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"The future masters of technology will have to be lighthearted and intelligent. The machine easily masters the grim and the dumb." -- Marshall McLuhan, 1969

Fake Gimms Website
Topic: Arts 11:55 pm EDT, Jul 30, 2002

This is an old friends band. Trippy kinda lounge stuff.. Radiohead and Portishead fans will surley dig.

Fake Gimms Website

Swingline Red Stapler
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:14 pm EDT, Jul 23, 2002

.. take my red stapler .. burn down building .. they will learn..

Swingline Red Stapler

Sinfest: When the computers take over the world
Topic: Humor 5:51 am EDT, Jul 17, 2002

Wait.. Looks like its already happened.

If we just keep doing what they tell us, everything will be ok. Right now they are telling me to code.

Sinfest: When the computers take over the world

US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies
Topic: Civil Liberties 6:34 pm EDT, Jul 14, 2002

The Bush Administration aims to recruit millions of United States citizens as domestic informants in a program likely to alarm civil liberties groups.

The Terrorism Information and Prevention System, or TIPS, means the US will have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany through the infamous Stasi secret police. The program would use a minimum of 4 per cent of Americans to report "suspicious activity".

Civil liberties groups have already warned that, with the passage earlier this year of the Patriot Act, there is potential for abusive, large-scale investigations of US citizens.

As with the Patriot Act, TIPS is being pursued as part of the so-called war against terrorism. It is a Department of Justice project.

This my friends, is the line you do not cross..

US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies

Nader meets Castro, backs trade with Cuba
Topic: Current Events 4:55 pm EDT, Jul  9, 2002

"Ralph Nader attended a dinner with Cuban leader Fidel Castro as the consumer advocate began a three-day visit to the communist nation.

Nader, who says he is visiting to learn more about Cuba's disease-fighting efforts, met with Castro on Sunday and was planning to attend another dinner with him. He was invited by National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon.

Nader said he also would meet with the political opposition but he provided no details.


Nader meets Castro, backs trade with Cuba

Kissing Hank's Ass
Topic: Humor 6:08 pm EDT, Jul  6, 2002

This morning there was a knock at my door. When I answered the door I found a well groomed, nicely dressed couple. The man spoke first:

Kissing Hank's Ass

Checkpoint FW-1 to FwBuilder Policy Translation
Topic: Computer Security 4:33 pm EDT, Jul  4, 2002

cp2fwbuilder, or Checkpoint Firewall 1 to FwBuilder. This tools help you to migrate an existing Checkpoint Firewall 1 Installation and its Rulesets to Linux with iptables or *BSD based Firewall. This is done by converting the Rulebase- and the Objects- Database from Checkpoint to the FirewallBuilder XML Format.

Remember though, that this program is under development and could eventually do nasty things when doing the translation. especially with things like Userauthentication or Clientauthentication which are not supported under fwbuilder.

Checkpoint FW-1 to FwBuilder Policy Translation

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Comment | Bye bye American pie
Topic: Economics 3:48 pm EDT, Jun 30, 2002

Behind the crisis in corporate America is a combination of pernicious Southern conservatism and unadulterated greed, argues Will Hutton.

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Comment | Bye bye American pie

CS 6604: Recommender Systems (Spring 2001)
Topic: Technology 12:05 pm EDT, Jun 28, 2002

In Spring 2001, Virginia Tech professor Naren Ramakrishnan taught an entire course on the topic of recommender systems. Here you can browse the syllabus, review slides from the lectures, and review the reading list.

Course overview: CS 6604 concentrates on algorithms, methodologies, systems, and larger-scope issues (economic, commercial etc.) pertaining to reducing information overload. The unique aspect of this course will be how it integrates ideas from diverse areas: numerical analysis (strange but true), information systems, human-computer interaction, and algorithmics. Over the past three years, a large body of literature on recommender systems, filtering, and personalization technologies has been developed. Even though the field is driven by commercial trends and industrial developments, many of the ideas are nearing a stage of stabilization when their use is becoming common place (textbook material). CS 6604 will help illustrate the interplay between these different areas and demonstrate how ideas from diverse backgrounds can be combined in novel and sophisticated ways.

CS 6604: Recommender Systems (Spring 2001)

Say Goodbye to Plastic
Topic: High Tech Developments 2:34 pm EDT, Jun 25, 2002

It could be the biggest thing since sliced bread was wrapped in cellophane: biodegradable food packaging that's cheap enough to compete with conventional plastic. Once used, it can be thrown onto the compost heap or even eaten. This year, startup Plantic Technologies will roll out a cornstarch-based bioplastic that can be molded into everything from Twinkie wrappers to cracker trays.

Say Goodbye to Plastic

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