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Breast Cancer Cure?
Topic: Health and Wellness 6:53 am EDT, Sep  1, 2004

Researchers from Canada believe they have identified the gene responsible for breast cancer tumor growth, a discovery that could possibly lead to a cure for the disease.

When the gene was removed from the mice, breast development was not affected, however, when the gene was removed from already growing tumors, the tumors ceased to grow.

This is awesome news! I hope this research works out the way they expect.

Breast Cancer Cure? - Ten years after original, Kevin Smith plans 'Clerks' sequel - Aug 30, 2004
Topic: Miscellaneous 7:38 pm EDT, Aug 31, 2004

] The writer-director of "Dogma," "Chasing Amy" and "Jay
] and Silent Bob Strike Back" told the Associated Press on
] Friday that he has begun work on a sequel to "Clerks,"
] his homemade indie classic from 1994.
] ...
] The sequel picks up 10 years later.
] "It's about what happens when that lazy, 20-something
] malaise lasts into your 30s. Those dudes are kind of
] still mired, not in that same exact situation, but in a
] place where it's time to actually grow up and do
] something more than just sit around and dissect pop
] culture and talk about sex," Smith said during an
] interview at his Hollywood office. "It's: What happened
] to these dudes?"

[ HOLY CRAP! -k] - Ten years after original, Kevin Smith plans 'Clerks' sequel - Aug 30, 2004

Multiple Intelligence Test
Topic: Society 2:13 pm EDT, Aug 31, 2004

This is the adult version of a test we give children in school to figure out how they learn best thus telling us how to be more effective teachers. So if you are interested take the test and see what it has to say about your learning style. This is all based on Gardner and his theory of multiple intellegences. (he recently added 1 that deals with technology)

Multiple Intelligence Test

Canadians Join Protests
Topic: Current Events 10:09 am EDT, Aug 30, 2004

The people lined up against the wall of the customs building range in age between 17 and 58. They're students, teachers, professionals, Indians, Asians, white, black, people in Birkenstocks and people in button-down shirts and khakis.

Siraha Saeowala, 40, of Toronto, said he came for his children, who ask him nightly why airplanes are bombing cities in Iraq, and what happens to the children whose parents are killed in the war.

Their chants "War resisters welcome here," and "Opposing Bush ain't no crime, we'll take you in Canada anytime," draw mostly smiling faces

141 people came from Canada to help with the protest and make their feelings known.

Canadians Join Protests

The Silver Comet Trail
Topic: Recreation 10:41 pm EDT, Aug 29, 2004

Imagine gliding along on your bike through the north Georgia countryside, crossing a 500-foot-long trestle over a rushing river below, winding between rock cliffs and weaving among tall stately pines. Imagine doing this without having to worry about cars and trucks. Now imagine doing this for 60 miles on one trail!
No, that's not a dream, it's the Silver Comet Trail.

The trail is amazing. It is not a difficult ride and it has beautiful scenery. So if you are looking for somewhere to get a workout without having to worry about traffic this is an viable option.

The Silver Comet Trail

RE: Kerry on 'Daily Show'
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:11 pm EDT, Aug 29, 2004

Acidus wrote:
] ] Earlier, before being clawed by Kerry's reps, we spoke to
] ] "Daily Show" executive producer Ben Karlin, a charming
] ] man who did not take offense at our questions and who
] ] promised that the Comedy Central program would try
] ] especially hard to resemble an actual TV news show
] ] tonight during its Kerry encounter.
] ]
] ]
] ] "All of us [on 'The Daily Show'] are just blown away by
] ] the turn the campaign has taken," Karlin said. "We cannot
] ] believe that this is what is being talked about at this
] ] juncture. It's so astounding to us. We are trying to work
] ] through our amazement and to conduct a meaningful
] ] conversation absent of incredulity, because [the
] ] interview] is not going to go anywhere if you just say,
] ] 'What the [expletive] is going on?' "
] ]
] ] "If you just want to pinpoint the success of the
] ] Republican Party and Bush, this is a perfect case study,"
] ] Karlin continued, "because George W. Bush has put a
] ] moratorium on talk about his behavior under the age of 40
] ] and everyone [in the press] is abiding by it. 'Were you
] ] or were you not an alcoholic or did you just have a
] ] drinking problem?,' 'Were you or were you not a drug
] ] abuser?' Meanwhile they're debating whether [Kerry's war]
] ] wounds drew blood
or were they superficial, or occurred
] ] in the same day, or whether he shot a guy wearing a toga.
] ] . . . How is that possible?"
] This whole thing is so stupid its sickening

