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Current Topic: Science

Wired News: Male Chromosome Seriously Weird
Topic: Science 10:34 am EDT, Jul 14, 2003

] The Y chromosome is probably the weirdest chromosome in
] the human genome

Wired News: Male Chromosome Seriously Weird

RedNova News: The Giant Dust Storms on Mars
Topic: Science 12:30 pm EDT, Jul 11, 2003

] On July 1st a bright dust cloud spilled out of Hellas
] Basin, a giant impact crater on Mars' southern
] hemisphere. The cloud quickly spread and by the Fourth of
] July was 1100 miles wide--about one-fourth the diameter
] of Mars itself.
] "The cloud can be seen now through a telescope as small
] as 6 inches," says Donald Parker, executive director of
] the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO).
] "Its core is quite bright."

RedNova News: The Giant Dust Storms on Mars - Glowing 'Frankenfish' swamp Taipei - Jul. 8, 2003
Topic: Science 7:30 pm EDT, Jul  9, 2003

] Their weird glowing green color makes them look like
] they've been swimming in a nuclear plant's spent fuel
] pond.
] But the zebra fish on sale in Taipei shops have an even
] stranger background: They're the latest in genetically
] modified fish, and their bodies contain DNA from
] jellyfish, which makes them shimmer in the dark.

Includes a cool picture of these genetically engineered fish:) I want some!! - Glowing 'Frankenfish' swamp Taipei - Jul. 8, 2003

NORFANZ Overview
Topic: Science 2:13 pm EDT, Jul  7, 2003

] A joint Australian- New Zealand research voyage carrying
] leading Australian, New Zealand and other international
] scientists to explore deep sea habitats and biodiversity
] in the Tasman Sea is expected to uncover new marine
] species and habitats. The NORFANZ research voyage will
] explore deep sea habitats around seamounts and abyssal
] plains around Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands through to
] northern New Zealand .

Be sure to check out the "Creature Feature" part of this. There are five pages of interesting pictures and descriptions of what they found.

NORFANZ Overview

RedNova News: Humans, Robots Work Together To Test 'Spacewalk Squad' Concept
Topic: Science 1:31 pm EDT, Jul  7, 2003

] NASA -- Humans and robots worked side-by-side this summer
] at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston to
] evaluate the concept of using human-robotic teams to
] improve the productivity of the astronauts working
] outside the International Space Station, other space
] vehicles, or on the surface of other planets.


RedNova News: Humans, Robots Work Together To Test 'Spacewalk Squad' Concept

Reuters: Unidentified Sea Creature Washes up in Chile
Topic: Science 10:34 am EDT, Jul  4, 2003

] Scientists have been boggled by the 40-foot-long mass of
] gray, gelatinous flesh that was first spotted over a week
] ago near Puerto Montt, about 600 miles south of the
] capital, Santiago.
] Whale conservationists went to see it last Sunday,
] thinking it was a beached whale, but quickly concluded it
] was an invertebrate, appealing to international experts
] for help.

Looks pretty nasty

Reuters: Unidentified Sea Creature Washes up in Chile

'Fluorescent fish' give the green light to GM pets
Topic: Science 8:06 am EDT, Jun 20, 2003

] Scientists have created the ultimate pet: genetically
] modified fish that glow in the dark. In future, there
] will be no need for aquarium lights - fluorescent fish
] will provide their own illumination.

] Scientists have not restricted their GM work to
] aquarium creatures. In other experiments, scientists
] have attempted to engineer cats that do not produce
] allergens.

'Fluorescent fish' give the green light to GM pets

Hubble snaps stunning baby pic of cosmos
Topic: Science 7:54 am EDT, Jun 20, 2003

] A new wide-angle view of the universe looks back to a
] mere billion years after the Big Bang, revealing secrets
] about the lives of galaxies and the black holes at their
] hearts, scientists reported on Thursday.
] The new view is contained in one extraordinary image,
] compiled by astronomers using a super-high-resolution
] camera aboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, along with a
] catalog of objects giving off strong X-rays from space,
] detected by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, another
] NASA-affiliated instrument.
] The image shows a section of sky about one-tenth the size
] of the full Moon viewed from Earth. Though this may seem
] narrow, it is about 30 times wider than the last deep
] look into the universe, the Hubble Deep Field observation
] released in 1996.

Hubble snaps stunning baby pic of cosmos

DIVE AND DISCOVER: Expeditions to the Seafloor
Topic: Science 3:39 pm EDT, Jun 11, 2003

Dementia Wrote:

] Quick story:
] Get some scientists, throw them in a boat. Make them
] go out 500mi east of New England and dive to deep coral
] reefs to study ancient weather patterns. (+ fun pretty
] pictures and swimming robots)

] Detailed story:
] The hypothesis states that the cyclical (over many many
] years) movement of the deep North Atlantic causes dramatic
] weather changes affecting the entire planet. To test the
] theory coral in the north atlantic will be sampled to
] reconstuct past weather conditions.

] A fundemental problem in the understanding Earth's weather
] pattern is the movement of deep ocean currents. Specifically
] it seems (
] that the movement of warm north atlantic water down to the
] equator acts like a meteorilogical "engine" driving climate
] change. But very little is known about the "engine" part.

] The New England Seamount is a large ridge in the middle
] of the atlantic ocean. It rises steeply out of the sea
] floor and is direct line with these north atlantic ocean
] currents. By studying the composition of the coral rock
] scientists are able to backsolve and figure out what
] ancient weather was like.

This is the second time I have heard this theory now. I guess that means it is starting to gain some scientific footing.

DIVE AND DISCOVER: Expeditions to the Seafloor

Topic: Science 4:30 pm EDT, Jun  7, 2003

] Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says, "Shoot
] your Television!"? Have you ever wondered what would
] happen if you actually tried it? Would it explode? What
] would you find inside? Well, here's your chance to find
] out!*


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