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One or Two Suggestions on How Not to Suck


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One or Two Suggestions on How Not to Suck
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:40 pm EDT, Jul 26, 2008

Okay. I hate the fact that whenever I log into Memestreams, the goddam "remember me" option box is automatically checked off for me. Goddammit, this creates potential for trouble, if one uses this site on a public computer. The whole point of having a box to place a check in is for you TO PLACE THE FUCKING CHECK IN THE BOX!!!! NOT TO REMOVE THE FUCKING CHECK!!!!! Jesus, it's presumptuous and rude. Fuck you for doing this. Change it!

Also, those teletubby things have outlived their usefulness. Pick a new fucking mascot. Pick something less flamboyantly gay. Maybe use a panther, or a rottweiler. How about a Pit Bull swinging a bloody, possibly dead, baby around with its jaws where the baby's blood drops spell out the word "memestreams." Maybe you could use a river, a river of blood! Have little streams coming from the river, and those could symbolize the "meme streams." Another logo you could use is a picture of a jackass. That would make a powerful political statement, in addition to being a tried and true logo concept. Maybe you could make the logo a picture of a tampon licking its smiling lips?

Think about it.

One or Two Suggestions on How Not to Suck

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