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Current Topic: Current Events

Israeli men arrested after high-speed chase in Unicoi County
Topic: Current Events 4:48 pm EDT, May 12, 2004

ERWIN, Tenn. - No bond was set Monday for two Israeli men who were arrested after leading the Unicoi County sheriff on a high-speed chase in a rented moving truck.

Shmuel Dahan and Almaliach Naor were in court Monday, but a bond hearing was not held because they are waiting for help from the Israeli consulate, according to Unicoi's deputy court clerk, Sheri Lunceford.


The truck, rented from a Ryder office in Mars Hills, N.C., was being held in the county garage pending an FBI investigation, officials said.

Police said they are also being investigated by the FBI.


The sheriff said he saw the men throw something from the truck while they were being pursued. Officers scouring the area later found a vial containing an unknown substance along the roadway, he said.

Lawson said the vial contained a "fuel source," but he added that it hasn't been identified and authorities were treating it with caution.

Once the men were apprehended, officers also found a "Learn to Fly" brochure in the truck, leading Harris and others to express concern about security at the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin.


Dahan also gave authorities a fake Florida driver's license issued in Plantation, Fla., he said, while Naor produced a fake identification card.


Now, if you'll allow me to indulge in speculation, a fire broke out at Oak Ridge's K-25 plant that Saturday afternoon:

OAK RIDGE -- A chemical fire broke out Saturday at the East Tennessee Technology Park, forcing an evacuation of residents living within a half mile of the Department of Energy's former K-25 plant.

DOE spokesman Walter Perry said the fire occurred when liquid sodium reacted with water vapor in the air at a recycling operation.


DOE's emergency sirens sounded at about 1:10 p.m. to warn area residents of the situation.


A fire breaks out at K-25, then two Israeli's are caught later that afternoon with fake ID's and tossing a vial of "fuel source" out the window. Even if this was mere coincidence, I wonder if they will actually be investigated or just silently deported like every other Israeli spy that gets caught here. There have been other times since 9/11 that Israelis were caught in moving trucks under dubious circumstances. Add this to the list.

The enemy is in the gates. Be aware.


On September 10, 2001, the Army School of Advanced Military Studies issued a report written by elite US army officers, which was made public just prior to 9/11. The report gave the following description for the Mossad: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act." [Washington Times, 9/10/01]

Israeli men arrested after high-speed chase in Unicoi County - GOP senator labels abused prisoners 'terrorists' - May 12, 2004
Topic: Current Events 4:45 pm EDT, May 12, 2004

Doesn't suprise me one bit....
and thanks to a atrocity on the other side (while supposedly he was in US custody not long ago????)the story is dying never to have the most severe pictures and videos shown or really discussed.

I want to hear more about the rape and murder that these videos and other pictures depict.

Just how far does this rabbit hole go?

I'm convinced we are indeed in a heated inforwar. Manipulation of the masses at its best.

] A Republican member of the Senate Armed Services
] Committee dismissed Tuesday the outrage over the abuse of
] Iraqi prisoners by U.S. troops, saying Iraqis depicted in
] widely broadcast photographs probably had "blood on their
] hands."

Rush limbaugh runs it. It flys. So they pull the story a little further in and run it again. If it flys again we'll see if from more mainstream leaders... - GOP senator labels abused prisoners 'terrorists' - May 12, 2004

Nato Sex Slaves
Topic: Current Events 7:50 am EDT, May 12, 2004

I've followed this story for over a year - it involves US corporations, Nato members and the mafia.

Its pretty nasty. I'm starting to think that the huge majority of US citizens don't care about anything nasty happening as long as it doesn't happen HERE.

Nato Sex Slaves

Find out which one of your neighbors gave to Bush...Kerry...Clark...Dean
Topic: Current Events 10:57 pm EDT, May  6, 2004

Just put in your zip code and search.

I'm putting this under current events because it seems very relevant to me right now.

I quickly spotted a couple of local companies that I will no longer do business with.

)Yes, I'm very partisan this year.)

Good snoop tool - but personal experience tells me it is not complete. IE Both my husband and I gave a good amt to one candidate but I don't show up either of us listed in this database.

