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Current Topic: Recreation

RE: New York City Welcomes Peaceful Political Activists
Topic: Recreation 7:24 pm EDT, Aug 20, 2004

Rattle wrote:
] ] The Peaceful Political Activists visitor program is the
] ] first of its kind for a national political convention.
] ] Visitors can take advantage of special offers by wearing
] ] a Peaceful Protester Welcome button that can be
] picked
] ] up at NYC's Official Visitor Information Center located
] ] at 810 Seventh Avenue between 52nd and 53rd streets.
] ] Additionally, you can receive discounts and special
] ] offers when you present the Peaceful Political
] Activists

] ] Savings Card.
] rolls out the red carpet. Special protester
] rates available for hotels, dining, attractions, and tours.
] Keyword is peaceful.
] Almost surreal.

Hey, when are you gonna have Nickstreams? That is better than the memestreams thing. You see, the word "meme," if you pronounce it, sound homosexual. It really does. SAy it...thing about it as you speak it. You will feel as if you are saying something incredibly homosexual. It sounds like a bar that the homosexuals would hang at. The Meme. Doesn't it? Yes. and that asshole, I think it was K or acidus, I dunno which one because no one has unique personalities on memestreams (cept you [though you can be an apologist for the conformity, which lessens your personality's aroma just a tad], Me, Joe, and Tom Cross [but his personality is more of an odor and it smells like an asshole]. Anyway. We are establishing the fact that the word meme sucks as a word. IF you called the site nickstreams, it would be less blatantly homosexual. and I will bet that most of the people who use memestreams would go away. But, getting back to the k or acidus asshole. They said that gay thing about "it's not about news, its not about recommendations, its not about you. ITs not about's all about memes." THat was really gay. Wasn't it? It wasn't even k or acidus that said it. IT was either of those conformist twins, Noteworthy or Jeremy. and while we are on the subject, if he said "it's all about nicks" then that would have made him sound less like a rump ranger. So, if you are trying to make McGreevy your primary base, then you are doing right with the name. However, nickstreams is better. By the way, your site looks better than memestreams at being the same thing. Also, the careers page on is enough to make me want to put a cigarette out in Tom's eye. Thank you! Keep the constructive criticisms that I have outlined in your mind. Also, I think that gay people will fawn over the squares with faces. They are too teletubby-esque. GEt better mascots, like a singing rat. Feedback is essential. You are welcome for it!

Your friend

P.S. I beat you at bowling this past wednesday. HA HA!

RE: New York City Welcomes Peaceful Political Activists

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