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Current Topic: Computer Security

Can a voting machine spend the night?
Topic: Computer Security 7:56 pm EDT, Sep  3, 2008

I suspect now, after seeing this, that this IS happening my area as well.
I had heard it on the radio, a few callers called in and said it was.

"Ohio is an election battleground state with perennial problems at the polls. So what have election officials in some precincts of the state been doing to keep their voting machines safe from tampering?

Taking the machines home with them and stashing them in their garages in the days before a big election."

Can a voting machine spend the night?

I heard a rumor - can anyone confirm or bust?
Topic: Computer Security 1:31 pm EDT, Sep  3, 2008

I heard that here in my small town of Rome, GA, that the election computers were going HOME with the people responsible for the election - to their private homes.

I've heard that from 2 different people now.

General: China taking on U.S. in cyber arms race -
Topic: Computer Security 7:21 pm EDT, Jun 15, 2007

And this is new? HONK if you want to hack in China, as long as it is against the US, right?

General: China taking on U.S. in cyber arms race -

I'm thinking we ALL need to do this
Topic: Computer Security 6:13 pm EDT, May 25, 2007

I understand that Sonic wall is wrongly blocking
as a HACKER site.

We are not bad dirty evil pesky hackers spreading chaos and cyber warfare.

We all need to go to the link above, and request that rating be changed.

I will seek others that I know to do this from off the site.

There was at least one other site that successfully campaigned against wrongly applied filters. With enough volume of requests, they backed off.

I'm thinking we ALL need to do this

PayPal to combat phishing with key fobs
Topic: Computer Security 9:15 pm EST, Jan 12, 2007

In an effort to protect users from fraud and phishing schemes, eBay subsidiary PayPal is preparing to offer secure key fobs. The devices, which display a six-digit code that changes every 30 seconds, will be made available free to all PayPal business users, and will cost $5 for all personal PayPal account users. Those who opt in on the key fob will have to enter the six-digit code when logging in to PayPal.

I don't see how this is going to be that effective against advanced phishing techniques......but it should at least cut down on abuse some.

PayPal to combat phishing with key fobs

Wired News: Computer Warming a Privacy Risk
Topic: Computer Security 9:44 pm EST, Dec 31, 2006

If an attacker wants to learn the IP address of a hidden server on the Tor network, he'll suddenly request something difficult or intensive from that server. The added load will cause it to warm up.

Because temperature affects how fast most electronics operate, warming up the machine causes microscopic changes in clock skew over time. Now the attacker queries computers on the public internet that he suspects of being the Tor server, looking for the shift in skew over the course of hours.

Wow - hardware anomolies being used to track and trace fascinate me.

Wired News: Computer Warming a Privacy Risk

Example of new eBay redirect SCAM
Topic: Computer Security 11:21 pm EST, Nov 14, 2006

DO NOT SIGN IN. This is an active scammer.

Why does eBay continue to allow code like this to be inserted into auctions?

Example of new eBay redirect SCAM

Ebay Motors Hijacked via redirects
Topic: Computer Security 6:11 am EDT, Oct 24, 2006

These redirects were still happening earlier today, from what I could tell on eBay's boards.

One possibility is that this could be a problem with eBay allowing sellers to insert swf movies from 3rd party sites, which use actionscript redirects.

It happens almost instantly, and buyers are not noticing they are taken off ebay. Literally TAKEN off eBay.

eBay is taking pages with this exploit down as soon as they become known, so I've not got to look at any directly.

Some say it is some javascript doing it, but eBay disabled javascript and encrypted js a while back - the flash has always worried me...

Ebay Motors Hijacked via redirects

Interesting Insight into Hushmail thanks to John M. Karr
Topic: Computer Security 11:00 pm EDT, Aug 28, 2006

At this link:, which is a record of emails between Michael Tracey and John Mark Karr as well as several investigators on the JR case, I find that page 66 is rather interesting.

It seems that a FREE Hushmail account might be safer to have than a premium account! In any event, I always find such trivial information as this useful to file away. I thought some other members here might like this trivia tidbit as well.
(From the PDF)

"I spoke with the Hushmail lawyer, Steve YOUNGMAN, yesterday. FYI, the best contact number for YOUNGMAN is 604-893-8699.

With respect to the account in question, YOUNGMAN advised the following:
1. The account is active (created Sept. 2005)
2. The account is non-premium (free; basic service)
3. No IP address logs are available, to date.

YOUNGMAN also advised me of the following:
A. There is no user registration information available for the account, as it is not a 'premium' account.
B. IP Addresses could be logged, with the appropriate judicial authorization.
C. A significant amount of e-mail message content exists, with the most recent message having been sent on the day of my enquiry (May 17, 2006.)

YOUNGMAN has taken a 'snapshot' of the data associated to the suspect account, thereby preserving/archiving it until such time there is a COURT ORDER to release that data to law enforcement.

Unless there is a Canadian connection to your homicide (besides the fact that the Hushmail servers are located there), you will have to pursue an MLAT. I wish I could do something to expedite your requiest, however, without a crime having been committed in Canada, I would not be able to back a US-authorized search warrant. "

Feds investigate Lieberman's Web Site Crash
Topic: Computer Security 10:14 pm EDT, Aug 10, 2006

He used a webhost of a friend...with get what you pay for, Dude.

Still, the Feds are investigating to determine extent of criminal activity, if any.

Feds investigate Lieberman's Web Site Crash

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