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Current Topic: Surveillance
Topic: Surveillance 1:19 pm EST, Mar  6, 2007

How To Use is optimized for 800x600 browsers.

1. Review the Senate Hearings Schedule on the left side of the screen to find the hearing you wish to listen to. Committee names provide links to the Committee home pages on the U.S. Senate web site.
2. Locate the Hearing Room Number at the lower right of each Schedule entry. You may need to scroll right to find the Room Number. Room Numbers provide quick links to audio feeds of hearings in progress.
3. Alternatively, locate the Hearing Room in the list on the right side of the screen.
4. When a hearing is scheduled to begin, click on the appropriate Hearing Room link. If no hearing is in progress, you may hear a tone.

For true wonkish junkies this site rules. It allows you to watch every hearing room in the capitol complex as things occur. So if you're smarty, tune in today (March 6, 2007) for the House's investigations into the firings of several US Attorneys for *gasp* political reasons.


HBO: Hacking Democracy
Topic: Surveillance 5:13 pm EST, Nov  2, 2006

So this is the HBO documentary about "vulnerabilities of computers"

It's on tonight November 2, 2006 at 9pm EDT (check your local listings)


HBO: Hacking Democracy

USDOJ: FOIA: Department Components
Topic: Surveillance 1:57 pm EDT, May 30, 2006

You don't like the idea of federal wiretaps? Don't like the idea of the goverment having your cellphone records? File your own FOIA request . It only takes a couple of minutes. When you go tell Alberto I sent you.

Here's a link to the FOIA guide that explains the nitty gritty of the FOIA system.

It's totally legit. You should do it. Why? Because this ain't no fucking police state bitch.

USDOJ: FOIA: Department Components

CIA FOIA - Overview
Topic: Surveillance 9:08 pm EST, Jan 14, 2005

] The CIA has established this site to provide the public
] with an overview of access to CIA information, including
] electronic access to previously released documents.
] Because of CIA's need to comply with the national
] security laws of the United States, some documents or
] parts of documents cannot be released to the public. In
] particular, the CIA, like other U.S. intelligence
] agencies, has the responsibility to protect intelligence
] sources and methods from disclosure. However, a
] substantial amount of CIA information has been and/or can
] be released following review. See "Your Rights" for
] further details on the various methods of obtaining this
] information.

CIA FOIA - Overview

Your brand new U-Lock is not safe. Please read this RIGHT NOW.
Topic: Surveillance 12:20 pm EDT, Sep 15, 2004

] Your brand new U-Lock is not safe. Please read this RIGHT
] NOW.

This forum (and the .mov shows you that you can pick one of the new Bike U-locks w/ a bic pen.

Yet another video:

Your brand new U-Lock is not safe. Please read this RIGHT NOW.

AT&T Wireless Launches Industry's First Music Recognition Service in the US
Topic: Surveillance 5:41 pm EDT, Apr 18, 2004

] REDMOND, Wash., April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- AT&T Wireless
] (NYSE:AWE) announced the availability of a new music
] recognition service today that allows customers to
] identify songs simply by placing their phones near a
] music speaker. The service is the first of its kind in
] the US, and adds to AT&T Wireless' industry-leading
] portfolio of music-related content and offers.
] Designed for today's on-the-go music fans, customers
] simply dial "#ID" (#43) from any AT&T Wireless phone to
] initiate the service. When prompted, customers then hold
] the phone near the music source for approximately 15
] seconds. Users will immediately receive a text message on
] their wireless phone with the name of the song title and
] recording artist.

I thought cameras in phones were annoying... this technology coupled with fancy cellphone ringer technology will make me want to scream.

AT&T Wireless Launches Industry's First Music Recognition Service in the US

Too Much Power
Topic: Surveillance 8:59 pm EST, Jan  4, 2004

The FBI now has more power to compel ... with no court oversight and in nearly total secrecy.

Congress should be finding ways to curtail the use [of authority], not expand it.

Now, to issue a national security letter, the FBI merely has to certify that the information is "relevant" to a national security investigation.

This is more unchecked power than the agency ought to have ...

... Congress has taken action that really is worth worrying about.

The Washington Post is not pleased.

Too Much Power

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