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Current Topic: Travel

The decision to flee came suddenly...
Topic: Travel 8:40 am EST, Mar  1, 2004

I'm writing this parked in front of a Kinkos in Reno, listening to Johnny Cash.

I'm not going to attempt to explain right now why I left San Francisco, that would take too long. Maybe later. Lets just say, I was not exactly happy to go, nor would have I been happy to stay. Sometimes, one's journey requires making sudden snap decisions. On my way out, after a period of reflection staring at the ocean and a lengthy drive through various sections of the city, I stopped at Treasure Island, stared at the city, shed a tear, and yelped "I'll be back" before turning my back on her. I meant it.

I also did not say any goodbyes. I hope no one takes offense at that. I hate goodbyes. I prefer to just disappear and reappear, mysteriously.

So far, my trip is going smoothy. Donner had chain control in effect, but no treachery was present that the 4HI button could not regulate.

This spring, I will be mobile. Rattle could be coming to a town near you. Onward, America, roll beneath me with Godspeed.

I love road trips.

Mars Roving: Andy Mishkin's Blog
Topic: Travel 12:02 am EST, Jan 14, 2004

] The day before yesterday, my wife came home with a new license
] plate frame for my car: "My other cars are on Mars."
. . .
] I just finished working the Martian night (which today happened
] to be daytime at JPL), planning Spirit's activities for Sol 5,
] the rover's fifth day on the surface. The uplink team is doing a
] great job of getting a lot done in a short amount of time. The
] rover seems to be getting more sleep than we do...
. . .
] I'll make additions to this site as often as living on
] Mars time and exploring an alien planet permit...

Andy Mishkin is an old childhood friend of Elonka, one of the users here on MemeStreams. Here Andy is blogging his day-to-day activities at JPL. Andy, rock on.

First off, I must state I'm in complete awe of all things Mars at the moment. I went to Space Camp when I was a kid.. Wanted to be an astronaut.. You know the story. Thumbs up guys. I'm loving every minute of this!

Mars Roving: Andy Mishkin's Blog

Main Page - Wikitravel
Topic: Travel 7:52 pm EST, Nov 10, 2003

] Wikitravel is a project to create a free, complete,
] up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide. It is
] built in collaboration by Wikitravellers from around the
] globe. So far we have 634 destinations, itineraries,
] travel topics and other articles. Check out the Help page
] to see how you can edit any page right now.

Started in July.. Its still pretty new, and doesn't have content for many places yet. However, if the Wikipedia is any example (it is), this is going to be awesome. Lonely Planet, only anyone can contribute.

Main Page - Wikitravel

California to Nashville Car Pool for PhreakNIC
Topic: Travel 6:15 pm EDT, Oct 20, 2003

As the days pass, and the date of PhreakNIC grows closer, its bothering me more and more that I'm not going.

If there is anyone in San Francisco, or for that matter California, or even anywhere in the general area between San Francisco and Nashville, who is interested in splitting costs for the drive out and back, I will drive..

I would like to go, but there is a margin of about $300 that can break my bank this month. And thats about the cost of gas + oil changes + tire/car ware.. So if someone is willing to pay for the Gas, I will drive.. Thats a good deal, it _will_ wind up being roughly 1/3rd the cost of airfare..

There would be room for up to three people. Two other people at most would be ideal, as its a pretty long trip.

So, if any West Coast people are interested in making the trip to Nashville, do get in contact with me..

PhreakNIC starts Friday.. So we would have to leave Wendsday in order to make it.

I'll be posting on Craigslist also.

More APs
Topic: Travel 12:03 am EDT, Jul 20, 2003

LA to SF:

linksys 00:04:5A:F5:8C:FD No
Beach 00:04:5A:EE:DE:F1 No
linksys 00:06:25:89:49:2F No 00:30:AB:0B:24:56 No
linksys 00:06:25:B6:10:E1 No
NETGEAR 00:09:5B:4D:6C:26 No
Front Computer 02:00:33:C6:AD:E7 No
burundi 00:09:5B:3E:3E:86 No
Home 00:50:F2:CA:7D:44 Yes
2WIRE563 00:02:2D:89:BB:60 Yes
gianttcr0 00:06:25:97:F8:32 No
ANY 00:60:B3:6F:7F:88 No
linksys 00:06:25:59:C5:58 Yes
Denise's Airport 00:03:93:ED:6E:C7 Yes
linksys 00:06:25:B4:0D:87 No
Ali's Appt. Wireless Network 00:09:5B:24:7D:CA No
CASAMARINA 00:02:A5:2D:67:EB No
Apple Network 054fc1 00:30:65:05:4F:C1 No
linksys 00:04:5A:2E:18:D9 No
edwardii 00:06:25:55:8E:6E Yes
Wireless 00:09:5B:11:73:40 No
Mercury Interactive 00:02:2D:30:4E:43 No
default 00:40:05:C3:1E:C3 No
linksys 00:04:5A:FA:23:A7 No
linksys 00:06:25:B3:FC:C9 No
dbw 00:02:6F:01:C9:B9 No
garnetcaptive 00:04:5A:EE:58:3D Yes
metrosportsf 00:80:C8:B0:6A:6E Yes
Kingman 00:80:C8:0B:89:30 Yes
linksys 00:06:25:6D:C4:89 No
laurel 00:06:25:9A:B9:C2 No
linksys 00:06:25:B9:5B:AA No
westie14 00:06:25:B6:35:D3 No
kps95 00:40:96:34:F2:14 No
jeff1j 00:06:25:B9:69:79 No
linksys 00:06:25:62:FF:78 No
LANPARTY 00:04:5A:DD:4A:23 Yes
linksys 00:06:25:DF:44:0D No
WGIPS 00:90:4B:08:1D:6D Yes
Wireless 00:09:5B:27:37:6E No
2WIRE661 00:02:2D:8D:30:D0 Yes
firehorse 00:03:93:ED:F9:65 Yes
wireless 00:90:4B:32:AA:3E No
default 00:40:05:CA:B2:6E No
tmobile 00:40:96:56:4B:05 No
linksys 00:06:25:7D:84:9B No
San Fran 00:30:65:0A:02:60 No
SurfandSip 00:90:4B:21:42:AE No
linksys 00:06:... [ Read More (2.9k in body) ]

