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Current Topic: Events in Washington D.C.

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Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 12:40 am EST, Dec  9, 2010


the office is throwing a shindig, you dig ?? even if you can't come out buy a raffle tix or help me win the internal office pool by donating too !!


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new 2009/2010 desktop pix
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 11:22 am EDT, Oct  1, 2010

Tabblo: 2010 desktop pix

i was going thru pictures and i realized it's been a while since i've really posted anything. some 2009 + 2010 pictures so far.

Fri Oct 1 10:51:57 EDT 2010 ...

new 2009/2010 desktop pix

Labs Olympics: Sunlight 2D - Sunlight Labs: Blog
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 1:48 pm EDT, Jun 24, 2010
[qr code printer]

Recently, the Labs broke into teams and spent two days doing projects entirely of our own devising, given free rein. Our team consisted of two developers, a designer, and Sunlight's prized sysadmin. So for our project, we wanted to do something for the office, that blended software and design with the physical world. Inspired by some recent internal work in inventorying items using QR codes, we thought it'd be fun to make a system that lets Sunlighters print out QR codes for anything they wanted.

we did a thing my team did not win the overall prize but we did get the coolest effects.


Labs Olympics: Sunlight 2D - Sunlight Labs: Blog

Random D.C. - Dan Blah - Picasa Web Albums
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 2:50 pm EDT, May 13, 2010
d.c. hack inspector

so dc has a "hack" inspector.... sweet.


Random D.C. - Dan Blah - Picasa Web Albums

Get There - Grisly scene snarls Connecticut
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 11:56 am EDT, May  8, 2010
Raw video: SUV hits scooter in Dupont Circle

ORIGINAL POST: Connecticut Ave NW just south of Dupont Circle is the site of a major police and rescue operation after a woman riding a small motorbike was hit by an SUV, leaving a gruesome scene at the crowded intersection and what one witness described as "lots of blood."

Northbound Connecticut Avenue is closed between 18th Street, near its intersection with M St, and the circle; southbound traffic is able to crawl through.

"It was a horror scene. A motorbike was cut in half. We were there literally moments after," said Timothy Ball, who came across the scene with his girlfriend, Honey Smith.

"It looked like the motorcycle was headed north, the SUV had made a hard left and came to an abrupt stop. The front of the SUV was compressed, with a huge gash in the windshield where the motorcyclist's head would have gone through," said Smith, who said the bike was resting entirely underneath the truck.

walking back from the shrink going to the tabard inn honey's flip camera caught a some footage of the aftermath of an accident.


Get There - Grisly scene snarls Connecticut

Occupancy Sensor - HacDC Wiki
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 11:36 am EST, Nov 24, 2008

HacDC's lab occupancy sensor is now operational.

Key features include:

1. Real-time and historical occupancy data is available for your projects. Perhaps a twitter bot, data visualization heat map or remote occupancy indicator?
2. The underlying architecture demonstrates an approach allowing bidirectional communications between many microcontrollers and many application
3. The Google Calendar "" is updated every five minutes with current occupancy data

w00T! hacDC now has an occupancy sensor WITH TWITTER FEED! also a google calendar feed for you api enabled. Next I tie all of this into an openambi orb!


Occupancy Sensor - HacDC Wiki - Home
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 10:30 am EDT, Jun 24, 2008

blacktop basketball.

The BF Coliseum is now open. Be sure to check out the All Daz crew. The best ballers in all of DC. Double Header games are Mon-Thur @6pm. Fridays are the rain/alternate days.

Vendors available.

The Good Man League plays at the Barry Farm Recreational Center:
1230 Sumner Rd., SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 645-3896

--timball - Home

end of an era 1/20/08
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 2:53 pm EDT, Apr 23, 2008
end of an era tabblo

This event was to commemorate that on 1/20/09 President G.W. Bush makes like a tree and falls out of the white house.

Shelby from the band frodus did the razzle dazzle.

The evening was tres cool.


end of an era 1/20/08

bottles and cans -- r&r hotel 2/21/08
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 1:23 pm EDT, Apr 23, 2008

bottles and cans tabblo

co-worker said "I'm in a band come see the gig." I did. they rocked out.


bottles and cans -- r&r hotel 2/21/08

RootsCamp wiki - The password has been reset.
Topic: Events in Washington D.C. 10:33 am EDT, Apr 13, 2008

I gave a talk at roots camp DC on the following things:

The title of the talk was "Speed Kills: How to make your webpage load in 500ms or less, ask me how!"

The talk consisted of seven yellow note cards and one physical copy of Ajax Security.


RootsCamp wiki - The password has been reset.

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