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RE: Memestreams IS CLOSING DOWN!


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RE: Memestreams IS CLOSING DOWN!
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:11 pm EDT, Jul 31, 2004

Palindrome wrote:
] Vile wrote:
] ] I thought that this site was protected against trolling and
] ] posting spamlinks. This machine doesn't work! Those were
] ] rude customer relations emails, Tom Cross. Shame on you,
] ] Mr.Cross! Shame on you. Please put your manners on when
] you
] ] present yourself to the public. The use of the words
] fucking
] ] mouth was clearly an obscenity. It connotes the idea that
] my
] ] mouth fucks. It is interesting that you say this while
] ] censoring my words. And the asshole comment doesn't do
] ] anything to enhance your image. Other than that, you have
] ] been very rude to me in these emails and I thought the
] public
] ] should see how hypocrytical memestreams is when put to the
] ] test. If it doens't have technology to filter out trolls
] ] there are many systems that have better recommendation
] systems
] ] than this. Think about which ones now, Mr. Cross. Think.
] ] Yes...thinke! Does that make it easier for your to
] ] understand, Mr. Cross? Your to understand, now, Mr. Cross?
] ] Are you? Well, are you? I think so. Yes. The pointis
] very
] ] clear, here. If you do not get what I am saying here, then
] ] you should just go back to your fucking mom, fucker!
] ]
] ]
] You are the one who doesn't seem to get the point.

Oh, believe me, I do. I just don't like your little clique any more than I like any little clique. Please stop being such wimpy, sensitive nerds. This site is not about free speech. It is about making a small group of pseudo-intellectuals feel like they are empowered, but since there are about twenty of you, and the site has been running for quite some time, I would assume that the entire project is a failure. Congrats!

If you are
] just trying to piss people off and initiate fights by spouting
] a bunch of worthless, baseless bull then go somewhere else
] because that is not what this site is about.

No, the site was a recommendation site that recommends nothing but worthless, questionable "news" stories. Haven't seen many people recommend any new bands, movies or books, except for the one ignoramous who recommended the Dan Gillmore book he hadn't read (and apparently didn't know the title of either). This site is a failure. It is taken over by armchair political columnists who have no writing abilities, so they simply quote fringe news sources. Google can give me better news, and slashdot is a better recommendation system. At least they can filter out trolls (a stupid term) and spam links. Memestreams is uselessm, as it currently exists. And the site looks boring. Maybe one of you left-brained autistics needs to shell out the three bucks to hire a graphic designer. Maybe you need to buy some users with distinct personalities, or taste. Just two suggestions that will fall on defensive ears.

Tom doesn't need
] to worry about his image I am positive most of the people hear
] would support his decision 100%

You spelled "here" wrong, retard. I am sure they would support his decision too. They are all friends of his. How sad that this site appeals to one little clique of little well-off whitebread kids. Maybe you need to spend more time away from your keyboard, and experience life. As it stands now, I cannot wait to get a new account and begin posting spam links regularly. Clog up the system a bit. Now that I know what you are not capable of fighting, I can inundate you with it. In short, this is war.

RE: Memestreams IS CLOSING DOWN!

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