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The Ultimate Cheesesteak Challenge- Glen Macnow`s Search For The Best Cheesesteaks In Philadelphia And Beyond
Topic: Food 10:05 am EST, Dec 14, 2008

2. Steve’s Prince of Steaks, 7200 Bustleton Avenue, Northeast Philadelphia, 215-338-0985.
There is a perception in this town that to get a genuinely great cheesesteak, you need to head south of, say, Washington Avenue. Too bad. Because the one we had at Steve’s in the near Northeast should eliminate any geographic bias.

The hand-trimmed roast beef is tender, thickly sliced and doesn’t have a trace of fat. Because Steve’s uses top quality meat (one of my tasters – a former butcher – declared it to be eye round, which would be very impressive) it doesn’t have to be diced into oblivion. Instead, it’s grilled in whole slices and laid across a torpedo roll. Ahh, let your eyes savor this thing of beauty for a few moments before your taste buds take over.

One more plus: The quality of the beef means they don’t have to cook into a vulcanized rubber mess. The pros at Steve’s actually take the meat off the grill when there’s a trace of pink left. Everything else is top shelf – the provolone had a little bite to it, the onions carmelized into a sweet accent and the chewy roll held up its end of the deal.

This is a truly magnificent sandwich, one worth breaking the diet for, a cheesesteak for the ages. Others may haughtily declare themselves “The King;” we’ll bow down to “The Prince.”

good article on steak's in philly. The blurb above is about my favorite place in NE philly, prince's steaks. The poorly palated philistines put prince's steaks in 2nd place. don't know who john or his roast pork is, but i assume i'll be trying that whenever i make it back to phila.


The Ultimate Cheesesteak Challenge- Glen Macnow`s Search For The Best Cheesesteaks In Philadelphia And Beyond

diner hotline
Topic: Food 9:35 am EST, Dec 14, 2008

this is a blog about diners. pretty definitive. dude's been documenting since 1980.


diner hotline

μblog: engineering from the trenches » Icy Friday
Topic: Technology 4:22 pm EST, Dec 12, 2008

ic friday. the dude takes HOT PIX of naked chips.


μblog: engineering from the trenches » Icy Friday

Archive: Search: The New Yorker
Topic: Food 2:30 pm EST, Nov 26, 2008

Calvin Trillin is a food writing god. and by food god i don't mean snooty food, i mean bbq, hotdogs, beefs on weck, pizza, subs, pie and fried chicken. his tummy trilogy is a must read.

This is a link to all the articles in the new yorker he's written. Damn tasty.


Archive: Search: The New Yorker

Occupancy Sensor - HacDC Wiki
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 11:36 am EST, Nov 24, 2008

HacDC's lab occupancy sensor is now operational.

Key features include:

1. Real-time and historical occupancy data is available for your projects. Perhaps a twitter bot, data visualization heat map or remote occupancy indicator?
2. The underlying architecture demonstrates an approach allowing bidirectional communications between many microcontrollers and many application
3. The Google Calendar "" is updated every five minutes with current occupancy data

w00T! hacDC now has an occupancy sensor WITH TWITTER FEED! also a google calendar feed for you api enabled. Next I tie all of this into an openambi orb!


Occupancy Sensor - HacDC Wiki - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC
Topic: District of Columbia 5:49 pm EST, Nov 23, 2008

Slugging is a term used to describe a unique form of commuting found in the Washington, DC area. It has thousands of vehicles at its disposal, moves thousands of commuters daily, and the best part, it’s FREE! Not only is it free, but it gets people to and from work faster than the typical bus, metro, or train. It's unique because it is not a government sponsored commuter program, but one created out of ingenuity from local citizens to solve commuter problems.

i live in MD where we don't really slug, but none-the-less i'm totally fascinated by slugging. see also

--timball - Slugging and Slug Lines Information For Washington DC

Topic: Food 5:05 pm EST, Nov 23, 2008

Congratulations! You have reached the official site for Blobs Park! Home of the first official Oktoberfest in the United States! My Uncle Max started this Bavarian Bier Garten back in the 1930s and I plan to keep it going for a long time!

a real german beer garten in MD! they closed to remodel and will open up in early 2009



Drift Japan � Drifting Technique � Drift Bible
Topic: Recreation 8:07 pm EST, Nov 16, 2008

Here is a brief overview of the six basic drifting techniques that Keiichi Tsuchiya demonstrates during the Drift Bible.

the six ways to drift. practice practice practice.


Drift Japan � Drifting Technique � Drift Bible

Topic: Miscellaneous 8:06 pm EST, Nov 16, 2008
awesome red camera

OMFG i want one. Don't know why they use a donkey forum system to run their website. suppose they're too busy being surrounded by awesome cameras.



Plum Book: 2008 Edition
Topic: Miscellaneous 6:42 pm EST, Nov 13, 2008

the plum book in downloadable form.


Plum Book: 2008 Edition

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