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Current Topic: Economics

The COOK Report On Internet
Topic: Economics 2:03 am EDT, Jul  2, 2002

Debt "Restructuring" Is Prerequisite of Industry Recovery -- Ownership & Control of Assets Will Become Central Issue

As the Center Goes Chapter 11, Economic Activity and Broadband Progress Moves to Locally Owned Networks at the Edges

We Explore Architectural, Economic, Technology and Policy Issues of FTTH

June 30, 2002 -- This combined August September Special Issue of the COOK Report on Internet takes an exhaustive look at what is coming to be known as asset based telecommunications.

The COOK Report On Internet

Xerox documents accounting woes - Jun. 28, 2002
Topic: Economics 11:36 am EDT, Jun 28, 2002

"NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Xerox Corp. improperly booked nearly $2 billion in revenue over the past five years, the company said Friday, as the company was forced to restate earnings to reflect $1.4 billion less in pre-tax profits during the period. "

On the subject of accounting problems...

Xerox documents accounting woes - Jun. 28, 2002

Adelphia is filing for Chapter 11
Topic: Economics 1:08 am EDT, Jun 26, 2002

"Adelphia Communications Corp. is in the process of filing for bankruptcy court protection in New York, according to people familiar with situation."

Will they make it back out? Sounds like a good excuse for a betting pool.

Adelphia is filing for Chapter 11

WorldCom in accounting trouble - Jun. 25, 2002
Topic: Economics 12:18 am EDT, Jun 26, 2002

"The company said an internal audit showed that transfers of $3.055 billion for 2001 and $797 million for the first quarter of 2002 were not made in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. "


WorldCom in accounting trouble - Jun. 25, 2002

Europe set to lose 25% of its Internet capacity?
Topic: Economics 6:16 pm EDT, Jun 25, 2002

The epic bankruptcy saga of KPNQwest became still more entangled on Monday as banks joined the clamor for an investigation of the service provider's accounts.

KPNQwest's network, which carries a quarter of Europe's Internet traffic, remains live for now, but could close at any moment as a court order on Friday left the trustees with no money to pay staff. ... The bandwidth that the Ebone European backbone network leases from service providers is likely to be turned off within the next few days.

If you need to get any data from Europe, you should act now. Routing tables will adjust, but congestion is lkely to be a problem.

Europe set to lose 25% of its Internet capacity?

Markets close to muti-year lows
Topic: Economics 3:45 pm EDT, Jun 21, 2002

"Stock prices hung close to the multiyear lows hit in the weeks immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks. "


Markets close to muti-year lows does NPR style membership drive
Topic: Economics 3:27 pm EDT, Jun 21, 2002

"The first Kuro5hin fundraising drive is officially over, and by any measure, it's been a fantastic success. Altogether you contributed over $37,000 in memberships, donations, and text ads, along with perhaps another $2500 in donation pledges, and an unknown amount in pay-by-mail memberships. I should be able to report a final "grand total" in a few weeks. "

This is an interesting story. Struggling to fund his business this guy set out a tip jar, but he REALLY backed it with a strong explanation of why the money is nessecary. Now he is reorganizing as a non-profit. Not an unreasonable way to organize a media company. does NPR style membership drive

Telecom Outlook: First the Bad News, Then the Bad News
Topic: Economics 10:47 am EDT, Jun 18, 2002

The turmoil continues in telecommunications, making the long-awaited turnaround increasingly difficult to call. Indeed, in light of a wave of bad news last week and through the weekend, some analysts say the industry's problems could actually become worse before they become better.

Joe Nacchio leaves Qwest; XO files for bankruptcy; Lucent's sales decline 15% in a single quarter; Sprint's debt is nearly junk.

Analyst: "I foresee a near total collapse as the endgame."

Another: "The magnitude of the problem is enormous." 24 of 29 top US telecom companies that have not yet filed for bankruptcy are at risk of doing so in coming months.

A banker's view: "Let the ailing networks rot."

Telecom Outlook: First the Bad News, Then the Bad News

More job cuts loom for telecom sector - Tech News -
Topic: Economics 1:14 pm EDT, Jun 15, 2002

"Lucent will need to have a head count very similar to where Nortel's target range is, certainly below 45,000," independent analyst Tom Lauria said.

"The industry is not showing the signs of recovery that we were all hoping for and unless things change significantly we won't see growth until late 2003, into 2004," he added.

More job cuts loom for telecom sector - Tech News -

SEC votes to require CEOs
Topic: Economics 5:13 pm EDT, Jun 12, 2002

Federal regulators voted tentatively Wednesday to require chief executives to personally vouch for their companies’ financial reports, a Bush administration initiative inspired by the collapse of Enron Corp.
COMPANIES ALSO WOULD have to make public important changes in their operations much faster and report a wider group of changes under the new rules of by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The “8-K” form for reporting significant events or corporate changes important to investors would have to be filed with the SEC within two business days, rather than the current requirement of five days for some items and 15 days for others.
Among the new items that would have to be reported in the 8-K: the sort of off-balance-sheet transactions that helped topple Enron and unexpected departures of top executives, senior managers or directors.

SEC votes to require CEOs

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