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Current Topic: Music - Neil Young treated for 'dangerous' aneurysm - Apr 1, 2005
Topic: Music 10:50 pm EST, Apr  2, 2005

] Rocker Neil Young was treated for a "dangerous brain
] aneurysm" this week but is expected to make a full
] recovery, his agent said Friday.
] "The procedure corrected the problem and has been
] characterized as a complete success with a total
] recovery. And resumption of normal activities by the
] 59-year-old rock legend is predicted for the near
] future," agent Bob Merlis said in a statement.

] A neurologist gave Young an MRI scan, discovered
] the aneurysm and scheduled the procedure for this
] week. Young traveled to Nashville for recording work
] before returning to New York for the procedure.

Phew! Close one there. Neil's heart of gold is still ticking.. - Neil Young treated for 'dangerous' aneurysm - Apr 1, 2005

Topic: Music 10:56 am EST, Mar 29, 2005

] A friend who relocated to California from NY said she
] missed hearing all the odd variety of music that was
] played around the office here. "I miss hearing what
] you all are listening to," she wrote. This "radio"?
] is my response. It will stream for a few hours and then
] it will recycle. Maybe it will run longer in the future.
] The artists played here are respectful of one another and
] gunplay is forbidden. Click on the player button below
] - a popup window will appear and the stream will begin.
] As songs play they will be identified, along with the
] artist - so if you like something you can see what and
] who it is. The song list will be updated periodically
] (how long is that really, in Earth time? Well, it depends
] on my listening habits.) As it reflects what I'm
] listening to, some songs will hang around longer while
] others will get dumped and replaced quickly.
] Like many people, I listen to a wide variety of music,
] and some of it is, ahem, more appropriate at certain
] times of day than others. We here are not responsible for
] adverse affects from playing the wrong music at the wrong
] time. Hope some of this is enjoyable.
] - DB


PBS - Austin City Limits - The Pixies Live
Topic: Music 9:56 pm EST, Jan 29, 2005

Just happened to be lucky enough to tune onto the right channel at the right time.. Caught it from Vamos on.

] Austin City Limits caputres one of the year's biggest
] rock 'n' roll reunions as legendary alt-rockers the
] Pixies perform. With vintage fire the band takes the
] stage to perform their classics filled with brutal noise
] and impressionistic lyrics.

Set list:

] Here Comes Your Man
] Where Is My Mind?
] Wave of Mutilation
] In Heaven
] Vamos
] No. 13 Baby
] Cactus
] Isla de Encanta
] Monkey Gone to Heaven
] Velouria
] Gouge Away
] Debaser
] Tame
] Hey
] Gigantic
] Caribou

] Recorded: 10/18/2004

PBS - Austin City Limits - The Pixies Live

Guardian Unlimited | Together in electric dreams
Topic: Music 12:55 pm EST, Jan 18, 2005

] A computer program is changing the face of the music
] business by allowing record labels to predict a hit at
] the click of a mouse. Is this the death of pop as we know
] it, asks Jo Tatchell, or a new hope for unsigned bands
] everywhere?

] Sounds unlikely? It shouldn't. Because, while no one's
] talking about it, it seems that the whole record industry
] is already using just this process. From unsigned acts
] dreaming in their garage, to multinationals such as Sony
] and Universal, everyone is clandestinely using a new and
] controversial technology to gain an edge on their
] competitors. And just as with athletes and
] performance-enhancing drugs, there is a remarkable
] reluctance to talk about it. But the secret is out: the
] record biz, once that bastion of wayward creative flair,
] is succumbing to the plain old-fashioned science of
] statistical analysis.

Hit Song Science, ripping the soul out of a type of critical listening that's existed since the dawn of baroque music. Lovely. More product development then artist development..

Guardian Unlimited | Together in electric dreams

Kraftwerk: 1981 Merchandise pocket calculator
Topic: Music 5:42 pm EST, Jan 16, 2005

I am the operator with my pocket calculator. I am adding and subtracting. I'm controlling and composing.

If you had one of these, you could press a special key and it would play a melody, sort of..

Kraftwerk: 1981 Merchandise pocket calculator

Dimebag Darrell Killed In Concert Shooting
Topic: Music 7:10 pm EST, Dec  9, 2004

] The witness, 22-year-old Chris Couch, said he was
] standing about 30 feet away from the stage when he
] noticed a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and hockey
] jersey walk up to the stage, followed by a bouncer and
] another club employee.
] The man in the jersey climbed onto the stage, started
] yelling and shot the guitarist five or six times at close
] range, Couch said. He said the gunman also shot a bouncer
] who pulled him off the musician.
] Columbus police spokesman Sgt. Brent Mull said that after
] shooting at members of the band, the gunman fired into
] the crowd. Mull said a police officer who arrived shortly
] after the shooting began shot and killed the gunman.

Four people are dead, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to any of it. One of the guitar greats part of the band that made "hostile" and "our style" synonymous for many a headbanger has been lost. R.I.P.

Go play Pantera's version of Planet Caravan.

Dimebag Darrell Killed In Concert Shooting

eBay | Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition
Topic: Music 1:20 pm EST, Dec  2, 2004

] In 1991, the experimental sound collage band Negativland
] released a single called "U2"?, which extensively
] sampled both U2's hit single "I Still Haven't Found
] What I'm Looking For"? and colorful studio recordings
] of Top 40 disc jockey Casey Kasem. This offbeat recording
] would have languished in obscurity if weren't for
] Island Records, U2's record label, which decided to sue
] Negativland and their independent label SST Records for
] deceptive packaging and copyright infringement. After a
] protracted legal battle, Negativland's legal funds were
] exhausted and they settled out of court. Today, it is
] illegal to produce the "U2" single in the United
] States. (U2, on the other hand, would go on to use
] unauthorized samples of appropriated satellite video in
] their Zoo TV tour.)
] Now you can commemorate this ignoble episode in
] intellectual property history with iPod U2 vs.
] Negativland Special Edition. From its packaging to its
] pre-installed content, this unauthorized iPod
] modification is an artful mash-up of the forces of
] corporate megarock and obscure experimental music, and a
] provocative symbol of the ongoing struggle between those
] who would confine culture and those who would free it.