Exactly! How do they expect the american public to take an election seriously if they won't themselves. Honestly there are so many HUGE issues that we should be addressing at this very moment in time but we are still stuck on this shit. This is the exact reason why no one votes. The majority of the american public has yet to hear a good reason why they should interupt their lives, take of work and waste thier precious time to drag themselves down to the poll to vote for who the best bully is.

RE: Kerry on 'Daily Show'

RE: The Village Voice: Features: Get Mad. Act Out. Re-Elect George Bush. by Rick Perlstein
Topic: Current Events 11:04 pm EDT, Aug 27, 2004

Vile wrote:
] Decius wrote:
] ] ] "What they saw were clear pictures of these young kids
] ] ] rioting. Chaos in their city." Next thing he knew,
] ] ] Richard Nixon had swept to presidential victory on the
] ] ] wings of a commercial proclaiming - above those
] ] ] selfsame pictures - that "the first civil right of
] ] ] every American is to be free from domestic violence."
] ]
] ] An interesting historical perspective on the shit thats
] about
] ] to go down in New York. Swift Boat Veterans have already
] cost
] ] Kerry his lead (which is somewhat amazing to me, but people
] ] are stupid). No one is going to agree with the marxists who
] ] isn't already voting for Kerry. But plenty might disagree,
] ] which may put Bush over the top.
] ]
] ] The marxists cost the democrats the election in 2000 by
] voting
] ] for Nader, and they may cost the democrats the election in
] ] 2004 by throwing a scene in the streets.
] I seriously hope you get cancer.

I seriously hope no body here ever gets cancer, even you Vile, because it is a truly horrible experience!

RE: The Village Voice: Features: Get Mad. Act Out. Re-Elect George Bush. by Rick Perlstein

LiveSTRONG bracelet
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:42 pm EDT, Aug 24, 2004

"Yellow wakes me up in the morning.
Yellow gets me on the bike every day.
Yellow has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice.
Yellow makes me suffer.

I am glad that these have gotten so much support and attention because it is a really important message. But on the flip side I hope other people remember the meaning and not just that it's the cool thing to do right now. If you're interested in the background check out this site or the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

LiveSTRONG bracelet

National Business Review (NBR) - Business, News, Arts, Media, Share Market & More
Topic: Technology 8:52 am EDT, Aug 22, 2004

Truly decentralised peer-to-peer (P2P) software can't be held accountable for its misuse, according to a US federal appeals court.

US Circuit Court in Los Angeles, threw a major brick in the path of entertainment companies which have been trying to have the courts shut down companies running the P2P networks.

"From the advent of the player piano, every new means of
reproducing sound has struck a dissonant chord with musical
copyright owners, often resulting in federal litigation. This
appeal is the latest reprise of that recurring conflict, and one
of a continuing series of lawsuits between the recording
industry and distributors of file-sharing computer software."

"[W]e live in a quicksilver technological
environment with courts ill-suited to fix the flow of
internet innovation....The introduction of new technology is always disruptive to old markets and particularly to those copyright owners whose works are sold through well-established distribution mechanisms," the court wrote.

National Business Review (NBR) - Business, News, Arts, Media, Share Market & More

A Speech Writer for the Common Man
Topic: Home and Garden 9:53 pm EDT, Aug 20, 2004

]Solve Your Speech, Toast or Eulogy Writing Problem Instantly

]Order Now to receive a pack of complete speeches, toasts, poems and/or eulogies immediately on a web page and within minutes by email. Most packs contain between 3 and 10 complete speeches.

]To Order click one of the Ready-to-Go options on the right.

I was doing a little research for my parents upcoming anniversary and found this site. I was amazed at the assortment they had. I swear they thought of every possible occasion. It is pretty amusing.

A Speech Writer for the Common Man

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