Find out which one of your neighbors gave to Bush...Kerry...Clark...Dean A Wretched New Picture Of America
Topic: Current Events 5:16 am EDT, May  6, 2004

GREAT article!

"They chose sexual humiliation, which may recall to outsiders the rape scandal at the Air Force Academy, Tailhook and past killings of gay sailors and soldiers.

Is it an accident that these images feel so very much like the kind of home made porn that is traded every day on the Internet? That they capture exactly the quality and feel of the casual sexual decadence that so much of the world deplores in us?

Is it an accident that the man in the hood, arms held out as if on a cross, looks so uncannily like something out of the Spanish Inquisition? That they have the feel of history in them, a long, buried, ugly history of religious aggression and discrimination?"

From the report, located at :

S) I find that the intentional abuse of detainees by military police personnel included the following acts:

a. (S) Punching, slapping, and kicking detainees; jumping on their naked feet;
b. (S) Videotaping and photographing naked male and female detainees;

c. (S) Forcibly arranging detainees in various sexually explicit positions for photographing;

d. (S) Forcing detainees to remove their clothing and keeping them naked for several days at a time;

e. (S) Forcing naked male detainees to wear women’s underwear;

f. (S) Forcing groups of male detainees to masturbate themselves while being photographed and videotaped;

g. (S) Arranging naked male detainees in a pile and then jumping on them;

h. (S) Positioning a naked detainee on a MRE Box, with a sandbag on his head, and attaching wires to his fingers, toes, and penis to simulate electric torture;

i. (S) Writing “I am a Rapest” (sic) on the leg of a detainee alleged to have forcibly raped a 15-year old fellow detainee, and then photographing him naked;

j. (S) Placing a dog chain or strap around a naked detainee’s neck and having a female Soldier pose for a picture;

k. (S) A male MP guard having sex with a female detainee;

l. (S) Using military working dogs (without muzzles) to intimidate and frighten detainees, and in at least one case biting and severely injuring a detainee;

m. (S) Taking photographs of dead Iraqi detainees. A Wretched New Picture Of America

Press freedom: Deliberately targeted for doing their jobs
Topic: Current Events 6:30 am EDT, May  3, 2004

"According to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), 38 media workers -- journalists, cameramen, photographers and translators -- have been killed since the beginning of the war.

The circumstances surrounding these deaths have highlighted worrying trends in US policy towards journalists. The US Army has publicly stated that it prefers embedded journalists, journalists who travel with troops receiving greater access to information and protection from the army. However, these journalists are usually restricted in the kinds of stories they can cover, as they are barred from leaving the unit and are rarely given access to people outside.

Journalists who reject the option of "embedding", preferring to try and do their job freely, have said that they are increasingly afraid that they are being deliberately targeted by the coalition forces as well as armed groups. A lack of proper investigation of incidents by the US forces has done nothing to dispel this view, despite denials by US spokespeople. "

Press freedom: Deliberately targeted for doing their jobs

Kerry is a Douchbag but I'm voting for him anyway (SITE)
Topic: Current Events 6:01 am EDT, May  3, 2004

A politics section would be nice.

I saw this site being passed around and thought, hmm, yeah. That URL about sums it up for me.

Kerry is a Douchbag but I'm voting for him anyway (SITE)

Picture of British Soldier Pissing on Iraqi Prisoner
Topic: Current Events 12:44 am EDT, May  2, 2004

Pictures of the British (this time) mistreating Iraqi prisoners.

Picture of British Soldier Pissing on Iraqi Prisoner

The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos
Topic: Current Events 7:28 pm EDT, Apr 30, 2004

I am so terribly ashamed that a woman would be involved in this. It makes me sick.

I am not suprised however, that the US would be involved in such human rights abuses. It makes me terribly sad.

The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos

Fact Sheet: President Bush Calls for Renewing the USA PATRIOT Act
Topic: Current Events 7:05 am EDT, Apr 23, 2004

From April 19th

Also Urges Congress to Close Loopholes in Other Anti-Terrorism Laws

Fact Sheet: President Bush Calls for Renewing the USA PATRIOT Act

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