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Current Topic: Music

Live at Grimey's - Metallica
Topic: Music 3:47 pm EST, Dec  1, 2010

Live at Grimey's is a live EP by the American heavy metal band Metallica. The EP was recorded live on June 12, 2008 at Grimey's Record Store in Nashville, Tennessee, just before their appearance at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. It was released on November 26, 2010.[1] It was released on both CD and vinyl, and is available at independent record stores, as well as the band's website.[2]

Hot damn!


Live at Grimey's - Metallica

Frank Loesser & Lynn Loesser singing 'Baby, It's cold outside'
Topic: Music 10:57 am EST, Nov  9, 2010

i saw a biography on frank loesser on PBS and am trying to buy a kindle version of his biography by his daughter.

this was a man w/ real talent. wrote many a musicals and plays not to mention fantastic songs... "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was a duet he and his wife wrote together. according to wikipedia the male side is called "the wolf" and the female "the mouse"

i really like this song sung by it's original author. this version of the song reminds me of walking+smoking on a cold autumn night arm-in-arm w/ a gam-endowed gal. we'd both be swigging whiskey straight out the flask and laughing. her coat ruffling and my fedora flapping. meandering walks-&-talks about nothing. the whole night internally keeping tempo by secretly singing swing. the teary-bleary heart-skipping winks when caught, eye-locked.


Frank Loesser & Lynn Loesser singing 'Baby, It's cold outside'

Funk Archaeology : NPR Music
Topic: Music 9:47 pm EST, Feb 12, 2009

Rare funk, soul, psychedelia and rap you won't hear anywhere else, selected by Egon.

Funk Archaeology - listen-up and pay attention.


Funk Archaeology : NPR Music

Last Smashing Pumpkins album ever... intarweb download only.
Topic: Music 2:12 pm EDT, Oct 19, 2005

I don't like the pumpkins... maybe someone else does. But I figure someone might.


Last Smashing Pumpkins album ever... intarweb download only.

LIVE 8 – The Long Walk to Justice
Topic: Music 1:20 am EDT, Jul  3, 2005

Thank you shannon for giving passes to the show in philly. It rocked. I particularly enjoyed the JayZ + Linkin Park show. Not that I like JayZ or Linkin Park particularly... it was just the specticle.

Other bits of note:

* Sarah McLachlan did an extremely moving set, but when does she not?

* Natalie Portman had a ultra short buzz cut.

* As much as I didn't want to admit it Dave Matthews puts on a pretty good show.

* Black Eyed Peas rocked it.

* And the drummer from Def Leppard (still) only has one arm.

But the whole point of the shows is to raise awareness during the G8 summit about the plight of extreme poverity. Bono thinks he can cure it with music. I was pretty sceptical of the whole idea, but after seeing 1M people in philly all jamming... maybe, just maybe, it sinked in to a some. And some is a start, because the problem is pretty bad. Raising awareness for the G8 summit and creating a forum to let world leaders know that there is global support for this cause is a good start.

Listen to me... getting all soft on those damn poor people.

LIVE 8 – The Long Walk to Justice

Dischord | Bands | The Evens
Topic: Music 10:48 am EDT, May 10, 2005

The Evens are Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Amy Farina of the Warmers. It's really good. Load up your ipod and go.

Dischord | Bands | The Evens

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