You and the numeral two versus unauthorized rebranding.

eBay | Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition

Dead Milkmen Reunion Show for Dave Blood - 11/22
Topic: Music 5:14 pm EST, Nov 24, 2004

It was great. I was so happy to be there. I have wanted to see the Milkmen since I started listening to them in the 7th grade, and now I have. They put on an awesome show. They sounded really good, they played a long and comprehensive set, and the crowd was all loving it.

If asked what I didn't like about it, I could only come up with petty bullshit. Like at the end of Stuart, the "I swear to God!" was not emphasized enough. Or that Big Time Operator wasn't one of my favorite DM songs, but they ended with it. I think Life is Shit would have been better. They didn't play Peter Bazooka. See, crap like that. That's all I can come up with.

This was a memorial show, so there were a number of touching molments. The vibe throughout the night was always positive and happy, never depressing. Between bands someone (whom I did not catch the name of) shared stories and tidbits about Dave. During the Milkmen's set in the extended intro to Bitchin' Camero, Rodney talked at length about Dave. He reminded everyone in the audience that they were legally obligated not to kill themselves, and if they were feeling depressed to call someone. Dave's brother sang his part in Dean's Dream (and also declared his love for Huster Du at another point). A number of charities Dave supported were there collecting donations.

Nixon's Head and Electric Love Muffin were the opening bands. I only saw a song or two of each between runs to the bar. This was the first time I had been out to the Trochadero (shocking!), so I spent a little bit of time familiarizing myself with the venue. I also spent some time familiarizing myself with a shot of rum, a Guinness, a Yuengling, and a double of tequila.

The Milkmen opened up with Tiny Town.. The first song off Big Lizard in my Backyard, and also the first song on the CD of Milkmen tracks I made for the drive out. They played a solid set the entire way through and did a seven or eight song encore. There were only one or two songs where the crowd appeared to calm at all. Rodney was all over the stage the entire night, between songs he was venting vitriol at Rick Santorum (Senate, PA-R). I found it highly amusing that Rodney was wearing a Frontline Assembly t-shirt when they first came out. Based on certain DM lyrics, I'm pretty damn sure they hate that group, the entire genera they represent, and the shirt was pure sarcasm. FLA is one of the industrial groups I've liked over the years, so I found it very funny.

I was there with a group of five other friends. Our NYC and Boston reps cancel out due to work related reasons, but this allowed two friends who were not able to get tickets in time (also due to work related reasons) to come. I cannot easily explain what an unlikely group it was.. At least one massive feud that has been going on for years ended for this show.

After the show Dean, Joe, and Rodney were hanging by the front of the stage signing things for people. I got a chance to briefly address them all and say thanks. I didn't have anything to get signed. I never get things signed, I get brain cells burned in.

I hope someone was recording this show. The Milkmen sounded better then any bootleg or live album of theirs I've heard before.

Racket protection - U and the numeral 2
Topic: Music 1:21 pm EST, Nov 12, 2004

This email snip is from an entertainment industry crony of Doc Searls. As could have been predicted ahead of time, U2's new soon-to-be mega-blockbuster album has been leaked on the Internet before its release date. The humor, irony, and bungling comes from how this bad situation is being handled.. Badly.

] Well, over the weekend it was starting to show up on
] BitTorrent sites. The whole CD was there in fine audio
] form. By Tuesday I would guess almost everybody in radio
] had it. BUT nobody was playing it. (You can now monitor
] this in real time for stations country wide with search
] and all that.) Why? Well to do so would piss off the
] record company and the band.
] There is a tour planned in 2005 and of course lots of
] stations want to be part of the promotion for that. And
] now, with so few record labels it's not a good idea to
] piss anyone off. But radio was really wanting to play the
] CD. So the record company promised to get copies out to
] the stations Thursday. I don't know if they actually sent
] a CD or did it via computer as they do with commercials.
] So today stations around the country started to play it.
] But it's still not in the stores or on iTunes. Why? Get
] this...word is the retail stores will be pissed if the
] band puts it up on iTunes before the CD is on the shelves
] in the stores! Wal Mart trumps U2.
] So the big plan to trump illegal downloads completely
] backfires today as jocks all around the country play new
] the new U2 CD and say "it's not available yet."
] Translation: "you can get an illegal copy on the Net," to
] the clickty click folks. So much for that strategy.

You can't yet get U2's album in any legitimate way, but you can get a special edition U2 branded iPod to hold all your favorite Nevativland tunes!

Best known for their lawsuits, the RIAA is also responsible for giving out those platinum and gold albums to celebrate high record sales.. (No, I didn't get that backwards, its the new millennium, baby. thump thump thump thump, its oh four, not four four, baby.) They may need to make a new prize for a botched release. I suggest "The Brown Download".

Racket protection - U and the numeral 2

CNN | Ashcroft sings - 'Let The Eagles Soar'
Topic: Music 1:34 am EST, Nov 11, 2004

Ears.. bleeding. Head.. ringing. can't.. tell.. which.. way.. is.. up... no sense of balance..


CNN | Ashcroft sings - 'Let The Eagles Soar'

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