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"The future masters of technology will have to be lighthearted and intelligent. The machine easily masters the grim and the dumb." -- Marshall McLuhan, 1969

4 in 10 Americans support annexing Canada
Topic: Society 6:01 am EDT, Oct 17, 2002

Should Canada become the 51st American state? Four out of 10 Americans answered "sure" in a recent poll conducted by Leger Marketing of Montreal.

While 38 per cent of respondents said they would be "in favour of Canada being annexed to the United States," 49 per cent disagreed. Another 13 per cent said they did not know or refused to answer.

But those who follow Canada-U.S. relations closely said Canadians should not panic.

"I wouldn't worry about the army coming," said Christopher Sands, director of the Canada Project for the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

4 in 10 Americans support annexing Canada

Phazer II Radar Jammer
Topic: Technology 3:24 am EDT, Oct 17, 2002

Rocky Mountain Radar introduces a device designed to make your car electronically unreadable - if you get a ticket while using the product, the manufacturer will pay your fine!

Phazer II Radar Jammer

One-stop shopping for terror attack protection
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:20 am EDT, Oct 17, 2002

Biohazard suit? Check. Potassium iodide pills? Check. Parachute for jumping from a burning high-rise building? Check.

Finally, worried New Yorkers will be able to do all of their emergency-preparedness shopping at one store, when Safer America opens Thursday in Manhattan.

One-stop shopping for terror attack protection

Did Ari's Comments Spark Sniper?
Topic: Current Events 2:13 am EDT, Oct 17, 2002

On Oct. 1, Fleischer told the White House press corps that "one bullet" into Saddam's head – "if Iraqi people take it on themselves" – would be an easy way to avoid a war with the U.S.

On Oct. 2, the day after Fleischer made this sensational comment advocating Saddam's assassination, the sniper first struck, killing James D. Martin as he crossed a supermarket parking lot in Wheaton, Md.

Did Ari's Comments Spark Sniper?

Domestic use of military for police functions, coming soon to your town!
Topic: Current Events 3:41 pm EDT, Oct 15, 2002

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is considering lending surveillance equipment to investigators to be used in the search for the marksman who has been terrorizing the Washington area for two weeks.

The surveillance equipment in question would include Predator drones, the unmanned surveillance aircraft that have been used in Afghanistan for reconnaissance and, in some cases, combat missions.

Also, it would include sensitive audio equipment for reconnaissance and, officials say, the possible use of a C-130 transport plane, although it wasn't known how the massive aircraft would be used.

Military helicopters such as the renowned Black Hawk [ed: which of late has killed more american troops then the enemy] would also be flown, with infrared equipment

Because laws are very strict [ed: quick, someone tell the whitehouse!] about the military getting involved in domestic police work, no U.S. soldiers would be active in the search. The soldiers might be used to operate the equipment, but officials are clear that whatever is decided upon would not violate the law that prohibits the military from engaging in law enforcement.

Now I know this sounds paranoid, but does anyone else get the feeling that they really want us to feel comfortable with military operating on domestic soil? This is fast becoming one of my pet-fears. Soldiers in humvees with M16As currently partrol sections of my town, side by side with the police. Yes, I know I live right next to a nuclear power plant, and thats an extenuating circumstance, but it still makes my paranoia LEDs blink really fucking fast. And now this? It may sound like a good idea, but most bad ideas sound good when spun right and this is an easy spin. Everyone is scared to death of this fucker who got a little too into GTA3..

Let me make sure I got straight the precedent this is about to set: Soldiers cannot be deployed on domestic soil for police functions, unless they are operating equipment.. Ok. What the fuck do soldiers do these days other then operate equipment?

I don't fear our military, I love our military, they rock! But I am starting to fear the current whitehouse administration. John "I wipe my ass with your rights" Ashcroft scares the shit out of me, I'm pretty sure Bush has tertiary syphilis, and Donald Rumsfeld reminds me too much of how I would act if I had his job.

Domestic use of military for police functions, coming soon to your town!

XBox Chip - The Matrix
Topic: Technology 4:42 pm EDT, Oct  2, 2002

This chip will allow you to play all import games in US, JAP and PAL format. The chip will be shipped unflashed (for legal reasons). Please flash with your own bios software.

No Wires, absolutely nothing to solder
Flash Upgradeable (programmer included)
Installs in under 5 min
Works with ALL Xbox's

XBox Chip - The Matrix

Ticketmaster | Frank Black and The Catholics
Topic: Local Information 8:21 pm EDT, Oct  1, 2002

Frank Black is coming to Asbury Park!

Whee!! I know where I will be on Nov 12th!

Ticketmaster | Frank Black and The Catholics

Kit morphs laptops into robots
Topic: Technology 7:55 pm EDT, Oct  1, 2002

Upcoming accessories will include a "gripper arm" that allows the robot to grasp and carry objects; in a popular demonstration of the arm, an ER1-outfitted laptop grabbed a beer from a refrigerator and brought it to the owner.

The major advance of the ER1 over previous consumer robot products is that it can do sophisticated analysis of visual information, said Jennifer McNally, senior director of marketing for Pasadena, Calif.-based Evolution. Show a CD cover to the ER1's camera, and it can recognize the disc and cue it up from a networked music appliance. Wave a beer bottle in front of it, and it knows what to look for on its trip to the kitchen.

Every day more consumer products become available that will make it easier for me to build my army of killer robots.

Kit morphs laptops into robots

Welcome to the National Drivers License Database
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:50 pm EDT, Sep 12, 2002

Welcome to the National Driver's License Records Bureau web site - where you can search our online database of over 220 million U.S. driver's license photos and driver's license information currently on file, absolutely FREE. Search our files with the form below.

Under the American Driver's License Identification Information Act (ADLIIA - enacted on July 9, 2000), every state in the union is required to make available to the public a digitized copy of each and every valid driver's license, in their respective state. The National Driver's License Records Bureau has been established to create the country's only centralized database of driver's licenses, on the more than 220 million licensed drivers, in the United States.

Welcome to the National Drivers License Database

Topic: Technology 9:55 am EDT, Aug  1, 2002

NetReg provides administrators a central platform for administration of network information. NetReg keeps a database of subnet information, DNS zones, DHCP options, machine registrations, and more. It has a finely grained access control mechanism to provide administrators maximum flexibility in delegating access.

NetMon, the "sister" of NetReg, collects and processes information from the network. It captures CAM table and ARP table information from network devices, as well as store DHCP lease information (updated every minute by the DHCP servers). The goal of NetMon is to provide a real-time as well as historical view of the network. Using NetMon we are able to detect misregistered and unregistered machines.

No need for Lucent QIP or Nortel NetID anymore.


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