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Current Topic: Local Information

Yuri's Night � Event List
Topic: Local Information 1:21 pm EDT, Apr 12, 2011

50 yrs ago today man entered space . every april 12th we celebrate worldwide . come out cosmonauts , astronauts and wannabes . fancy dress it up . it's a party .


Yuri's Night � Event List

LincMad's 2008 Area Code Map
Topic: Local Information 1:39 pm EDT, Jun 26, 2008
NPA map of US

This map shows all telephone area codes in use as of 2008-06-12 in the United States and Canada. Area codes that have not yet taken effect are shown with a green line and the area code in parentheses. Some planned area codes that have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed are no longer shown. Check the separate page for information about the 19-way split in the Caribbean area. There is also a Caribbean map. Some of the area codes shown above are not yet in use. For information on the split dates of new area codes, see the table on the separate page. Detailed maps of some of the metropolitan areas may be added in the future, along with time-zone boundaries. All boundaries shown are approximate.

finally a map


LincMad's 2008 Area Code Map

The Station Inn
Topic: Local Information 3:36 pm EDT, Oct 23, 2007

The Station Inn is open Seven nights a week with a cover charge Monday - Saturday. Doors open at 7 p.m. each night with live music starting at 9 p.m., unless otherwise noted. You must be age 21 and older or be accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter. For high profile performances, please plan on arriving early.

Tabblo: Station Inn, Nashville. Oct 21 9pm-11pm

Every Sunday the Station Inn there's a bluegrass jam session. It's the most real deal music left in all of nashville. phreaknic 0x0b. Even though we were tired and still recovering from the weekend's activities the dulcet tones coming from all of the sixteen instruments brought a tear to my eye as they played such bluegrass stand-bys like "Angel Band" and "Mountain Dew". Free and open to all. So bring and instrument or at least your ears for some of nashville's finest.


The Station Inn

Sammy & Maitland's wedding
Topic: Local Information 8:17 pm EDT, Aug 13, 2007

Tabblo: Sammy & Maitland's wedding

My friend's Sammy and Maitland got hitched up in boston. This is a tabblo documenting their wedding. Apparently I am at that age where all of my friends decide it's time to get married.


Sammy & Maitland's wedding

billy & jill's wedding
Topic: Local Information 10:13 pm EDT, May  3, 2007

Tabblo: billy & jill's wedding

Billy and Jill's wedding in convenient tabblo form.


billy & jill's wedding - Three charged with stealing Coca-Cola secrets - Jul 5, 2006
Topic: Local Information 12:07 am EDT, Jul  6, 2006

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Three people have been arrested and charged with stealing confidential information about drink recipes from The Coca-Cola Co. and trying to sell it to rival PepsiCo Inc., federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

The suspects include an executive administrative assistant at Atlanta-based Coke, Joya Williams, who is accused of rifling through corporate files and stuffing documents and a new Coca-Cola product into a personal bag.

Stealing from Coca-Cola is how the terrorists win. - Three charged with stealing Coca-Cola secrets - Jul 5, 2006

Worst Weatherman
Topic: Local Information 2:28 pm EST, Jan  1, 2006

Worst weatherman ever! Cringfully bad.

Worst Weatherman

RE: Audio mp3 of Kerry doing the Flip Flop
Topic: Local Information 1:11 pm EDT, Oct 22, 2004

Political issues are complex. The way that politicians manipulate you is by pretending that they are not. This works as follows:

1. Say you are going to do A. (Example: Save the children.)
2. Demonstrate that A is good. (The children are at risk!)
3. Ask people if they support A. (Don't you want to save the children?!)
4. Once people have expressed support for A, propose legislation that includes both A and B (Section A says we want to save the children. Section B proposes doing do by disposing of toxic waste by turning into candy and distributing it on Halloween.)
5. When people vote against your legislation because of section B, accuse them of opposing section A. (How dare you suggest that we shouldn't save the children! Don't you want to save the children!?)
6. If all else fails, accuse your opponent of being inconsistent. (First, you said you wanted to save the children. Now you say you don't.)
7. Never actually discuss part B.


This is how politicians fuck you. Bend over. You are being fucked.

[ You boiled the issue down to it's essense and left a very clinical picture of what actually goes on. Good job. ]

RE: Audio mp3 of Kerry doing the Flip Flop

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