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Current Topic: Technology

RE: .tel sTLD RFP Application
Topic: Technology 8:12 pm EDT, Jul  8, 2005

dmv wrote:

Vile wrote:

What would you nerds do if you didn't have these unimpressive inventions? Would you maybe get laid or something? You people are so boring and pathetic. Why are the faultiest minds handed the reins of new technology? You make this boring crap and then you mull over it. Get over it, losers. You have no place doing anything but serving others. You think you are important enough to discuss this stuff, but you aren't. So fuck off. Go to a bar, get laid, talk about this stuff there. Fucking morons. Talk about sports or something, like REAL men. As it stands, you are faggots. Realize it.

What would you trolls do if you didn't have these unimpressive positions to take on internet forums? Would you maybe get laid or something? You people are so boring and pathetic. Why are the faultiest minds allowed to post in ways to be seen in public? You make these boring attempts at being insulting and then you desperately hope it is provocative. Get over it, losers. You think you are important enough to comment on anything you please. Do you think that by instructing other people to do things resembling a life, someone might believe you actually have one? It should be pretty obvious that no only do you not have better things to do with your time, you are not even able to do something creative like learning. Why are you posting here? Is it to be more like a REAL man to waste your time helping those who know stuff?

Vile: I get laid more often than you, and I don't even know you. I am almost certainly more athletic and better respected by a community that doesn't even know that I know the inner workings of VoIP. Your posts, of this nature, make me sad. Not for how they make me feel -- I have no vested interest in your opinion of me, nor is my self-esteem based on my geek cred. I am not even sad about what they say about you, although you do get some empathy points for how empty your life must be. It makes me sad because of what you represent.

Thank you for your message. Please, do something nice for someone today.

DMV, you couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a fistfull of fifties. You're not fooling anyone. The word "troll" is incredibly gay and something only a fucking nerd like your and your kin could concoct. Your self-aggrandizement does little to convince me that you get laid more than me (anyone could pick up queer guys at a rest stop, DMV. It doesn't count. Sorry, lady.). You definitely have a ve sted interest in my opinion of you, otherwise I would not find myself responding to your nerd ass at this time. Your self-esteem is solely self-observed, as is your respect by whatever community you claim to exist in. No one with even a smidgen of elan would give two shits about your knowlege of VoIP. Maybe the fellow social retards on Memestreams care, but that won't buy you the ability to interest the rest of the world in your pathetic excuse for a life. By the way, athletic prowess is not a factor by which we judge evolutionary success as an animal. Furthermore, your mother is an abomination for giving birth to you. She should have her uterus retroactively cut out to make sure that scummed cunt doesn't discharge another piece of shit like you. By the way, you score no points in originality for your rebuttal here. You simply mimicked my own post. How pathetic. Left-brained piece of shit. Your technology will crumble and fail, but true ingenuity will always remain. Have fun on the breadlines in a few years, relic!

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