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Current Topic: Tennessee

Town's Sunday construction ban could affect do-it-yourself work
Topic: Tennessee 9:29 am EDT, Oct 18, 2005

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (AP) -- Spring Hill aldermen are facing a decision over whether to go after do-it-yourself enthusiasts who violate an ordinance banning construction work on Sundays.

According to city code in this Nashville suburb, no construction work of any kind can be done on Sundays. Spring Hill aldermen are now debating just how strict that ordinance is.

"The ordinance reads no building operations, including erection, excavation, demolition, alteration or repair of any building in any residential area in the city, can be done on Sundays," Codes and Inspections Director Ferrell White said.

The ordinance came up for debate last week after Codes Enforcement Officer Beau Herring ordered some contractors to stop working on a Sunday, only to find a family doing similar work on their home nearby.

Tennessee you never cease to amuse me.

Town's Sunday construction ban could affect do-it-yourself work Police Impersonate Dog - Catch Suspect
Topic: Tennessee 4:56 pm EDT, Jul 21, 2003

] "I suppose as long as the officers have had their shots
] and don't bite, I'll allow them to continue that
] technique," Moon said.

Would this really work anywhere but in Tennessee? Police Impersonate Dog - Catch Suspect

Police find robbery suspect naked and bound with duct tape - Thursday, 07/10/03
Topic: Tennessee 4:39 pm EDT, Jul 10, 2003

] The attempted robbery suspect was already subdued when
] Metro police arrived on the scene; he also was naked and
] bound with duct tape.

] The suspect, Gregory Leon Bell, 38, of Ward Street was
] arrested and charged with five counts of attempted
] aggravated robbery. He was being held in Metro Jail last
] night in lieu of $250,000 bail.

How much did he expect to get from the dollar store? But the bigger question here is why did they strip him?

Police find robbery suspect naked and bound with duct tape - Thursday, 07/10/03

Parents demand limits for school cameras - Wednesday, 07/09/03
Topic: Tennessee 3:17 pm EDT, Jul  9, 2003

] Melinda Dishman's 13-year-old daughter rarely talks about
] the hidden cameras that reportedly took pictures of her
] changing clothes in a school locker room.
] ''She's embarrassed. Her big concern is who has looked at
] them. She just knows it's not right,'' said Dishman,
] adding that her daughter is now acutely aware of her
] surroundings and wonders who might be watching. ''She
] doesn't take her privacy for granted.''

While I was in TN earlier this morning one of the technology coordinators told me about this story. The really disturbing part of this is that it was a middle school.

Parents demand limits for school cameras - Wednesday, 07/09/03

NCBuy: Weird and Offbeat News Stories
Topic: Tennessee 3:28 pm EDT, Jul  1, 2003

] NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a crumb of an
] idea that turned into a success: A computer designed to
] look like a toaster.
] Adam Bertram, a network administrator from Nashville,
] Tennessee, has caught the computer world's attention by
] turning a four-slice toaster into a working desktop
] computer.

NCBuy: Weird and Offbeat News Stories

Tornadoes Rip Through Mid-South
Topic: Tennessee 9:32 pm EDT, May  5, 2003

] (Jackson-AP) -- A string of ferocious storms has left 13
] people dead in Tennessee. Authorities in Jackson say ten
] people were killed when a tornado struck Madison County
] early today. Two people are still missing and unaccounted
] for in Madison County so authorities say the death toll
] could continue to rise.

Tornadoes Rip Through Mid-South

KnoxNews: State
Topic: Tennessee 5:06 pm EST, Mar 17, 2003

] School Internet service to continue next week, no cutoff
] date set
] March 14, 2003
] NASHVILLE, Tenn.- The company that provides Internet
] access to Tennessee's public schools will continue the
] service through next week despite a financial crisis, the
] state Education Department said Friday.
] There has been no cutoff date set for services provided
] by Education Networks of America, department spokeswoman
] Carrington Fox said.

Just a little more info on the link I posted previously.

KnoxNews: State

NewsChannel News
Topic: Tennessee 5:02 pm EST, Mar 17, 2003

] Agents Raid Education Networks Of America
] There's been another dramatic development in the investigation
] of alleged insider contracts handed out by the Sundquist
] administration

NewsChannel News

Tennessee State Parks: Burgess Falls State Natural Area
Topic: Tennessee 9:03 am EST, Mar 10, 2003

] Burgess Falls State Natural Area, located in Middle
] Tennessee, lies on the eastern edge of Tennessee's
] Highland Rim adjacent to the Cumberland Plateau. This is
] characterized by sheer bluffs, narrow ridges, rolling
] water, and abundant mixed forest. The Falling Water
] River runs through the area, providing breathtaking
] scenery and numerous waterfalls.

Tennessee has good country. I'm not talking about music.

Tennessee State Parks: Burgess Falls State Natural Area

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