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It's always easy to manipulate people's feelings. - Laura Bush


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Current Topic: Humor

YouTube - Troops
Topic: Humor 12:29 am EDT, May  2, 2007

While being filmed for the hit Imperial TV show TROOPS, Stormtroopers from the infamous Black Sheep Squadron on patrol run into some very familiar characters.

This is really old, but if you've never seen it you really must. I recall going to great effort to download this in 4 parts back in '97.

YouTube - Troops

What the hell is Hillary looking at!? - The Something Awful Forums
Topic: Humor 9:33 pm EDT, Apr  4, 2007

I'm sorry, but this collection of photoshop remixes of the picture on the left is hillarious. Does anyone actually have a Something Awful account? I'm almost tempted to register so I can see the rest of them.

What the hell is Hillary looking at!? - The Something Awful Forums

YouTube - Bye bye
Topic: Humor 2:34 am EDT, Mar 24, 2007

This is only 17 seconds long and you will be laughing by the end of it. THAT is efficient Internet entertainment!

YouTube - Bye bye

FLEM Comics - More fun than a sack of dead kittens.
Topic: Humor 1:16 pm EDT, Mar 16, 2007

This strip is good. Read it.

FLEM Comics - More fun than a sack of dead kittens.

Super Duper Asshole Parking
Topic: Humor 1:48 am EDT, Mar 14, 2007

This album is for the best of the best of parking like an asshole

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that K hasn't memed this site before.

Super Duper Asshole Parking

YouTube - Japanese Spa Prank
Topic: Humor 3:11 pm EST, Mar 10, 2007

This gets funnier and funnier as it goes along.

YouTube - Japanese Spa Prank

The Official Britney Spears Homepage: REAL ULTIMATE POWER
Topic: Humor 9:32 pm EST, Mar  5, 2007

My name is Sean and I can't stop thinking about Britney Spears. This chick is cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.


The Official Britney Spears Homepage: REAL ULTIMATE POWER

YouTube - The Reagans on drugs
Topic: Humor 3:45 pm EST, Mar  5, 2007

The chaos at Summercon '95 started when someone played a recording of this over the hotel security guard's radio frequency.

YouTube - The Reagans on drugs

George Takei 0wnz Tim Hardaway
Topic: Humor 9:05 pm EST, Feb 23, 2007

A must-watch clip of gay actor George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek) responding to Hardaway's homophobic comments.

Very funny.

George Takei 0wnz Tim Hardaway

Satire: Experts call for restrictions on childhood imagination -
Topic: Humor 1:27 pm EST, Feb 22, 2007

"Defuse the ticking time-bomb known as your child's imagination before it explodes and destroys her completely," said child-safety expert Kenneth McMillan, who advised the HHS in composing the guidelines. "New data shows a disturbing correlation between serious accidents and the ability of children to envision a world full of exciting possibility."

The guidelines, titled "Boundless Imagination, Boundless Hazards: Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe From A World Of Wonder," are posted on the HHS website, and will also be available in brochure form in pediatricians' offices across the country.

According to McMillan, children can suffer broken bones, head trauma, and even fatal injuries from unsupervised exposure to childlike awe. "If your children are allowed to unlock their imaginations, anything from a backyard swing set to a child's own bedroom can be transformed into a dangerous undersea castle or dragon's lair," McMillan said. "But by encouraging your kids to think linearly and literally, and constantly reminding them they can never be anything but human children with no extraordinary characteristics, you can better ensure that they will lead prolonged lives."

Satire: Experts call for restrictions on childhood imagination -

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