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Current Topic: Music

Topic: Music 12:44 am EST, Jan  6, 2004

Balls Deep & D.L. Loonabide, hear the drugs.


Sunshine Flipside Explode CBGB's, Charges Not Filed, 12/27/03
Topic: Music 3:41 am EST, Dec 29, 2003

Vile wrote:
] Rock and Roll band Sunshine Flipside broke up on CBGB's stage
] last night after an "incindiary" performance that out-punked
] some of the more seasoned pros on the bill.

I've posted here about Sunshine Flipside before. This is Vile's review of their last show at CBGBs.

Lonnie, the frontman, had dozens of fire crackers taped to his guitar which he set off during their final song causing massive explosions to rage across the stage Great White style.. Needless to say, Lonnie got his ass kicked out of the place by the bouncers after they doused him with water.. Read the full gig review.

] "Oh, you are sooo out of here, asshole!" The hippie
] looking soundman screamed as he violently flung the guitar at
] Rutledge, who stood up, held out one hand, and caught the
] instrument in one hand, without even paying attention to it.
] Upon catching the guitar (and making that soundman piss his
] baggy jeans), Lonnie smashed the burned, wet axe against the
] stage and screamed right at the man who assaulted him:
] "How do you like THAT shit, motherfucker?"
] "Where are you from? Massachusetts?" The soundman
] screamed cryptically before Lonnie threw the guitar down on
] the stage and booked through CB's bar and out the door, a run
] that was filled with numerous kicks and punches from the
] fatassed bouncers. He didn't care.

And this is the best part:

] When asked by a bouncer "Why?"
] "This is CBGB's and that was punk rock! And if you don't
] think so, then Fuck you!" He screamed at the angry mob as he
] ran like hell away, into the night, never to be seen at CBGB's
] again.

Go Lonnie!

] God bless you, Sunshine Flipside! You never let us down!

I have a feeling this is not the last of Sunshine Flipside.

Was anyone video taping the show?

Sunshine Flipside Explode CBGB's, Charges Not Filed, 12/27/03

What a Crappy Present - CD Gift Advice, Parents and Kids
Topic: Music 5:08 am EST, Dec 19, 2003

This site is going to keep many people from being "lame" this Christmas.

What a Crappy Present - CD Gift Advice, Parents and Kids

New York Post | Jacko goes Islam
Topic: Music 8:16 pm EST, Dec 18, 2003

] Michael Jackson last night became a member of the Nation
] of Islam - and sources told The Post his religious
] changeover comes along with a shake-up of his personal
] staff.
] High-ranking members of the Nation of Islam have been
] working to bring Jackson into Rev. Louis Farrakhan's
] flock - and Jackson's conversion is now well-known in the
] NOI community.
] Exactly why Jackson converted wasn't clear to The Post's
] sources.
] But Fox News's Web site reported yesterday that Jackson's
] brother Jermaine, who converted to Islam in 1989, has
] been seeking to win favor with his more famous sibling,
] and has brought Farrakhan's chief of staff, Leonard F.
] Muhammad, into Jacko's inner circle as a "bodyguard."

New York Post | Jacko goes Islam

We Download Songs
Topic: Music 3:51 pm EST, Dec 14, 2003

These are the lyrics of a new song by a NJ based band of rabblerousers calling themselves The Snipers. This song goes to the tune of Bob Marley's Redemption Song and it goes a little something like this...

Oh pirates yes they copy,
But who are we to bitch?
We write songs to make you think
Not for us to get rich,
But the Man he says you are wrong
Backed by RIAA
But we have the tools to fight them
Just get out there and play

Songs that make you think
True songs of freedom
All we'll ever have

We download songs.

Emancipate yourselves from market slavery
Boycott the servants who rule our lives
Have no fear of our corporate entities
There's no need for them in these times
Let's log on and kill their profits
While they treat us all like crooks
But it's them been ripping us off.
Time to steal back what they took.

Songs that make you think
True songs of freedom
All we'll ever have.

We download songs.

We Download Songs

Arrest warrant issued for Michael Jackson, alleges multiple counts of child molestation
Topic: Music 5:45 pm EST, Nov 19, 2003

] Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Michael Jackson
] on multiple counts of molesting a child and asked the pop
] superstar to turn in his passport and surrender, law
] enforcement officials said Wednesday.

The fall of Michael Jackson continues.. I can't wait till he can no longer afford to maintain his face and it starts to fall apart.

Arrest warrant issued for Michael Jackson, alleges multiple counts of child molestation

iTunes Store linking not exactly perfect
Topic: Music 3:21 am EDT, Oct 17, 2003

What do you mean I can't buy Sister Ray as a single? grr..

This has a few problems. Every time I click thru to the store, my browser dies. Thats not a good thing either.

iTunes Store linking not exactly perfect

iTunes Store | Frank Black & The Catholics | Devils's Workshop | His Kingly Cave
Topic: Music 2:32 am EDT, Oct 17, 2003

Btw.. Apple just made it real easy. If you have iTunes, this links right to the song in Apple's catalog.

Just some minor glue necessary, and this can really fly.

iTunes Store | Frank Black & The Catholics | Devils's Workshop | His Kingly Cave

day by daydream - Logickal
Topic: Music 2:09 am EDT, Oct 17, 2003

] Being thusly a collection of mediations
] and exorcisms based on the everyday life
] of one J. Dickens, also known as Logickal;
] whereupon the use of devices, generators and
] recordings of cans, bottles, calculators, Lego blocks,
] microphones, automobiles, candid photographs with
] dialog, weather systems, poems and other
] vagaries were used alone and in combination to
] perform and construct said collection during the
] period of 2002 to 2003 at Ecliptic, which
] is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

From Decius:
] This is very overdue. Logickal is a regular MemeStreams
] poster. I obtained this from him back in July, but for some
] reason it never found its way into my CD player. That was
] a mistake. When I got this from him he described it as very
] experimental and unlikely to be comfortable to listen to. I
] totally disagree. This is good ambient machine music. Its
] tracy. For some reason it reminds me of Download. You can
] focus on it or you can fade it into the background and let it
] offer context. Its good to code to. Get it.

I was just listening to the excerpts on the webpage. Reminds me of Download also..

Logickal, I ordered one of your CDs.. :)

day by daydream - Logickal | Exploited and Total Chaos fans riot
Topic: Music 7:23 am EDT, Oct 15, 2003

] The young people, many sporting spiked-hair and cutoff
] jean jackets, rioted after they were told that the groups
] Total Chaos and The Exploited wouldn't be performing.
] Some members of The Exploited were refused entry into the
] country by Canada Customs, the French-language TV channel
] LCN reported.
] "At 10 after 8 one of the organizers decided to come out
] and tell the crowd that was here that the concert was
] cancelled. At that point the crowd turned crazy and
] turned into a riot," Yannick Ouimet, a Montreal police
] spokesman, told Global Television. | Exploited and Total Chaos fans riot

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