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Current Topic: Computers

Groklaw - Court Rules: Novell owns the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights! Novell has right to waive!
Topic: Computers 3:26 am EDT, Aug 18, 2007

Hot off the presses: Judge Dale Kimball has issued a 102-page ruling [PDF] on the numerous summary judgment motions in SCO v. Novell. Here is what matters most:

[T]he court concludes that Novell is the owner of the UNIX and UnixWare Copyrights.

That's Aaaaall, Folks! The court also ruled that "SCO is obligated to recognize Novell's waiver of SCO's claims against IBM and Sequent". That's the ball game. There are a couple of loose ends, but the big picture is, SCO lost. Oh, and it owes Novell a lot of money from the Microsoft and Sun licenses.

Groklaw - Court Rules: Novell owns the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights! Novell has right to waive!

LaCie - Brick Desktop Hard Drive - Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Topic: Computers 11:17 am EST, Feb 13, 2006

Brick storage, anyone?

LaCie - Brick Desktop Hard Drive - Hi-Speed USB 2.0

The top 20 IT mistakes to avoid | InfoWorld
Topic: Computers 12:47 pm EDT, Oct 10, 2005

We all like to think we learn from mistakes, whether our own or others’. So in theory, the more serious bloopers you know about, the less likely you are to be under the bright light of interrogation, explaining how you managed to screw up big-time. That’s why we put out an all-points bulletin to IT managers and vendors everywhere: For the good of humanity, tell us about the gotchas that have gotten you, so others can avoid them.

2. Dismissing open source -- or bowing before it

For better or worse, many IT shops are susceptible to “religious” behavior -- a blind, unyielding devotion to a particular technology or platform. Nowhere is that more true than with open source.

This is full of 20 tips and things to watch for that aren't entirely obvious but they are good things to think about. It was a quick read at least.

The top 20 IT mistakes to avoid | InfoWorld

Yahoo! News - Attack Blocks Access to Popular Web Sites
Topic: Computers 5:44 pm EDT, Jun 15, 2004

] A widespread electronic attack on a company that handles
] traffic for some of the world's most-visited Web sites
] knocked several high-profile sites offline for at least
] 45 minutes early Tuesday.

Yahoo! News - Attack Blocks Access to Popular Web Sites

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah's Statewide Newspaper
Topic: Computers 10:07 pm EDT, May 16, 2004

] The Utah Court of Appeals has backed Novell's
] breach-of-contract victory over the Canopy Group, but in
] so doing unveiled a once-secret pact under which Novell
] sought to sue Microsoft by proxy.
] That 1996 antitrust lawsuit by Canopy and its
] subsidiary Caldera (now SCO Group) brought a reported
] $250 million settlement from Microsoft in 2000. The
] litigation, the three-judge appellate panel found, came
] as an oral quid-pro-quo for the sale of source code for
] DR DOS, a computer operating system targeted by
] Microsoft's alleged anti-competitive practices in the
] early 1990s.

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah's Statewide Newspaper

New Scientist | Software shares out spare processing power
Topic: Computers 9:25 am EST, Dec 22, 2003

] It is called the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network
] Computing (BOINC). BOINC acts like a software platform
] that can run a number of screen-saver style applications
] on top of the PC's own operating system. The system will
] also solve some of the problems that have dogged
] distributed projects.

I just love the name of this thing.

New Scientist | Software shares out spare processing power - optimoz: /gestures/index
Topic: Computers 11:06 am EST, Nov 17, 2003

] Mouse movements in combination with a click-hold and
] optionally a modifier that execute some browser
] functions. You press mouse button, draw a gesture, and
] release mouse button (you can choose which button to use
] in advanced preferences). This gesture is recognized and
] appropriate action is triggered.

I know I am behind the times on this but if you are using mozilla without them, you are me three weeks ago. :) If you have a middle mouse button or your scroll wheel can click then these are definitely something you need to try. The tab navigation and forward / back movements are great. I can't see me going back to a browser without them ever again. - optimoz: /gestures/index

NOVELL: Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire Leading Enterprise Linux Technology Company SUSE LINUX
Topic: Computers 5:34 pm EST, Nov  4, 2003

] Novell today announced it has entered into an agreement
] to acquire SUSE LINUX, one of the world�s leading
] enterprise Linux companies, expanding Novell�s ability
] to provide enterprise-class services and support on the
] Linux platform. With the open source expertise of SUSE
] LINUX and Novell�s world-class networking and identity
] solutions and support, training and consulting services,
] Novell will be able to deliver Linux and all its
] components � from the server to the desktop � and
] give organizations a secure, reliable and mature Linux
] foundation. Novell will pay $210 million in cash to
] complete the acquisition. The transaction is subject to
] regulatory approval and the winding up of shareholder
] agreements. Novell expects the transaction to close by
] the end of its first fiscal quarter (January 2004).

Had to add one more link to this:

NOVELL: Novell Announces Agreement to Acquire Leading Enterprise Linux Technology Company SUSE LINUX

Reference: Using the vi Editor
Topic: Computers 8:02 pm EDT, Sep  9, 2003

] Everyone knows they should have a passing knowledge of
] vi, but most people groan at the thought of using it. In
] today's article, I'd like to demonstrate some of the
] tricks that vi has up its sleeve. It really is a powerful
] little editor and I'm constantly amazed at its number of
] built-in shortcuts.

A ton of neat little tricks on using "vi". I'm in and out of vi a dozen times a day, and I learned tricks from this page I never knew about!

Reference: Using the vi Editor

Novell Forge : Help Requests
Topic: Computers 10:05 pm EDT, Jul 22, 2003

I really wish I could submit a few links in one post but this will have to do. Now many people know that I am a fan of Novell and do enjoy using their products. Earlier this year Novell announced that they will be adding support for Linux for many of their products. For this task they have started . They are in the progress of porting some of their software to linux and also attempting to take things from linux and put it into Netware.

I have already seen SSH and some other open source tools run on Netware. I can't wait to see where this is going to end. So if you have a few minutes take a moment to look through the project list and see if there is something you would like to play with.

Novell Forge : Help Requests

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