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Real Name: Vic V Vile
Age: 46
Date of Birth: October 31, 1977
Sex: Trans/Gay/Lesbian
Relationship Status: Married
Hometown: The Cubs
School or Occupation: Professional Douche Bag, Esq.
Politics: Do what thou wilt...

Other Contact Information:
Go to any street Burma and start yelling "Gook! Gook!" It's my nickname. Someone will gladly alert me that you are there to see me. I'll come down and meet you within the hour.

About Me:
I get laid a lot. I honestly have a really big dick. In fact, I am a cock with two eyes on either side of its tip, like a parakeet.

Who I'd like to meet:
I'd like to meet a sheriff that uses his authority to force women to strip for him all day. I'd like to meet the kind of guy that would lock his kids in a car on a hot sweltering day for their own goddam good. I'd like to meet the people who run so that I could return the favor (hint! hint!).

Beer. Heavy Metal. Low-grade fireworks. Fucking all the ladies on Memestreams. Especially the girlfriends, wives and mothers of registered users. Don't believe me? Then contact me and I'll tell you what birthmarks, genital deformities and VDs they have.

I basically scan to see what the regular users are listening to and/or recommending. Then, I rule those out as options for my listening pleasure. Rather, I go to the record store to buy random motion picture soundtracks. I keep these laying around in my car and house so that associates will think I listen to music. I don't. The only one of these that I have developed any particular fondness for is the soundtrack to "Rambo: First Blood Part II." It has a good score. The rest of these Compact Discs that I own can go suck a dick.

I enjoy illegally downloading movies for fun and profit, but I have little to no interest in watching any of them (Never get high on your own supply, killer). The only ones that ever seem interesting to me all involve brilliance. They usually suck, except for "Home Alone," "Deep Throat," and "Schindler's List." That girl in bed with Ralph Fiennes in that movie had a decent set of jugs on her.

I read the comic book adaption, when available. When unavailable, I opt for cliff's notes. As a last resort, I will actually read whatever book it is that I'm obligated to read. This is and will be my lifelong relationship to the concept of books.

Public PGP Key:
What the fuck is a public pgp key?

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