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Current Topic: Science

NASA online VLF receiver
Topic: Science 7:02 pm EDT, Oct 12, 2004

] You can hear sferics, tweeks, whistlers and other VLF
] radio sounds at any time of the day, but the hours
] around dawn and dusk are generally best. Nighttime is
] also better than daytime. In Huntsville, AL, where
] our online receiver is located, dawn happens at about
] 1200 UT and dusk is ten hours later at 2200 UT.

NASA online VLF receiver

Science Publishing Needs to be more open
Topic: Science 2:02 pm EDT, Aug 31, 2004

Article from Economist Magazine regarding researchers wanting more open access to information and science publishers being unhappy about it. God bless the internet.

Science Publishing Needs to be more open

Geodetic Survey Division - Online Data
Topic: Science 1:12 pm EDT, Aug 30, 2004

] The CSRS Online Database allows users direct access to
] the Canadian Active Control System products (CACS); the
] primary horizontal and vertical control networks archived
] on the Canadian Geodetic Information System (CGIS),
] selected Geodetic Survey Division software/data,
] (GPSPace, NTv2 and GPS·H) and access to the CSRS -
] Precise Point Positioning (PPP) online GPS processing.

Okay so here's the deal. Setup your gps. Stand very still. Collect data from GPS to computer for about an hour. Submit data to these canadians. They do ionosphere corrections on the data. Email you back exact co-ordinates. Typical corrections are sub-meter with a lower practical bound of 1cm.

Geocache this biatch.

Geodetic Survey Division - Online Data - 03/26/04: Aerogel
Topic: Science 3:05 pm EST, Mar 28, 2004

] This guy here is Peter Tsou. He's a scientist at NASA's
] Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and he's holding an amazing
] substance called aerogel. Aerogel is a solid, but it is
] 99.8% empty space. In fact, it very closely approaches
] the density of air. It practically IS air. It's still a
] solid, though, and you can even pick it up or set things
] on it.

Very neat. - 03/26/04: Aerogel

Wired News: Prions: When Proteins Attack
Topic: Science 1:44 pm EST, Jan 19, 2004

] Once prion diseases infect a body, the proteins change
] shape and, with a kiss of death, turn their neighbors
] into clones of themselves. Clumps of misshapen proteins
] form, overwhelming neurons and poking holes in the brain.
] Death is inevitable.

Wired News: Prions: When Proteins Attack

ScienceDaily News Release: Scientists Find New Way To Store Hydrogen Fuel
Topic: Science 12:11 am EST, Jan  8, 2004

] hydrogen clathrate hydrate

anyone know what the chemical symbol for this would be?

ScienceDaily News Release: Scientists Find New Way To Store Hydrogen Fuel

Best Selling Science Books
Topic: Science 5:49 pm EST, Dec 15, 2003

A result of a query to for the best science books from july 1999 to November 2003.

Of course on the list are Hawking's "A Brief History in Time", Abbot's "Flatland: A romance of many dimensions", and Greene's "The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimenstions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory" (which has been turned into a three part series on NOVA for PBS.

How many pop-science books have you read?

Best Selling Science Books

[cond-mat/0310049] Theory of Aces: Fame by chance or merit?
Topic: Science 7:00 pm EDT, Oct 14, 2003

Theoretical conversation between mikhail simkin and his thesis advisor:

advisor: So how's your research going?

mikhail: Yeah I'm not really "motivated", I sorta want to just sit on my ass and surf the net.

advisor: You can't just waste time searching for useless crap on the internet, this is UCLA dept of Electrical Engineering. You'd better have a publishable paper the next time I see you.

mikhail: crap...

[cond-mat/0310049] Theory of Aces: Fame by chance or merit?

ScienceDaily News Release: Driving Performance Declines With Dementia And Age
Topic: Science 12:02 pm EDT, Oct  3, 2003

] St. Louis, Oct. 3, 2003 -- In one of the first studies to
] track driving performance over time in older adults,
] researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found
] that driving abilities predictably worsen in individuals
] with early Alzheimer's disease and, to a lesser extent,
] in older adults without dementia.

ScienceDaily News Release: Driving Performance Declines With Dementia And Age Nanotechnology MEMS News
Topic: Science 8:11 pm EDT, Sep 30, 2003

seems like a /. for nanotech Nanotechnology MEMS News

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