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Current Topic: Recreation

Cheney Accidentally Shoots a Fellow Hunter
Topic: Recreation 10:54 am EST, Feb 13, 2006

Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a prominent Austin lawyer while the two men were on a quail hunting expedition in South Texas on Saturday, firing shotgun pellets at the man while trying to aim for a bird, his spokeswoman confirmed today.

Mr. Cheney, a practiced hunter, sprayed the lawyer, Harry Whittington, with shotgun pellets on an outing on the Armstrong ranch in South Texas. Mr. Whittington, 78, was flown by helicopter to Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition today, according to Michele Trevino, a hospital spokeswoman.

Its a good thing he wasn't hunting with Scalia this time out.

Cheney Accidentally Shoots a Fellow Hunter

Giant Urban Pillow Fight
Topic: Recreation 4:11 pm EST, Nov 16, 2005

Feathers fly and teddies soar as you converge on Dundas Square for a giant urban pillow fight! Swing and whack as you evade pillow-wielding assailants. Join us for this London-style silliness: bring a soft pillow to the middle of the square at 2 PM and wait for the signal. Pillow fight!

Disclaimer: As with all things, participating in a pillow fight is risky. By bringing a pillow, you accept that despite our best efforts, you may get hurt.

This is great. Makes you think..."Why don't more places do things like this?"

Giant Urban Pillow Fight

Chainless Mountain Bikes
Topic: Recreation 7:38 pm EDT, Aug 29, 2005

Shimano Inter-8 Premium (identifiable by its red stripe) is our smoothest, most rugged and most versatile gearing. The planetary gears are cold forged and heat treated to take long term abuse, and the hub internals are designed to handle inputs that would exceed what could be exerted by most any rider. The Outback’s 8-speeds offer a gear range comparable to 20 gears on a 24-gear chain bike, including multiple climbing gears for demanding off-road performance. With the tough, aluminum enclosed shaft drive and all-internal gearing, this bike also offers 13” of ground clearance and the durability to take crashes that would otherwise cripple fully exposed chains and derailleurs. In short, this bike is ideal for anyone who wants all the pleasures of mountain biking without the hassles of greasy, maintenance-prone chains and derailleurs.

A friend sent this to me and I thought I would pass it along.

Chainless Mountain Bikes

IFILM - Super Bowl Ads
Topic: Recreation 10:20 pm EST, Feb  3, 2004

Commercials from the Super Bowl - without all those damn "game breaks".


IFILM - Super Bowl Ads

State of the Art: Satellite Radio Extends Its Orbit
Topic: Recreation 11:44 am EST, Dec 22, 2003

] So why would people pay for radio, when they have a free
] alternative?
] Because satellite radio is fantastic - a cultural source
] unlike any other. It's so addictive, the Sirius manual
] actually refers to its customers as "users."

I don't like to recommend articles from the nytimes because of the subscription but this one I made an exception. I love my XM radio and for anyone that has to spend more than 3 hours in a vehicle a day, it is wonderful. This didn't give any technical insite into the two services but gave a quick look at the programming of Sirius and XM.

State of the Art: Satellite Radio Extends Its Orbit

Yakima brewery raises money to boost production / Business -The Olympian
Topic: Recreation 10:50 pm EST, Nov 29, 2003

] The Yakima Brewing and Malting Co. announced Wednesday it
] would offer 500,000 shares of preferred stock in hopes of
] raising money to boost production for a popular new beer.

] Sales of Grant's Mandarin Hefeweizen beer are on track to
] beat company records. The company has been unable to keep
] up with consumer demand but hopes raising capital will
] enable it to increase production.
] Mandarin is available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho,
] California, Arizona and Florida in bottles and on draft.

Orange flavored beer? Well it must be good if they can't keep up with demand.

Yakima brewery raises money to boost production / Business -The Olympian

Stealth Disco
Topic: Recreation 4:09 pm EDT, Sep 22, 2003

Stealth Disco started as a prank between employees at an advertising agency in Chicago. Try it at your place of business, but you might think twice about stealthing an exec :)
Try the "best of" link... it's hilarious.

Stealth Disco

Amphibious Motorcoach
Topic: Recreation 8:04 pm EDT, Sep  9, 2003

... and mine will have at least five dual-head workstations, at least 10 LCD TV screens tuned to every news channel on the planet, at least 5 different redundant means of getting a mobile Internet connection, and every type of sig-int equipment scanning every frequency possible for everything. All interior seating will be leather. All the machines will be centralized in a space in the back, so there will be no cabin noise.. The exterior will be completely black, even the spinning antennas.. Everything except the factory logo on the sides, which will be painted using some special nanotech hoah so it will only be visable at certain angles.

Amphibious Motorcoach

RE: 'Freddy vs. Jason' scares up weekend win
Topic: Recreation 10:32 pm EDT, Aug 19, 2003

Laughing Boy wrote:
] ] California (Reuters) -- Corpses littered the weekend box
] ] office in North America, but this time they weren't the
] ] remains of overhyped, costly flops.
] ]
] ] Instead, they belonged to hapless victims in the top
] ] three movies, led by teen horror "Freddy vs. Jason,"
] ] which shocked the industry with a surprisingly strong
] ] $36.4 million opening.
] Damn! $36 million is unheard of for a horror flicks opening
] weekend. That kind of figure is more indicative of its ENTIRE
] box office run.

I can't believe I am admiting my $5 went towards that total. Normally I would not have gone to see such a piece of trash but I went with friends. It can be summed up as boobs, girl runs into the woods screaming. Yup you guessed it, Jason gets her. The rest was like a really bad dream that lasted for an hour and half with plenty of cheesey fighting between Jason and Freddy.

RE: 'Freddy vs. Jason' scares up weekend win

Fire engulfs seven-story bourbon warehouse in Kentucky
Topic: Recreation 7:12 pm EDT, Aug  6, 2003

] BARDSTOWN, Kentucky (AP) -- Flames engulfed a seven-story
] bourbon warehouse Monday, sending alcohol-fueled flames
] more than 100 feet in the air.

I hate seeing good bourbon wasted, but I guess I can overlook 19,000 barrels of Jim Beam.

Fire engulfs seven-story bourbon warehouse in Kentucky

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