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Current Topic: Maryland

Video - Breaking News Videos from
Topic: Maryland 11:42 am EST, Dec 23, 2008

my mom lives right @ that intersection.


Video - Breaking News Videos from

Hersheys Restaurant
Topic: Maryland 11:14 am EDT, Jul 21, 2007

Located in historic washington grove maryland , Hershey's restaurant makes some of the best fried chicken I've ever eaten. While rattle was in town we went to this local bar/restaurant not once, nor twice, but thrice! At $12 for half a fried chicken with two sides (rattle says the mac&cheese is great) and ~ $5 for cocktails it's a great way to spend some time in gaithersburg md. Be sure to ask for Bob's special maryland style bloody mary (the secret is some old bay).

I'll bet I post a tabblo w/ some pix RSN.


Hersheys Restaurant

Bengies Drive-In Theatre
Topic: Maryland 5:50 pm EDT, Jul 14, 2007

Welcome to The Bengies Drive-In Theatre!
We would like to welcome you to our 52nd season of movies under the stars. The Bengies Drive-In Theatre features the BIGGEST movie theatre screen in the USA (measuring 52 feet high and 120 feet wide. 6,240sqft) The Bengies Drive-In Theatre features TriPPPle features on almost every Friday and Saturday night, cartoons, vintage trailers and intermissions clips, in-car heaters and dusk till dawn shows. Please note that a radio is required to listen to the movies and you'll be glad you have one because our state-of-the-art FM broadcast system will impress you. AM broadcast is provided as well for your convenience.

One of the last drive-ins in the state of MD. With the soft-top down, I'm totally gonna feel up some chick in the back seat. Now I just need to get a convertible and a chick.


Bengies Drive-In Theatre

Misleading GOP Handouts Called a Political 'Low Point' -
Topic: Maryland 3:52 pm EST, Nov  8, 2006

At least six chartered buses carried mostly poor, black men from as far as Philadelphia to hand out inaccurate voter guides in Baltimore and Prince George's County yesterday as part of an effort by backers of Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and U.S. Senate candidate Michael S. Steele to woo black voters.

The glossy voter guide, paid for by the Ehrlich and Steele campaigns, pictured three of Maryland's most prominent black Democrats above the words "These are OUR Choices," even though two were not on yesterday's ballot and the other was running unopposed. Inside, under the heading "Democratic Sample Ballot," it listed mostly Democratic candidates as the preferred choices -- along with Ehrlich and Steele, who were not identified as Republicans.

Several people who distributed the fliers said they were recruited at a Philadelphia homeless shelter and told they would be paid $100, plus two meals, for the day.

Shareese DeLeaver, an Ehrlich spokeswoman, said the group "Democrats for Ehrlich" arranged for distribution of the fliers. She said she did not know how the people were chosen or where they came from.

How much do you have to believe in your cause to think that confusing voters is a valid tactic? This coupled w/ Micheal Steele's blue "DEMOCRATS" bumper stickers are misleading and hurt democracy. Why would you want to win a race that way? I guess it's always easier to win a race if you have no ethics. It's not that I hate republicans, I just think that republicans patronize US.

Misleading GOP Handouts Called a Political 'Low Point' -

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