, Invisible man, Pirahna, Lepechan, rosemary's baby, Silence of the Lambs, Children of the Corn, The Birds, ect.

RE: 50 Dark Movies in One Painting

Want Music Cheap? Got old CD's laying around?
Topic: Arts 1:19 am EDT, Sep 22, 2006

This site lets you list old CD's that you don't want. After you list 10, you get a free CD. After that, for every CD that you send out (YOU pay postage) you get a CD credit for a free CD sent to YOU free of charge.

Alternately, you can buy a 'credit' for less than 3.00 and order any that are listed.

This is a great site to get rid of older CDs and get ones you really want.

There IS a lot of good stuff being posted.

I've joined a similiar site - and I have been able to get rid of a ton of books I didn't want, while picking up books I DO want. I mostly swap through their "Box of Books" program which makes the postage very affordable.

They both seem to be very well ran sites - if you like to read or listen to music, I think you'd do yourself a favor by checking it out. :)

Want Music Cheap? Got old CD's laying around?

Beautiful! O Mare e Tu Andrea Bocelli & Dulce Pontes
Topic: Arts 1:37 am EDT, Sep 17, 2006

The voices are beautiful, and the dancers are sensual beyond belief. This is one gorgeous video.

Beautiful! O Mare e Tu Andrea Bocelli & Dulce Pontes

Mystery Fuels Huge Popularity of Web's Lonelygirl15
Topic: Arts 1:22 am EDT, Sep 10, 2006

She's a cute girl, but if it is a marketing ploy, I have a feeling they are going to piss off a lot of homeschoolers. They are playing up the sterotype isolated homeschooled child angle a bit too much - so much, I'd say it is fake. "The only friend I met the whole time was a dog." WTF?

Mystery Fuels Huge Popularity of Web's Lonelygirl15

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