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Current Topic: Current Events

RE: King Solomon: Pro-Infant Vivisection
Topic: Current Events 11:36 pm EST, Nov 26, 2007

If Rangel's proposal passes, it will be the cause of 485 elected officials plus the President. It requires voting by both Houses and signing by the President, remember? Do you think that one person has the ability to cause this to happen?

And its not a sick point-- do we or do we not need more forces in order to secure the TWO countries that this President has broken? At this point, it's not even dying for oil-- we're beyond that. Iraq's oil will someday soon no longer be in our control. Now, the question is how many troops we need in order to secure our exit.

And Swift wasn't "sarcastic". It's called satire, and it's one of the oldest forms of political discourse. And it certainly has an effect. Rangel is one of the biggest opponents to a draft-- if you don't think his position wasn't carefully politically calculated, then you are incorrect. On the other hand, I assure you that there are plenty of people in the Pentagon who would be happy to create a system of mandatory service, just like South Korea, Israel, etc.

Vile wrote:
Let's see how you feel about Rangel when his draft proposal passes. I suppose dying to allow a fat career politician to prove a sick point is better than dying for oil. Right?
Remember, Jonathan Swift was a sarcastic writer, not a politician. Besides, Rangel is a scumbag for many other reasons. The 1972 coverup of the copkilling Nation of Islam members was one of his early pet projects. This asshole took "Kill Whitey" a little bit too seriously.

ryan is the supernicety wrote:
Rangel doesn't want a draft-- Dems so-called "fear mongering" is related to the fact that Bush's idiodic war has put us in a position where we might need one. THUS, the reality of the situation may require a draft. But this reality did not occur passively. It was CAUSED.

Oy. Charlie Rangel is not really advocating a draft. Also, Swift was not seriously advocating that the Irish eat their own children. Rangel is advocating a public debate about the costs of the war, with testimony from Administration officials, and he is advocating that war supporters in Congress make a choice between ending the war and commiting political suicide. As he explained after voting against a similar bill he sponsored in 2004:

Rangel accused Republicans of using his bill to assuage fears that President Bush had plans to reinstate the draft, stating, “The Republican leadership decision to place the draft legislation on the suspension Calendar is a political maneuver to kill rumors of the President’s intention to reinstate the draft after the November election.”

He went on to urge Democrats running for reelection to vote no.

“I am voting no, because my bill deserves serious consideration,” his statement continued.

“It should be subject to hearings and to expert testimony. The administration should come and tell us about our manpower needs, about recruitment and retention, about the extent to which out troops are overextended. And they should give us their views about shared sacrifice. If they did all of those things in a serious way, they would have to admit that my bill is an option.”

Decius wrote:

Americans would have to sign up for a new military draft after turning 18 if the incoming chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has his way.

Remember when Democrats were fearmongering that Bush would enstate a draft if reelected... Um...

BUT all that shit that is above this sentence is just jibber jabber. I am the logical WINNER of this post! Judge it iff you darr

RE: King Solomon: Pro-Infant Vivisection

It's NOT a hall of mirrors
Topic: Current Events 12:44 am EDT, Sep 11, 2007

It's not a hall of mirrors. It's a glass house. Learn tor read you fucking idiot. Learn to read. You can see it. It's right there. It's not a hall of mirrors. It's a glass hhouse. Learn to read!!! you fucking idiot. learn to read. its not a hall of mirrors its a glass house!

It's NOT a hall of mirrors

NBC 4 - Entertainment - Punk Legend Johnny Ramone Dies At 55
Topic: Current Events 6:57 pm EDT, Sep 16, 2004

Punk Legend Johnny Ramone Dies At 55

Guitarist Co-Founded The Ramones In 1974

NBC 4 - Entertainment - Punk Legend Johnny Ramone Dies At 55

RE: MSNBC - 'Dome Home' weathers storm
Topic: Current Events 6:56 pm EDT, Sep 16, 2004

bucy wrote:
] ] PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. - First light revealed that the "Dome
] Home"
] ] made it through the night and did exactly what it was
] designed to do
] ] -- survive even the worst hurricane.
] Smart!

I will bet that this thing is just another over-priced piece of shit that will break down all the time. By the way, the only reason you think this is cool, bucy, is because you are stuck in Pissburgh where you can do nothing but stare at the walls, get drunk, do dope, rent pretentious shit from Classic Video, eat cheap indian food and ponder the stupid fucking CMU logo on the school's trucks. Did you know they paid some asshole 200,000 dollars to design the thing? It's a FUCKING SQUARE TILTED 20 DEGREES, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!! And that school is supposed to be smart?