San Francisco
Topic: Travel 2:42 am EDT, Jul 19, 2003

I'm back! :)

Drove up Rt 1 from LA. Thats a _really_ fun drive.

While I was gone, someone stole the 101's Fell St exit..

LA Update
Topic: Travel 2:07 pm EDT, Jul 18, 2003

Spent the night with my cousin Tim in LA.. Caught the German movie Tattoo, a flick about a serial killer that kills people and takes their tatoos. It was alright, but the main character was pretty weak and I was expecting more gore.

Night before last, I crashed in Vegas, at the house of a friend's friend. So, that makes it two days in a row that I havn't sleep in my car, and was able to take a shower after waking up..

The West Coast is being so hospitable.. :)

Not sure yet where I'm heading from here.. I might hang around LA the afternoon, and then head up Route 1 for the Bay Area.. I've always wanted to take that drive..

Topic: Travel 3:05 am EDT, Jul 18, 2003

Currently in LA.. Will post more later..

The Giant Crack and Trippy Desert
Topic: Travel 10:41 pm EDT, Jul 16, 2003

Currently somewhere in western Arizona, about a hundred miles away from Vegas. Today I took a cruise through the Petrified Forest National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park. Very cool..

Here are some more ESSIDs I spotted:

flyingj 00:0B:FD:B8:10:9C No
flyingj 00:0B:FD:C8:B0:F7 No
flyingj 00:0B:FD:B8:10:85 No
PapillonNet 00:40:05:CC:84:A2 No
linksys 00:04:5A:FD:12:E3 No
Office 00:04:5A:EE:CD:4F No
airpath 00:03:DE:27:04:73 No
tsunami 00:40:96:58:0A:7F Yes
tsunami 00:40:96:57:0B:BF Yes
global wireless Agere-Lucent
WILDCATS 00:02:2D:8D:11:BF No
global wireless Agere-Lucent
Sanders 00:40:96:26:32:7A No
Sanders 00:40:96:26:38:32 No
Navajo-HS 00:02:2D:3A:8A:8E Yes
BW 00:50:F2:C4:F2:D8 Yes
Navajo-HS 00:02:2D:3A:45:C5 Yes
gallup 00:40:96:25:9E:3B No
gallup 00:40:96:25:73:3B No
Omni1 00:60:B3:1F:C0:E9 No
JAYNES-LAGUNA 00:40:96:54:C4:B8 Yes
JAYNES-LAGUNA 00:40:96:5B:A4:C4 Yes
flyingj 00:40:96:40:51:10 No
flyingj 00:40:96:40:50:B5 No


New Mexico
Topic: Travel 9:44 am EDT, Jul 16, 2003

Just west of Albuquerque. I took Bugs Bunny's advice, and I did not take a right.

Got a good night of sleep at a rest stop somewhere just west of Santa Rosa.. Well, about as good as any night of sleep in the back of an SUV can be.

I am in need of a shower..

Here are the ESSIDs spotted from Texas to here:

flyingj 00:40:96:40:51:10 No
flyingj 00:40:96:40:50:B5 No
WR-HTW6 00:40:96:30:AA:D7 No
WR-HTW6 00:40:96:29:7C:A3 No
WR-HTWS 00:40:96:27:E2:B9 No
WR-SZS 00:40:96:30:60:E8 No
WR-HH2 00:40:96:30:7A:15 No
WR-HH2 00:40:96:29:A2:C6 No
linksys 00:06:25:49:A3:39 Yes
WR-HH2 00:40:96:30:8C:BB No
Apple Base 00:30:65:1F:38:8F No
nozell 02:E0:4F:F2:14:30 No
bridge 00:02:2D:04:CD:73 Yes
sanjon 00:40:96:25:79:AE No
sanjon 00:40:96:25:74:B5 No
bushland 00:40:05:CC:A0:71 No
funnyfarm03 00:40:96:53:35:5F No
jbk 00:40:96:49:70:46 Yes
woodman 00:80:C8:1E:C2:2B Yes
freeweb 00:04:5A:26:C4:3D No
GroganOffice 00:50:F2:CB:D4:CE Yes
Adobe Walls Internet 00:02:2D:66:D3:18 No
linksys 00:06:25:D7:06:DF No
amarillo 00:03:2F:0A:4C:1F Yes
thewirelessweb 00:40:96:54:B1:3E No
flyingj 00:0C:85:A9:DC:78 No
flyingj 00:0C:85:A9:DD:42 No
flyingj 00:0C:30:E9:07:B4 No

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