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Current Topic: News for Washington D.C.

The Nerdiest Way You'll See a Door Opened All Week - DIY - Gizmodo
Topic: News for Washington D.C. 3:50 pm EST, Feb 26, 2010

Take a Linksys running custom firmware, tap into the hardware to power a circuit controlling the locks, and SSH into the router with custom iPhone and Android apps to flip the circuit. Easy, right? [Sunlight via Make via Engadget]

so we made it to engadget w/ our door toys


The Nerdiest Way You'll See a Door Opened All Week - DIY - Gizmodo

Ben’s Chili Bowl owner dies - Washington Business Journal:
Topic: News for Washington D.C. 4:19 pm EDT, Oct  8, 2009

Ben Ali, founder of the iconic U Street restaurant Ben’s Chili Bowl, died Wednesday evening. He was 82.

Ali, a native of Trinidad, opened Ben’s Chili Bowl with his wife, Virginia, in 1958. The spot has been known for, among other things, being a date night place for comedian Bill Cosby and his wife, and being the only U Street business to last through the 1968 riots. The restaurant is famous for its chili and half-smokes, the latter considered by some to be D.C.’s signature dish.

Ben of Ben's Chili Bowl died! Oh noez!


Ben’s Chili Bowl owner dies - Washington Business Journal:

Fort Reno 2008
Topic: News for Washington D.C. 4:11 pm EDT, May 16, 2008

On Wednesday, May 14th we were notified by the National Park Service that there is evidence of reportedly high levels of arsenic in the soil around Fort Reno requiring closure of the park and further testing. At the moment nothing is confirmed, only reported - we don t even know if the stage area is affected - but the park is currently closed. The Park Service, EPA, and others are looking into the situation and keeping us posted. Check back here where we ll share updates and details as they come in.

The news hits just as we were beginning to ask for your help in raising the funds we need for this year s sound system and stage maintenance. We may be looking for a new home or maybe we won t need to - either way we still need your help.

We know we re asking you to donate for concerts that might not happen this year. Think of it as a donation for all the rock of years gone by. We stay dedicated to bringing the music to the people and you can be sure all donations will go to that cause - be it at Fort Reno, some new venue, or something wholly new.

new summer of shows at fort reno is gonna be arsenic-rific.


Fort Reno 2008

One Tree Hill - Wonkette
Topic: News for Washington D.C. 5:11 pm EST, Dec  8, 2005

I MADE WONKETTE!!! Well my christmas tree cam did! Woohoo!

Happy Holidays from Washington DC.

One Tree Hill - Wonkette

Photo Essay A Private View of the President
Topic: News for Washington D.C. 8:36 pm EST, Jan 10, 2005

] President Bush prepares his I-pod during a bicycle ride
] at a secure location outside Washington D.C. December 12,
] 2004.

I don't like the President, but he has an Ipod:
I wonder if all the mp3s are legal.

Photo Essay A Private View of the President

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