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Current Topic: Technology

YouTube - Image Resizing by Seam Carving
Topic: Technology 10:20 am EDT, Oct 12, 2007

A new technique shows resizing of images while keeping the important features of the image undistorted, also allows you to protect or remove part of the image with anything removed being automagically and seamlessly filled in.

This is making the rounds in technical circles today. The technique simple and very effective! Apparently Adobe has hired this guy so hopefully we'll see commercial availability soon.

YouTube - Image Resizing by Seam Carving

NOVELL: Novell AppArmor
Topic: Technology 11:11 pm EST, Feb 27, 2006

Novell AppArmor is a Linux application security framework included
with SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server that provides mandatory access control for programs, protecting
against the exploitation of software flaws and compromised systems.�AppArmor
includes everything you need to provide effective containment for programs
(including those that run as root) to thwart attempted exploits and
even zero-day attacks. AppArmor offers an advanced toolset that largely
automates the development of per-program application security so that
no new expertise is required. Best of all, AppArmor provides all this
at zero-cost software licensing.

Novell leads the AppArmor open source project, providing resources,
technology direction and core development. Novell stands behind this
technology with enterprise-grade support and services.

NOVELL: Novell AppArmor

Mounting ISO images in a virtual CD-ROM drive
Topic: Technology 1:09 pm EST, Nov 28, 2005

Microsoft's internal, unsupported application for mounting CD/DVD ISOs as drives. No more stupid daemon tools with their spyware filled BS that takes 20 minutes to get rid of!

Mounting ISO images in a virtual CD-ROM drive

RE: Why would Google want AOL?
Topic: Technology 3:55 pm EST, Nov 16, 2005

Acidus wrote:

AIM Robots are sponsored and operated by AOL and other vendors and appear as buddy icons in the buddy lists of AIM users who install them.

For example, users can send an instant message to the AOLYellowpages AIM Robot with the name of a local business or with simply a keyword and the robot replies with related directory listings. The Wall Street Journal robot lets users set up news alerts to be delivered via AIM, as well as request stock prices.

For those who have been under an IT rock, Time Warner is looking to sell off AOL. With Yahoo dropping out the main parties interested are Microsoft and Google.

AOL's instant messaging technologies and userbase is its crown jewel. While Google does have an IM service I couldn't figure out why Google would be interested. How wrong I was! Google doesn't care about AOL's dial-up customers or adding AIM users. Google sees AIM as a conduit to spread services.

Decius has a T-Mobile Sidekick. So does my friend Strick. Web browsing on it is about on par with a 9600 baud modem. While there are some services/proxies/gateways which will strip HTML down to something doable on a handheld, I find they leave much to be desired. This is because they are doing it in real time. At times its faster to IM Rattle to search for something than to actually search for something.

So what does this mean about IM? IM is fast. IM is faster than web browsing on most non-PC devices. AIM compatible IM clients exist in many mobile phones. AIM has a ton of existing users. Creating Google IM Robots to respond to Local searches, Direction requests, Maps, address lookups would fill a need for mobile devices. In short, AOL and AIM allows Google to expand beyond the computer.

Today when I signed onto aim after my net connection was restored I noticed I had two IM bots on my list. One for moviephone and the other for I don't know. The point is, that is very plausible and easy for them to do. AIMbots

RE: Why would Google want AOL?

GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself
Topic: Technology 12:20 am EST, Nov  5, 2005

We generate money by serving Google text advertisments on
our hidden web-sites and our show-case site
With this money we automatically buy Google shares via
our Swiss e-banking account. We buy Google via their own
advertisment! Google eats itself
- but in the end we will own it!

This is a great idea. It is cracking me up.

GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself

Further Abaddon Nogoodery
Topic: Technology 10:22 am EDT, Jul 28, 2005

A presentation called “The Holy Grail: Cisco IOS Shellcode Remote Execution” was slated to run at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas this week. But Internet Information Systems and Cisco, the companies presenting the segment, decided to pull the presentation after discussions between the two firms.

Further Abaddon Nogoodery

Abaddon, still up to no good.
Topic: Technology 10:21 am EDT, Jul 28, 2005

Even more of Abaddon being up to no good.

Abaddon, still up to no good.

Google Moon - Lunar Landing Sites
Topic: Technology 9:21 am EDT, Jul 20, 2005

n honor of the first manned Moon landing, which took place on July 20, 1969, we’ve added some NASA imagery to the Google Maps interface to help you pay your own visit to our celestial neighbor. Happy lunar surfing.

Google is funny. Zoom all the way in.

Google Moon - Lunar Landing Sites

Topic: Technology 11:16 am EDT, Jun 14, 2004

] XM launched nationwide in November 2001, reached 1
] million customers in October 2003, and eight months later
] has topped 2 million.
] "The second million is even sweeter than the first," said
] Hugh Panero, President and CEO of XM Satellite Radio. "It
] took us almost two years to reach 1 million subscribers,
] and only eight months to double that figure. With more
] than 200 million vehicles on the road and 100 million
] households, we've just begun to scratch the surface of
] our market. Our rapid growth in both the retail and
] automotive markets puts us on our path to reach 20
] million subscribers by 2010."

w00t! I love my XM. :)


DVD's success steals the show
Topic: Technology 1:41 pm EST, Jan 24, 2004

] Check the year-end reports from the various sectors of
] the entertainment industry, and it's clear that DVD
] stands alone as an unqualified sensation. It's such a
] success that it might even be eclipsing - and
] cutting into - other leisure pursuits.
] Each DVD amounts to a consumer devoting money and time to
] watching a movie at home, sometimes in lieu of going to a
] theater or watching TV or listening to a CD.

Are you listening to this RIAA? Its *NOT* only peer2peer trading that is responsible for your sagging sales. There are a number of factors, and probably the biggest is that other entertainment avenues are taking a larger slice of the pie.

If you'd listen, you'd hear consumers voting (with their cash) that other entertainment avenues currently represent a better value for the money then a mediocre CD with 2 good tracks.


DVD's success steals the show

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