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Current Topic: Computer Networking

RE: Antennas that make you go WTF?!
Topic: Computer Networking 10:23 am EDT, Jul 28, 2005

Catonic wrote:
I just got a look at this creature, and had someone walk by my cube when they did and they, very loudly, commented WTF as well. :)

I actually saw these in a store and had to laugh at them.

RE: Antennas that make you go WTF?!

Novell to Drop Standalone NetWare
Topic: Computer Networking 11:14 pm EST, Mar 22, 2004

] "We're giving them software and services, but we don't
] set the direction for open source, we only contribute to
] that discussion and make suggestions. The open source
] community is driving where competition will occur and we
] are a member of that community," he said.

I really like Novell. :)

Novell to Drop Standalone NetWare

NOVELL: Novell Linux Indemnification Program
Topic: Computer Networking 7:03 pm EST, Jan 13, 2004

] Through the Novell Linux Indemnification Program, you can
] deploy qualified Novell Linux solutions with the peace of
] mind that Novell will protect you against any future
] copyright challenges against the technology in those
] solutions.

Just another interesting twist coming from Novell in the SCO fight.

NOVELL: Novell Linux Indemnification Program

Internet Architecture Board - Architectural Concerns on the use of DNS Wildcards
Topic: Computer Networking 3:36 pm EDT, Sep 22, 2003

] This document contains a number of observations on
] the implications of the use of wildcards in DNS zones,
] and makes some recommendations concerning their use.

] The Robustness principle tells us that in some (not all) of
] the problems detailed above, both parties could be
] construed as being at fault. In some cases this is hardly
] surprising: spam filtering in particular, by its nature,
] tends to be extremely ad hoc and somewhat fragile.
] No doubt there are lessons here for all parties involved.

] The Principle of Least Astonishment suggests that the
] deployment of wildcards was disastrous for the users.
] It had widesweeping effects on other users of the
] Internet far beyond those enumerated by the zone
] operator, created several brand new problems, and
] caused other internet entities to make hasty, possibly
] mutually incompatible and possibly deleterious (to
] the internet as a whole) changes to their own
] operations in an attempt to react to the change.

] Proposed guideline: If you want to use wildcards in your
] zone and understand the risks, go ahead, but only do so
] with the informed consent of the entities that are delegated within your zone.

Internet Architecture Board - Architectural Concerns on the use of DNS Wildcards

Novell may nix NetWare development | CNET
Topic: Computer Networking 8:30 am EDT, Aug  7, 2003

] Novell also announced on Tuesday that it would be porting
] its entire GroupWise collaboration software, a product
] that significantly overlaps with Ximian's Evolution
] client, to Linux. The applications handle e-mail,
] scheduling and contact information to keep employees
] organized. Although Novell intends to support both
] software packages, the eventual goal is to have only one,
] said Stone.

It isn't very likely they will end Netware development anytime soon. But with their current push towards linux it could be possible. The cross platform Groupwise client is currently in beta for MAC, Windows, Linux. Really it is in development for anything that will run java.

Novell may nix NetWare development | CNET

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah's Statewide Newspaper
Topic: Computer Networking 8:26 am EDT, Apr 15, 2003

] Messman used the occasion to unveil NetWare 6.5, noting the
] latest version of Novell's signature software includes several
] tools to integrate the company's product with a variety of
] open-source applications, databases, networks and computer systems.
] By fully supporting open source, Novell will "enable our
] customers to realize the value of their information and deliver it
] securely and economically to any stakeholder, anytime, anywhere,
] through any device and across any platform," Messman said
] "We are not dropping NetWare, we are adding Linux,"
] Messman stressed. "You can stick with Novell. . . . We
] will not abandon you, our customers, and you do not have
] to abandon us to get the technologies and the solutions
] you need."
] Underscoring Novell's support of open-source
] programming, vice chairman Chris Stone, who followed
] Messman to the dais, announced that Linux and Macintosh
] desktop clients for the company's GroupWise e-mail,
] instant messaging and time-management application will be
] released later this year.

Well most everyone that knows me will tell you I am pro-novell. The last several years they have undergone many CEO changes and shifts in how the company saw itself in the market. They started the move to an entirely web based system 3 years ago and have backed it up with the latest announcement an brainshare. By allowing their technology to open to the linux community they are hoping to see some of that lost market come back.

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah's Statewide Newspaper

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