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Current Topic: Science

Human-Animal Hybrids.
Topic: Science 10:54 am EST, Feb 13, 2006

So what scientists have been doing is inserting human genes into mice, to produce similar genetic overdoses in their development. As I reported before, there have been partial insertions, but now a team of researchers has inserted a complete human chromosome 21 into mouse embryonic stem cells, and from those generated a line of aneuploid mice that have many of the symptoms of Down syndrome, including the heart defects. They also have problems in spatial learning and memory that have been traced back to defects in long-term potentiation in the central nervous system.

These mice are a tool to help us understand a debilitating human problem.

George W. Bush would like to make them illegal.

Human-Animal Hybrids.

How Swearing Works
Topic: Science 4:47 pm EST, Dec  1, 2005

Many studies suggest that the brain processes swearing in the lower regions, along with emotion and instinct. Scientists theorize that instead of processing a swearword as a series of phonemes, or units of sound that must be combined to form a word, the brain stores swear words as whole units [ref]. So, the brain doesn't need the left hemisphere's help to process them. Swearing specifically involves:

* The limbic system, which also houses memory, emotion and basic behavior. The limbic system also seems to govern vocalizations in primates and other animals, and some researchers have interpreted some primate vocalizations as swearing.
* The basal ganglia, which play a large role in impulse control and motor functions.

So, you can think of swearing as a motor activity with an emotional component.

How Swearing Works

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Titan moon occupies 'sweet spot'
Topic: Science 9:45 am EDT, Sep 11, 2005

One researcher has even proposed a way for life to survive on the giant Saturnian satellite. It is too cold for organisms to survive on the surface of Titan, where temperatures are about -178C (-289F).

But David Grinspoon of the Southwest Research Institute says organisms could occupy specific niches, such as hot springs. They could use acetylene, in reaction with hydrogen gas, to release enough energy to power metabolism, and possibly to heat their environments.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Titan moon occupies 'sweet spot'

Underestimating their own beauty, humans fall victims to glossy magazine covers
Topic: Science 3:29 pm EDT, Aug 15, 2005

It is noteworthy that a combination of features as depicted on these morphed photographs is impossible to find in any of living people. A human face can be wrinkless if only it is a digitalized picture. There are no perfect eyebrows, eyes or lips either. One may thus conclude that the woman on this picture is an absolutely unnatural, albeit a beautiful individual. Natural beauty cannot compete with digital perfection: the latter always wins, although it does not exist in reality. The top five of the computer pageant was made of only digital pictures. Furthermore, 79 percent of original male faces and 70 percent of original female faces were described as "not pretty" or even "ugly."

Underestimating their own beauty, humans fall victims to glossy magazine covers - Shuttle returns to space - Jul 26, 2005
Topic: Science 12:40 am EDT, Jul 27, 2005

A new battery of cameras trained on the shuttle during launch showed a small piece of debris falling from the underside of the orbiter, which NASA officials say could have come from a tile near a door covering the nose landing gear.

But NASA's flight operations manager, John Shannon, said it was too soon to determine the source of the debris, how large any possible defect might be and whether it poses any safety threat for the spacecraft. - Shuttle returns to space - Jul 26, 2005

Honolulu Star-Bulletin News /2005/07/22/
Topic: Science 2:44 am EDT, Jul 23, 2005

The idea of a caterpillar that eats a snail seems impossible -- like finding a new species of wolf that dives for and dines on clams, says a University of Hawaii researcher.

But that is what Daniel Rubinoff of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources discovered and reported in yesterday's issue of the journal Science with his graduate student William Haines.

The unique behavior occurs in predatory caterpillars in the genus Hyposmocoma, found only in Hawaii, he said.

Just thought this was neat.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin News /2005/07/22/

Astrologer Sues NASA Over Comet Probe - Yahoo! News
Topic: Science 12:01 pm EDT, Jul  5, 2005

Bai is seeking damages totaling $300 million — the approximate equivalent of the mission's cost — for her "moral sufferings," Izvestia said, citing her lawyer Alexander Molokhov. She earlier told the paper that the experiment would "deform her horoscope."

People will try anything to make a quick buck or get their name in the paper.

Astrologer Sues NASA Over Comet Probe - Yahoo! News

Why You Can't Tickle Yourself
Topic: Science 12:27 pm EDT, Jul  2, 2005

In the study, 30 people used a finger on their right hand to touch a finger on their left hand by tapping a device place directly over the left finger and could instantly relay the tap. The computer-controlled device could introduce delays of varying length before the left finger was tapped. Researchers used another button to introduce externally generated taps.

Based on the test subjects' reports of what they felt, the sensation in the left finger was less during window of time centered on the instant any self-tapping would have occurred naturally.

Bottom line: When their brains expected a tap and the tap came as expected, the brain noticed it less.

Why You Can't Tickle Yourself

WorldNetDaily: Sustainable oil?
Topic: Science 11:27 am EDT, Jun  3, 2004

] He was quoted as stating that "competent physicists,
] chemists, chemical engineers and men knowledgeable of
] thermodynamics have known that natural petroleum does not
] evolve from biological materials since the last quarter
] of the 19th century."

WorldNetDaily: Sustainable oil?

Telegraph | News
Topic: Science 9:25 pm EDT, May 23, 2004

] The discovery was made by chance by two biochemists
] conducting research into drugs for cancer and Alzheimer's
] in a medical laboratory at Vanderbilt University,
] Nashville, Tennessee.

Thought this was neat that two guys at vandy in nashville may have found a way to make a blue rose.

Telegraph | News

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