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Current Topic: Society

RE: Cindy Sheehan arrested for... wearing a shirt!
Topic: Society 1:32 pm EST, Feb  1, 2006

Cindy Sheehan brings these things upon herself. Furthermore, it's quite apparent that this news item illustrates the "two-way street" in our bi-polarized government. The article also states that Rep Bill Young's (R-Fl) wife was asked to cover the offending message on her own shirt. That message was "Support Our Troops." Sheehan's shirt read "2,245 dead. How many more." While I support the right to free expression under any circumstances, it seems a bit more ridiculous to censor the message of Rep. Young's wife than that of Sheehan, who has emerged as a self-serving rabble rouser with no regard for America or our troops.

What we have here is kind of interesting, on a cultural level. Cindy Sheehan's son chose to enlist, putting himself in harm's way for his nation (or possibly for G.I. benefits). She had the opportunity to encourage him to chooose another vocation. At this point she shows little respect for his choice. Rather than honoring his committment and sacrifice, she chooses to blame the government for the fact that her son willfully enlisted and died in our military. Oftentimes, liberals find themselves defending the choices of children in the face of the sort of parental dissatisfaction more commmonly associated with "closed-minded" conservative establishment types. In this instance, we have a woman of the hippie generation refusing to support the choice made by her generation Y son. Had he chosen to attend college, work for NORML, burn up a trust fund, backpack through Holland, protest a war, attend rallies, get an MBA and then join the establishment, his mother might have given full approval. It's interesting to see how parents react to their children's choices. Had he attended college, he might have died as a result of binge drinking. Would Cindy Sheehan set up camp outside of Anheiser Busch or the University of Wisconson and demanded answers and audiences with figureheads?

Sheehan does little to honor her son's sacrifice. In fact, she does not view her son's death as a sacrifice. Rather, she seems to feel that her son was murdered by the president. She gives the impression that the 2,244 other fatalities in the war in Iraq were also homicides committed by President Bush. She also fails to weigh a few factors in her sloganeering.

On September 11th, 2001 a similar number of Americans were killed in one hour. Three years of war in Iraq haven't touched the number of lives snuffed out in that one day. After the 9/11/01 attacks, all Americans were frightened of what was to come next. Some demanded retribution, others justice, but all demanded safety. In order to acheive that level of safety, some degree of military action was in order. First came Afghanistan. It was a rousing success and the President commmanded a 90% approval rating. Iraq came next. A wisely chosen war, in terms of gaining a strategic vantage point. I do believe most Americans feel safer with Saddam out of power and the play... [ Read More (0.2k in body) ]

RE: Cindy Sheehan arrested for... wearing a shirt!

RE: Telegraph | News | TV reporter killed by US fire during live Baghdad broadcast
Topic: Society 11:56 pm EDT, Sep 13, 2004

dmv wrote:
] ] A television journalist was shot dead as he made a live
] ] broadcast from Baghdad yesterday when United States
] ] helicopters fired on a crowd that had gathered round the
] ] burning wreckage of an American armoured vehicle.
] Hard to spin or deny that...

Looks like the asshole shouldn't have been so ambitious. At least then, with a bit of modesty and sanity he would be alive. IF he was from fox, I doubt anyone here would care.

RE: Telegraph | News | TV reporter killed by US fire during live Baghdad broadcast

Protect Consumers, or Big Business?
Topic: Society 2:58 am EDT, Aug  3, 2004

Jeremy, your writing matches your coding in terms of sucking! please be specific! You fucking scriptkiddie.Apparently, the FDA, along with the president, functions on a plane where errors are not made and judgments and decisions never need to be revisited.

For those of us who see questioning and constant re-evaluation as essential to progress of any kind, this is one more frightening reminder that our administration is taking us down the wrong road at ever increasing speed.

Protect Consumers, or Big Business?

The Problem With the CIA
Topic: Society 2:56 am EDT, Aug  3, 2004


There is a corporate culture in America that says as long as the process is adhered to, people have done their jobs. Orderly, predictable processes that can be clearly mapped and explained are not an end in themselves. The time and effort spent on them can be justified in only one way: success. Over and over, the lovers of ISO 9000, 9001 and endless other standards confuse the means with the end. They embrace order -- even when it leads to failure.

That is what happened at the CIA: A culture of process destroyed a culture of excellence. There are many outstanding people at the agency, in both the Directorate of Intelligence and in Operations. The agency's obsession with the intelligence process crushes these people daily. Those who flourish in this environment are those who can sit through long meetings without falling asleep. The people who can peer through the darkness and see the truth are either sucked into the surreal world of modern management or shunted aside.

Jeremy says: Gold Star.

I say: This link is on Free Republic. They are a bad reputation for being the Republican version of the Slashdot hordes. All power in numbers and no clue. However, the article is Stratfor, and hence worthy of attention. It reads a bit Republican, which is likely why the freepers have posted it. I'm not sure that it is. Stratfor likes to talk about what is going on and why. They don't usually talk about what might have been done. Its rare that they talk about what ought to be done.

The Problem With the CIA

John Kerry's real tech agenda | Perspectives | CNET
Topic: Society 2:54 am EDT, Aug  3, 2004

What a piece of shit meme!This meme sucks! From the mememaster,no less. For Shame Cross!

Intel Executive Vice President Leslie Vadasz told the
] committee that Hollings' idea was a brain-dead approach
] that ignored Silicon Valley's concerns in favor of those
] raised by Hollywood lobbyists.
] Kerry's advice? "We might need to legislate," he said,
] ignoring Vadasz's objections.

I think I've mentioned before that Kerry's website sort of flirted with the copyright maximalists. Well, turns out he supported the Fritz Chip. He also seems to like Key Escrow. Now I do think tech issues are a side item in this election. I'm not voting on them. Nor do I think Bush's stances are any better. But if Kerry wins, don't expect any changes in this regard.

John Kerry's real tech agenda | Perspectives | CNET

RE: The New York Times - The Internet: Web Diarists Are Now Official Members of Convention Press Corps
Topic: Society 4:58 am EDT, Jul 28, 2004

Decius wrote:
] ] "I think that bloggers have put the issue of
] ] professionalism under attack," said Thomas McPhail,
] ] professor of media studies at the University of
] ] Missouri-St. Louis, who argues that journalists should be
] ] professionally credentialed. "They have no pretense to
] ] objectivity. They don't cover both sides."
] This article seems to be pissing people off. I think its good.
] If the press isn't spinning you you're not doing something
] useful.

Okay, then George W. Bush, Paris Hilton, Scott Peterson, and Britney Spears are the most useful people in America. Give me a break. Bloggers are the kind of armchair media that turns the internet into a cybertower of babel. Can't wait till the terrorists nail our powergrids so I no longer have to listen to, or read, misinformation.

RE: The New York Times - The Internet: Web Diarists Are Now Official Members of Convention Press Corps

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