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Current Topic: Miscellaneous

Harriet Klausner - Top Amazon Reviewer - Does she exist?
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:43 pm EST, Mar 26, 2006

Now I read fast, but someone has figured out that in order to read all the books she reviews - she would have to read 14 books a day - many of which get reviewed the same day they exist.

Could it be? Amazon's top reviewer is NOT a real person at all?

Harriet Klausner - Top Amazon Reviewer - Does she exist?

Slashdot | Interview With Cryptographer Elonka Dunin
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:26 am EST, Mar 15, 2006

Interview With Cryptographer Elonka Dunin

from the old-school-geeks dept.

An anonymous reader writes "Whitedust is running a very interesting article with the DEF CON speaker and cryptographer Elonka Dunin. The article covers her career and specifically her involvement with the CIA and other US Military agencies."

Top link on slashdot for the nanosecond...

GO Elonka! We can't wait on your book to come out. :)

Slashdot | Interview With Cryptographer Elonka Dunin Atlanta Entertainment - Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park'
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:05 am EST, Mar 14, 2006

NEW YORK (AP) -- Isaac Hayes has quit "South Park," where he voices Chef, saying he can no longer stomach its take on religion.

Hayes, who has played the ladies' man/school cook in the animated Comedy Central satire since 1997, said in a statement Monday that he feels a line has been crossed.

---Too bad...The creators make an interesting point at the of the
---article about why he's quitting, though.

They make a VERY interesting point. For years he's had no problem mocking Christiantiy, Islam, or Judaism. That's quite telling.

I love South Park. Nothing's sacred. :) Atlanta Entertainment - Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park'

Buddha Boy disappears
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:03 pm EST, Mar 11, 2006

Apparently, he got up at 3 am, took his clothes off, took a friend and left.

Buddha Boy disappears

MemeStreams/Memetics IRC Channel (again) - #memetics
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:59 am EST, Mar  7, 2006

At several points in the past, we have attempted to get people to colonize a MemeStreams IRC channel. Each time, its had about the same result. Five or six people pop in the first day.. The times when people are chatting don't line up, and people stop coming. Then I see a trail of people entering and exiting for 15 minutes at a time for the next several days..

Lets try this again... This time, stay in the damn channel. Idle there. Attract some more people. It takes awhile for any given channel to grab traction.

The topic isn't limited to MemeStreams, but should have something to do with media, idea transfer, Internet issues, communication theory, or current events.


Freenode is a great network. Its stable, there are numerous servers, and the channel/nick services work well so there is no need to have bots to administrate the channels.

For those that don't use IRC, its a very old chat protocol. There are numerous networks and a plethora of clients you can use to connect to it. Asking which client is the best to use is like asking for a major debate. I prefer XChat myself. The main site has the Windows and Linux clients. There is an OSX specific port as well.

MemeStreams/Memetics IRC Channel (again) - #memetics

Suit: W.Va. Police Chief Denied Gay Man CPR - Yahoo! News
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:10 pm EST, Mar  3, 2006

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A small-town police chief was accused in a federal lawsuit Thursday of stopping a would-be rescuer from performing CPR on a gay heart attack victim because he assumed the ailing man had HIV and posed a health risk.

I think that man should be charged with a hate crime if they find out the accusation is true.

I don't really believe in 'hate crime' justification, but this was definitely neglect. It is too bad people can't be exiled anymore.

Suit: W.Va. Police Chief Denied Gay Man CPR - Yahoo! News

Russia orders Pope Assassination?
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:58 pm EST, Mar  2, 2006

Leaders of the former Soviet Union were behind the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II in 1981, an Italian parliamentary investigative commission said in a report

Russia orders Pope Assassination?

President Bush Delivers State of the Union Address
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:53 pm EST, Feb  1, 2006

Breakthroughs on this and other new technologies will help us reach another great goal: to replace more than 75 percent of our oil imports from the Middle East by 2025.

gee, so he wants us to get 15% of total oil used from somewhere else? Is this because the war which was supposed to pay for itself turned into an utter debacle? We'll remove Saddam, turn Iraq back up to full production and that'll solve the energy problems?

I deliberately avoided watching this because I like my television and wouldn't want it to be injured by showing this imbecile. Frankly, this speech is embarassing. Decrease Gulf oil? Not a problem, there are comments that places like Iran will be well in it's way to dry in 20 years.

Spend money on R&D into alternate energy? Why the hell isn't ExxonMobil doing this? I mean they were over 10 BILLION in the black last quarter. More to the point, his "ideas" for alternate energy (notably the ones on ethanol) are totally bogus. Under the current system it takes roughly a gallon of dead dinosaurs (read oil) to make a gallon of ethanol. He then goes on to talk about wood chips and grass. As any first year science student knows, that doesn't make ethanol, that makes methanol, and methanol and gas don't mix. I guess he missed that in college because he was consuming too much ethanol.

On other topics:
More science teachers and you want them to come from the private sector? Guess what, they're not in education because they're already making more money by not doing it. Who MIGHT you get with this pile of crap? I'm sure the Discovery Institute has a list of people with science degrees who would love to get into a classroom.

Health savings accounts? This helps the Medicare/Medicaid problem how? The people who can afford these aren't the ones who don't have health insurance now and aren't the ones drawing on Medicare/Medicaid. This is not just a straw man, it is one of the worst ideas to come out of a White House just brimming with bad ideas. The poor can't afford these, but will now be blamed for not having them.

On the bright side, he only trotted out 9/11 twice...

WHy do people like him? I don't know. How can you talk about freedom and then arrest someone who doesn't agree with you for wearing a t-shirt? Dante needs to come back and write a book called FREEDOM LOST.

President Bush Delivers State of the Union Address - Make something, then teach others!
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:12 am EST, Jan 31, 2006

Open source learning.

I love this site - I just learned how to make a shipping box out of normally useless boxes. That will save me money every week.

There's all kinds of stuff on this site - some stuff is techy, some stuff is not....but you never know - you might learn how to solve a problem or make something fun....or just get inspiration for your own inventions! - Make something, then teach others!

Great REAL old book site - Mozart, DiVinci
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:04 pm EST, Jan 30, 2006

Not only this a really nice thing to do - putting all these wonderful (EXPENSIVE & RARE) very influential books online, but the shockwave presentation is wonderful.

Great REAL old book site - Mozart, DiVinci

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