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A Kinda Gentler Memestreams
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:37 am EST, Mar  2, 2011

Well, I have officially returned to memestreams, and in a goodwill gesture to Tom Cross, I have decided to tone down the act a little. Granted, a layman's eye may find itself unable to discern the difference, since my blog posts have still tended towards cruel pranks (Neil Young Dead at 66), libelous humor (Fat Chris Christie...) and outright diatribes (California, Hold thy Tongue), but I HAVE, in my defense resisted personal attacks on other users of the site, death threats against celebrities and the sort of invective I once tossed around this internet tool the way one would shoot Iraqis under General Schwarzkopf (or Iriquois under General Jackson).

Yes, I have turned over a new leaf, as has memestreams! No longer do I have to read about how Kerry is better than Bush, simply because after two years of Obama, we see that both parties are really the same damn thing, where it counts. That was my point all along.

I believe in free thought, and those whose thoughts remain shackled shall face the brunt of their own wrath. My only drive is to make fun of our lame culture in 2011.

I am sure our lame culture won't leave me lacking for material.

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