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Current Topic: Science

Abort, Retry, Hack? � Blog Archive � OpenLase: open realtime laser graphics
Topic: Science 12:07 pm EST, Jan 18, 2011

OpenLase: open realtime laser graphics
First of all, as I’m sure everyone knows by now, I’ve been working on hacking the Kinect and writing open drivers for it. There’s a website for the community and a Git repo with the code, and it’s working fairly nicely by now.

With that out of the way, here’s a project that I’ve been working on on-and-off for the past year or so. I’ve been interested in laser scanning and DIY laser projectors, but I couldn’t find any good open source software to drive them. Specifically, I was interested in the realtime aspect: rendering and showing dynamically generated images and responding to events, not just making and preprocessing laser shows. So I set out to write my own set of software to do real-time rendering. This was the result:

laser stuff for frees


Abort, Retry, Hack? � Blog Archive � OpenLase: open realtime laser graphics

Topic: Science 2:38 pm EDT, Jun 18, 2010


bad ass.



Saleae Logic. The Logic Analyzer, Remastered. Now shipping for $149
Topic: Science 10:44 am EDT, Oct 16, 2009

Not your average logic analyzer.
With an anodized aluminum enclosure and clean, intuitive software, Logic sets the standard for entry-level logic analyzers.
See Images See Videos

toys toys toys toys


Saleae Logic. The Logic Analyzer, Remastered. Now shipping for $149

PLoS ONE : accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science
Topic: Science 2:24 pm EDT, Jul 24, 2009

An interactive open-access journal for the communication of all peer-reviewed scientific and medical research

peer-review heaven or hell.


PLoS ONE : accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science

Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog
Topic: Science 1:13 pm EDT, Mar 25, 2009

the arxivblog has moved to MIT's technology review. same great reviews half the serverbugs.


Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog

YouTube - Protein Movie
Topic: Science 10:16 pm EST, Feb  1, 2009

protein move, dance and boogie


YouTube - Protein Movie

Starving Student hybrid
Topic: Science 1:29 pm EDT, Aug  4, 2008

More... drag mouse Next Tab Forward Page Bottom Toggle Bookmarks Close Tab Back Page top The "Starving Student" hybrid headphone amplifier The "Starving Student" hybrid headphone amp is the result of my effort to design the simplest cheapest tube hybrid headphone amplifier possible. Think "Millet hybrid" on a starving student budget. For more info examples etc. please check out the Starving Student amp thread on Head-Fi.

I'll be building one of these @ hacdc this week.


Starving Student hybrid

Monkeys Control a Mechanical Arm With Their Thoughts -
Topic: Science 3:31 pm EDT, May 28, 2008

Two monkeys with tiny sensors in their brains have learned to control a prosthetic arm with only their thoughts, using it to reach for and grab food and even to adjust for the size and stickiness of morsels when necessary, scientists reported Wednesday.

OMFG the robot future is here.


Monkeys Control a Mechanical Arm With Their Thoughts -

[0804.3064] Intelligence gathering by capturing the social processes within prisons
Topic: Science 12:48 pm EDT, May  1, 2008

We present a prototype system that can be used to capture longitudinal socialising processes by recording people's encounters in space. We argue that such a system can usefully be deployed in prisons and other detention facilities in order help intelligence analysts assess the behaviour or terrorist and organised crime groups, and their potential relationships. Here we present the results of a longitudinal study, carried out with civilians, which demonstrates the capabilities of our system.

Frighteningly bad science.

The idea was that these two physicists wanted to help figure out a way to track prisoners who might be up to no-goodery. Ideally they'd put RFID's into every prisoner's ass and then watch and track the no-gooders. Then after some statistical modeling magic they'd be able to know that prisoner A spends a lot of time humping prisoner B.

That's all fine and dandy, but the PoC implemented about wasn't tested in prisons. It was tested on the the people who live in and around the town of Bath, UK using the resident's bluetooth devices. They have plots and models in their paper showing off some awfully frightening ideas.

So their original idea has nothing to do w/ the implemented idea except for all the spying.


[0804.3064] Intelligence gathering by capturing the social processes within prisons

the physics arXiv blog
Topic: Science 5:48 pm EDT, Mar  9, 2008

I love arxiv. This is a blog that sort of treats arxiv like a journal club.


the physics arXiv blog

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