RE: MSNBC - 'Dome Home' weathers storm

RE: BBC NEWS | Business | Iraq rebuilding efforts 'pitiful'
Topic: Current Events 6:51 pm EDT, Sep 16, 2004

adamist wrote:
] ] Senator Chuck Hagel, a Nebraska Republican described the
] ] rebuilding effort in Iraq as "beyond pitiful".
] ]
] ] "It's beyond embarrassing, it's now in the zone of
] ] dangerous," he said.

How can you rebuild that shithole? What can you rebuild it into? NOTHING!!! It wasn't much to begin with! It won't be any better. These Iraqis should be glad we did this! Instead they are acting like animals! Well, we kicked their ass already and we will continue kicking it until they shut the fuck up or die. That is is gospel!

RE: BBC NEWS | Business | Iraq rebuilding efforts 'pitiful'

RE: - Teachers lose tax breaks for class expenses - Sep 16, 2004
Topic: Current Events 5:20 pm EDT, Sep 16, 2004

janelane wrote:
] ] LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- If Doreen Seelig pocketed
] ] all the money she has spent on classroom supplies over 35
] ] years as a teacher -- the printer cartridges, the paper,
] ] the pencils and the paperback books lent to her Venice
] ] High School students -- she figures she would have a new
] ] car by now.
] ]
] ] Now, as the new school year gets under way, the burden on
] ] Seelig and other teachers around the country is even
] ] heavier.
] ]
] ] Because of a budget crunch, California has suspended a
] ] tax credit that reimbursed teachers up to $1,500 for
] ] classroom supplies. Meanwhile, a $250 federal tax
] ] deduction
for teachers that helped defray out-of-pocket
] ] spending expired this year.
] I. Hate. [expletive]. [expletive]. [expletive]. President
] Bush.
] What good is No Child Left Behind since children can't
] possibly get "ahead" without any books or pencils?

No Child Left Behind was never any good. And listen, it takes a democratic governer to drive California into the ground so you can blame President Bush for everything that you percieve to be going wrong in your life. How pathetic. At the very least, you could have had some eloquence or an explanation for your little outburst there, janelane. The little bastards can buy their own pencils and notebooks. How about that for novelty? I don't feel like having my tax dollars go towards funding more idiots who will be churned out of our education system. Besides, if one is such a loser in their field of interest that they wind up having to become a teacher, then they know the costs that they will incur. For instance, a truck driver must buy his own truck to drive a big rig, in most cases. A Nurse must buy her own smock. A stripper must buy her own G-string and dancing shoes. A whore doesn't go out and make her make-up a tax deduction. She doesn't hit her pimp up for the cost of her AIDS tests. So, with this in mind, it would appear that teachers (who already have the benefit of three months off each year. Even the hooker has to work year round). So, with this in mind, I tell the teachers of California (and you): Boo Fuckin' Hoo!

RE: - Teachers lose tax breaks for class expenses - Sep 16, 2004

RE: Born Again Christians Just As Likely to Divorce As Are Non-Christians
Topic: Current Events 8:48 pm EDT, Sep 15, 2004

adamist wrote:
] ] Multiple divorces are also unexpectedly common among born
] ] again Christians. Barna's figures show that nearly
] ] one-quarter of the married born agains (23%) get divorced
] ] two or more times ... Bible scholars and teachers point out
] ] that Jesus taught that divorce was a sin unless adultery was
] ] involved
] So why isn't anyone pushing a Constitutional Amendment against
] divorce?

Because when you force people to stay together, domestic violence and infidelity occur. You stupid asshole.

RE: Born Again Christians Just As Likely to Divorce As Are Non-Christians

RE: BBC NEWS | Americas | Pill propelled into abortion debate
Topic: Current Events 8:36 pm EDT, Sep 15, 2004

k wrote:
] ] A growing number of doctors and pharmacists are now
] ] refusing to dispense it, on the grounds that it is
] ] actually a form of abortion.
] [ Jesus christ. I fucking hate people sometimes. -k]

Yeah, its easy to hate AIDS-spreading cunts who can't make a guy put on a condom so they spread disease and murder their own unborn progeny. Sorry, idiot. The end of abortion comes with personal planning. And with the end of unwanted pregnancies comes the end of VD. Your punditry lacks insight, which makes it worthless. Sorry K. You could learn a thing or two from Special K, who actually backs his views up, whether I agree with them or not.

RE: BBC NEWS | Americas | Pill propelled into abortion debate

TiVo vs. the Broadcast Flag Wavers
Topic: Current Events 2:58 am EDT, Aug  3, 2004

] Tron had a better flynn, you imposter! \But if a programmer or an engineer with a bright idea has
] to go to Washington, hat in hand and lawyers in tow, to
] request permission to sell a better product -- and is
] then told "just wait awhile" -- we are on our way to
] suffocating innovation in this country.

Yes kids, everything in this world is about money.

TiVo vs. the Broadcast Flag Wavers

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