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Current Topic: Miscellaneous

Crop Circle Pi
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:39 pm EDT, Aug  6, 2008

""Take the pattern and draw radial lines from the center of the central depression through each radial jump," Reed e-mailed the Web site. "Take the smallest angle sector and call it one (1), then compare the other 10 sectors contained angle to the smallest and pick the closest single digit for the ratio. They come out as 3.141592654."

As any math geek knows, that's the first 10 digits of pi, the irrational but extremely important number that's defined as a circle's circumference divided by its diameter."

Crop Circle Pi

Binary Crop Circle?
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:34 pm EDT, Aug  6, 2008

"Okay, guys, let's end all of this xenophobic, fearful denial and get serious. Does anyone really believe that two old guys with rope and boards made the 1368-digit Crabwood CD message by hand, late at night while no one was looking, and contrary to all other eyewitness accounts of its creation? You might as well believe in Santa Claus or the Easter bunny!

Come on, all of you geeks and nerds worldwide: let's get to it! You can be even more famous than Jodie Foster in Contact if you succeed! (Carl Sagan used a wormhole there too, because his friend Kip Thorne told him they were possible.)"

If I look at Crop Circles as nothing but....performance art....I'm still amazed - the 'quality' and quantity of the art just gets better and better!

Binary Crop Circle?

In Pakistan, ancient pagan culture struggles to survive encroaching Islam
Topic: Miscellaneous 6:03 am EDT, May 29, 2008

The Kalasha is a pagan civilisation that has lived in the area for at least 2,000 years but is coming under threat from an increasingly militant version of Islam and modernisation.
The women wear long black dresses with vividly coloured embroidery and have hair in long plaits and magnificent headdresses decorated with shells. Garish belts and layers of brightly coloured necklaces add to their exotic appearance.

On their cheeks are painted dots and tattoos. With improbable pale skin and piercing light eyes, any one of a dozen girls could be on the cover of National Geographic.

These are a people who love drinking wine and can freely choose their husband or wife. The women make no attempt to hide their faces and dance with gaiety in public, a sight now so rare in increasingly conservative Pakistan that it is shocking for most of their countrymen.

The Kalasha women greet familiar men and women with three kisses on the cheek (left, right, left), and then they kiss each other’s hands, sometimes both hands.

Muslim tourists from other parts of Pakistan, typically groups of men, are bewildered by the Kalasha festivities, seemingly unable to fathom that this too is a religion. It seems that it is tales of the Kalasha women that have brought them here, confusing the women’s free will for free love.'

In Pakistan, ancient pagan culture struggles to survive encroaching Islam

Child suffers fracture at Daycare, CPS takes child from parents
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:42 am EDT, May 22, 2008

"An Omaha toddler was removed from her home after her parents reported an injury to the state, and Child Protective Services kept the girl for four days.

No charges will be filed against Crystal and Jay Mitchell, who got their daughter, Brianna, back on Tuesday night. Omaha police officers removed the girl from her parents' home on Friday. The parents said they were trying to do what was right by reporting, but instead found themselves the target of suspicion."

CPS steps all over the rights of parents and children, and until the American public wakes up and sees their own creeping statism, this unchecked, out of control beast will continue to harm innocent families, and children will continue to be placed needlessly in foster care, where they are at INCREASED risk of abuse, neglect, death, and being overly medicated on pyschotropic medications.

Child suffers fracture at Daycare, CPS takes child from parents

Scientists Find Key to What Could Make Bird Flu a Human Pandemic
Topic: Miscellaneous 7:21 pm EST, Jan  6, 2008

Scientists have identified a key mechanism necessary for bird flu to morph from a rare but deadly infection into a pandemic that could kill millions of people.

This is a very important find...with this kind of information, it may be possible to generate a preventative medication against pandemic flu.

Scientists Find Key to What Could Make Bird Flu a Human Pandemic

The People of Asheville are sounding GOOD
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:31 pm EST, Dec 26, 2007

Friday night drum circle with the citizens of Asheville.


The People of Asheville are sounding GOOD

So...They really can beam messages in our heads!
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:17 pm EST, Dec 11, 2007

"New Yorker Alison Wilson was walking down Prince Street in SoHo last week when she heard a woman's voice right in her ear asking, "Who's there? Who's there?" She looked around to find no one in her immediate surroundings. Then the voice said, "It's not your imagination."

Indeed it isn't. It's an ad for "Paranormal State," a ghost-themed series premiering on A&E this week. The billboard uses technology manufactured by Holosonic that transmits an "audio spotlight" from a rooftop speaker so that the sound is contained within your cranium. "

So...They really can beam messages in our heads!

Can anyone here use this x-box code? For x-box live?
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:27 pm EST, Dec  2, 2007

I won this, but I don't have an x-box. We have a Wii instead.

If anyone wants it, first person can have it. It is only good once - just reply if you use it.

Your activation code:

To activate your 48-hour free Xbox LIVER Gold membership, follow the steps
Go to step 4 if you already have an Xbox LIVE membership.

1. Connect Xbox 360R to a broadband internet connection.
2. Press the XboxR Guide button, and in the Xbox 360 Dashboard, select
Xbox LIVE.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your Xbox LIVE account.
4. Sign in to Xbox LIVE from Xbox 360 Dashboard.
5. Select Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
6. Select Redeem Prepaid Card or Promotional Code when prompted, enter
your code, and enjoy!

Noose Found at Spiritual Bookstore
Topic: Miscellaneous 7:55 am EST, Nov 20, 2007

First off, what's the deal with all the nooses everywhere lately?

Secondly - what is a self-proclaimed witch? Is that something like a self -proclaimed Christian, and, if so, why don't you ever see it written like that?

"BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A hangman's noose was found outside a spiritual bookstore in Bakersfield run by a self-proclaimed witch.

Police are calling the noose discovered at Altar Bookshoppe, which sells occult books and supplies in Old Town Kern suspicious."

No mention of it being called a hate crime, or counted as one. I guess that is how you know your particular 'group' is REALLY a persecuted minority. KGET first did a story about local residents who practice witchcraft on Halloween, they say shortly after the story aired, a noose was hung on their door.

Olviares says the hangman's noose hung on her Old Town Kern Book Shop is a hate crime.

But it's not being classified as a hate crime because, she says, the store is not considered a place of worship. Word in the pagan community is that this particular police department has been very lax about even looking into crimes against pagans.

Noose Found at Spiritual Bookstore

My Favorite Witch - Dr. Evelyn Paglini - Audio Clips
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:24 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2007

You have to love her voice. She has the "Raspy" down. She's a hoot really. She says often that she is NOT in the business of being a psychic, but that she's been 'seeing' things. She has a metaphysical supply site.

She's gaining a lot of attention for her prediction of flooding in Texas and huge fires in Georgia and California "of the likes we've never seen before."

This is just one session of her predictions. She's going to be on C2C in a special interview with Art Bell this Friday, returning as a guest to interview her. They are long time friends.

Good "Halloween" fare!
Here's another:

My Favorite Witch - Dr. Evelyn Paglini - Audio Clips

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