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Topic: Miscellaneous 11:55 pm EST, Nov 26, 2007

Whenever anyone sees the word memestreams, they think of menstruationn, or menstrual flow. That is not what you wanna be selling, now is it? Considering this site doesn't really do anything, per se, I hhave a pproposal for you guys. I don't need a big of the profits or anything. I could go for maybe 20 percent, or even 18, oonce you hit the big time! You need to change into! THAT'S RIGHT! You could use this site to create fake penpals over the computer. People like a good penpal and this is just the environment to receive one. At church, people likne up for the body of Christ, but many more would line up for a penpal on wwww. This is an untapped market. You would have the innovative idea and passionate teamwork to exemplify. With this patented system of offering the consumer apenpal, will blow the lid off of a sexcret uunderground of people in search of a penpal. Much like Jonas Salk discovered the polio bvaccine, or jarvik engineered the first jarvik heart, you will be on the cutting edge of a breathrough in your field. This is win-win situation. Your drive and committment to excellence will allow you to provide millions with a new penpal. See you in our mansion.!!! (Whaddya think?)

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