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Current Topic: Science

RE: Left-handers have different view
Topic: Science 3:02 am EST, Feb  9, 2005

k wrote:
] ] Research has suggested that left-handed people are more
] ] susceptible to a range of problems, including allergies,
] ] auto-immune diseases, depression, drug abuse, epilepsy,
] ] schizophrenia and sleeping disorders.
] ]
] ]
] ] Left-handers are thought to have poorer spatial skills,
] ] and thus to be more vulnerable to car crashes and other
] ] serious accidents.
] ]
] ]
] ] However, a study published by The Lancet suggested there
] ] was no truth in the theory that left-handers are more
] ] likely to die prematurely.
] [ They left out the fact that we're better at everything else
] ;)
] Seriously though, this article's pretty light on content. All
] it says is that right and left handed people might view the
] world "differently" but they don't reveal any qualitative
] details. Differently how? Better or worse? I mean, I guess
] it means that if i get to choose which side of my brain takes
] a hit, i should chose the left side, so my language and visual
] skills aren't as badly fucked, but I'd like to know a lot
] more. -k]

The article seems slight, alright. Researchers who waste their time with things like this do none of us any favors. They probably need to take a hit to the right side of the brain. Maybe it would start working then. As far as you go, k, I must say that it sucks to find that we use the same hand to write with. I hate being in any classification that you are in. In fact, I am re-stringing my guitar right now. Time to convert to righty. Maybe my allergies, AIDS, depression, drug problem, schizophrenia, insomnia, and spatial challenges will all go away and I will drive better. Who knows?

RE: Left-handers have different view

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