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Current Topic: Arts

RE: As the name implies, the Friday Grab Bag is a collection of community questions taken from the official Dark Age of Camelot forums. Add some announcements into the mix and you have a good read.
Topic: Arts 12:25 am EDT, Jul 19, 2008

george1455 wrote:
As the name implies, the Friday Grab Bag is a collection of community questions taken from the official Dark Age of Camelot forums. Add some announcements into the mix and you have a good read.

Q. Is Quillan Muire in Muire's tomb supposed to drop any loot? It seems like he is the "boss" of the dungeon but she drops nothing different from his surrounding guards. I know he has a quest associated with her, but the other named Muires along that quest can drop items. Thanks!

A. I would probably haggle a bit with Muire. I would say, "Hey, we got the same last name. Or maybe my last name is your first name. Suppose we are related! After all, how many Muires have you met in your life? Gimme a dollar off that piece of shit thing, there."

Q. I have noticed that the blunt weapon given to druids by the trainer is called an "Arch Mace". But it is actually a hammer. Is it supposed to be a hammer and is mislabeled or is it a mace with the wrong graphic?

A. It is neither. Rather, it is a vibrator. The whole thing was fucked up. Still is, as a matter of fact.

Q. How do I add the guild ranks to the house friends list so I can set the different permission levels?

A. That is an excellent question. Thank you for asking it. I would actually approach the house of friends list, and I would ask them what they are. I assume you are better acquainted with the house of friends list. You may want to ask them if they would hold onto your guild ranks for awhile. Even if you never intend on going back for them, just do that. That will fool them, enough. Offer to get them high as an incentive.

Q. My question involves the Alchemy drop items. Why does the Ancient Crushed Focus Stone only drop one at a time, while the Ancient Troll Blood, Ancient Giant Blood, Ancient Mirror, Ancient Pure Mercury, and the Enriched Quicksilver drops off the same mobs in stacks of 5? The Ancient Necrotic Brain Fluid and the Ancient Lich Tooth will drop in stacks of 3. There doesn't appear to be a level variation between the drops, and they are all used with Alchemy of 1000+. Shouldn't they all be dropped in the same quantity?

A. In a perfect world, that is indeed what would occur. However, people have had thousands of years to build a decent society with fair, pragmatic rules. Literally all our planet's best minds have come and gone, all trying to perfect this civilization and they've not yet succeeded. So what makes is think that this thing was gonna be any better? That's actually a better question than yours.

Q. I've been looking for a trophy mob - a pig called Jari. I've tried for many game-days to get it to spawn, either in the Abbey Farm or the Bandit Camp, by killing Wild Sows nearby. No luck so far. Is there any way you can confirm that it still exists or any advice you can offer?

A. Yes, dead things can't fuck or inseminate or be imprenated. That's the first thing you have to ... [ Read More (0.3k in body) ]

RE: As the name implies, the Friday Grab Bag is a collection of community questions taken from the official Dark Age of Camelot forums. Add some announcements into the mix and you have a good read.

Patrick Veil and Lonnnie to perform at Brighton Bar!!!
Topic: Arts 9:44 pm EDT, Oct  7, 2007

This Wednesday, October 10th is a big day!

At the Brighton Bar, on Brighton Ave in beautiful Long Branch, NJ, Patrick Veil (of the Sex Zombies and Fabric Staircase Magazine) will perform an acoustic set of humorous, topical and fearless tunes. Come watch acoustic become dangerous weaponry in the hands of a madman. Patrick is in the middle of a tour with the increasingly popular Sex Zombies, and this special acoustic performance guarantees to entertain.

Speaking of Madmen, singer/songwriter Lonnnie (of Sunshine Flipside) makes his return to the Brighton stage with a set of new tunes that have to be heard to be believed! A genius tunesmith with a penchant for aching melodies, insightful (occasionally hilarious) lyrics, and potent performances.

Also performing are The Hip Shop, Nick Gere and Eddie Bodeen. For more info, check

Don't miss this show...unless you are already playing a gig somewhere else. No other excuses will cut the mustard!

Patrick Veil and Lonnnie to perform at Brighton Bar!!!

RE: CityBeat Film Reviews: Sky Captain
Topic: Arts 11:21 am EDT, Sep 16, 2004

Decius wrote:
] ] Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow is a nearly
] ] picture-perfect blend of stylistic sense and
] ] sensibilities of the bygone era of movie serials.
] When I first saw this I was really suprised by the strangeness
] of it's vision. Its really what someone in the 30s might have
] imagined the future would be like. I was worried, based I
] guess on the way it was marketed, that it might be an
] interesting world filled with recycled hollywood crap, but it
] turns out the critics seem to like it. It might not suck...

Oh, so if critics like a film, then it doesn't suck? Wow, what a narrowminded view of cinema. Stick to computers, man.

UPDATE: April 6, 2005. The movie is awesome. It's a very nice precurser to Sin City, only the whole family can enjoy it. It's still good, in spite of that. I approve of Sky Captain.

RE: CityBeat Film Reviews: Sky Captain

Putting the F back in freedom?
Topic: Arts 2:59 am EDT, Aug  3, 2004

Paramount has a new puppet feature coming out in October. Opinion withheld for now.

"Team America: World Police" is an action adventure from the creators of "South Park" starring an all-marionette cast.

This movie is not yet rated
Matt Drudge had these comments: Marionette puppets are used throughout the film to mock terror threats, and media figures who dominate the nation's airwaves. But Parker and Stone save most of the mocking for left-wing pundits and Michael Moore.

"Bush is not even in the film," Parker said Sunday night from Los Angeles during the DRUDGE REPORT radio broadcast.

Putting the F back in freedom?

Sunshine Flipside Last Show
Topic: Arts 1:07 pm EST, Jan 18, 2004

Here it is, as promised, the video of the last Flipside gig.

The uncut one is cool too. It was a really good gig for a band of cretins

I have the feeling that the site is slammed. I was unable to download it for awhile.

No, it was probably somebody fucking up. You should fix this technological bullshit for once and for all!

(Could someone please recommend a reliable public tracker? I can generate a torrent..)

Yes. he works in vermont and doesnt do mountain lions or bobcats

Sunshine Flipside Last Show

Doug Z Art Gallery
Topic: Arts 12:59 pm EST, Jan 18, 2004

] Doug Z's Art is a mixture of thought, creativity, spray
] cans and imaginations. His work is unusual, ethereal and
] even mind warping.

This is great! I've been wanting Doug to have some kinda online presence for YEARS.

I have know Doug since I was 17. He has been producing art constantly since then. He deserves the title "artist" more then anyone else I know, because he is _always_ producing.

Bullshit. You met doug when you were nineteen. Fuggin liar, there goes your reputation, rattle!

Doug Z Art Gallery

RIAA Exposed
Topic: Arts 7:46 am EST, Dec 14, 2003

Howdy, fucks!
In today's installment of this wonderful little webjournal, I am gonna give you something special. What is it, you ask? Well, I am glad you wanna know! I now present to you the RIAA's phone number, so that you can call them and let them know what a wonderful job you think they are doing! So kids, go to your parent's phone, pick it up and dial these digits:

(202) 775-0101

Then feel free to tell the asshole who answers anything your little heart desires! No thanks necessary!

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