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Current Topic: Cars and Trucks | 2005 Mustang Pictures
Topic: Cars and Trucks 11:16 pm EST, Jan  3, 2004

The 2005 Mustang is absolutely beautiful. Old school styling inside and out. Really a sea change for Ford. This is a menacing automobile. I can't wait to see one. | 2005 Mustang Pictures

What is in store for the 2004 Gumball 3000
Topic: Cars and Trucks 10:27 pm EST, Jan  3, 2004

On May 4th, the Gumball 3000 will rally in Europe.
The event follows a 3000 mile route that begins in romantic Paris
(France), and travels south via Biarritz (France) and the Pyrenees
mountain range to Madrid (Spain) (see David Beckham), en route
to Marbella’s Golden Mile (Spain) before crossing the Mediterranean
Sea into Africa to Marrakech (Morocco). After partying with the
King of Morocco and negotiating the Sahara Desert the route then
returns to Europe heading to Barcelona (Spain) to catch the Formula
One Grand Prix before finishing with a major party in Cannes
back in the South of France. For those of you wishing to party
for another week the famous Cannes film festival begins the following day.

What is in store for the 2004 Gumball 3000

Topic: Cars and Trucks 10:23 pm EST, Jan  3, 2004

] Teckademics believes the Aftermarket Industry has a closed door
] approach to the Import Culture and tends to shy away from the culture
] when bad or controversial things happen. Movies like "The Fast And
] The Furious" have put a Hollywood image on the lifestyle. We do
] not think this image is correct. We want to show the real lifestyle.
] We are proud of the underground do-it-yourself attitude and we embrace
] it. We are not scared to show what really goes down. The Import Culture is
] like the underground skate culture in the early nineties. The big skateboard
] industry was doing nothing to expose the true lifestyle and was very
] corporate. Skate boarders were treated like outlaws and were hassled
] wherever they went. Sound familiar? It was small start up companies
] like World Industries who were owned and run by skaters that broke
] the door down to how skateboarding is today. I give this
] example because the import lifestyle directly crosses over to the
] skate market. I personally know tons of skate pros who drive their
] slammed imports to the skate parks and pro racers
] like Jeremy Lookofsky that skate around at drag events.

These guys make kick ass films. Mischief 3000 is my official pick for movie of the year.


BBC NEWS | Health | Car lovers 'see faces' in vehicles
Topic: Cars and Trucks 1:18 am EST, Mar 10, 2003

] The subjects viewed alternating pictures of cars and
] faces, and asked them to compare each car to the previous
] car they saw and each face to the previous face.
] They found that the car fans used just one part of the
] brain to recognise the cars and the faces, taking just a
] fifth of a second to identify the cars.

This is interesting. If you care about something you develop highly efficient ways of identifying it which other people don't have.

BBC NEWS | Health | Car lovers 'see faces' in vehicles - The Scarlet SUV
Topic: Cars and Trucks 1:16 pm EST, Jan 23, 2003

] I don't own an SUV, but now that they've been identified
] as the locus of evil, I'm thinking of getting one. And if
] I do, I figure I might as well let the inner wolf out for
] a rampage and get the most obnoxious SUV I can find.

Cars are supposed to be fun. - The Scarlet SUV

Topic: Cars and Trucks 6:00 pm EST, Dec  2, 2002

I've been unimpressed with the auto industry in the last few years. Cars should by fun, affordable, and comfortable. The industry usually asks you to pick one. Sometimes they get two. This is one of the few times in recent memory where they've managed to hit all three.

They took your mother's mazda and added many of the performance tweeks you'd expect the local street drag kids to be running. They even let Calaway get their hands on the engine. They also throw in a suped up stereo system complete with mp3 support. Its a $20,000 high tech race car. Its fast and furious. It looks like loads of fun.

If I was in the market for a car I would seriously consider this.

NOTE: Mazda does this really lame thing with their website where if you come in with a browser they don't recognize they spit you to an error page rather then letting you deal with it. So load this one up in IE.


European Supercars
Topic: Cars and Trucks 1:29 pm EDT, Jul 13, 2002

This is an automotive porn site. It even has pop-up ads. I'm going to take a cold shower....

European Supercars

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