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Giuliani Is a Coward and a Fraud!!!


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Giuliani Is a Coward and a Fraud!!!
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:07 am EDT, Aug 28, 2008

He did nothing on September 11th, except reflect the sun off of his shining bald head. He's an incestuous, philandering, psychopathic pig. Each night I pray for his fatal heart attack. He is a republican of convenience, a buck-toothed, mush-mouthed, lisping, stuttering douchebag, and he would destroy this world, if given the chance. He is everything that the staunchest Bush-bashers feared W. would be. Guiliani and Romney may well be in the run up to the Republican Veep spot, but they are decidedly in the running for the Anti-Christ spot.

I hope they both choke.

Rudy Giuliani was a hated mayor with no experience on any level of national importance. NOTHING. Unlike Obama, Rudy chickened out of facing down Hillary Clinton. He is a coward. He is a fraud. He has made millions of dollars and garnered much undeserved goodwill by exploiting the victims of 911. If he had done his job in a truly dignified way, Many police, EMTs and Firefighters would still be alive today.

He, like a vampire, sucks on their blood and memories for personal gain.

Fuck him. He's a disgrace to humanity and America and the bastard should be strapped down to a chair and forced to confront all of the evil he left in his wake.

Classless. Nice combover, asshole. I'd love to kick your ass.

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