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Current Topic: Recreation - Funny Pics, Hot Chicks, & Cool Flicks
Topic: Recreation 10:32 pm EST, Jan  3, 2007

1/2/2007 - In the 1960s, Dr. Peter Witt gave spiders various kinds of drugs and alcohol to observe the effects on their webs. The results were pretty interesting. - Funny Pics, Hot Chicks, & Cool Flicks

Hello Tabblo!
Topic: Recreation 9:09 pm EST, Dec 25, 2006

Hello Tabblo!

tab * leau -noun,plural tab*leaux
1) a picture, as of a scene.
2) a pictureque grouping of persons or objects; a striking scene.
3) a represenation of a picture, statue, scene, etc., by one or more persons suitably costumed and posed.

This is my first tabblo that I've created w/ my new camera. I like the site cause it intergrates w/ iPhoto. This means that right after exporting from SilkyPIX and munging w/ photoshop CS2 I have to import into iPhoto to export to tabblo... yeah I thought computers were supposed to make my life easier.

Hello Tabblo!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2
Topic: Recreation 4:22 pm EST, Dec 18, 2006

So I went on a consumo-binge, again.

For years I've wanted a Leica. Any leica, it didn't matter. I just wanted one. Then I found out that the many of the panasonic lumix branded digital cameras are in-fact leica cameras! Oh joys of joys.

Now that I've had some time to adjust to the camera (leica version). I gotta say it was the best $407 I've ever spent. Yes that number is a little high but here's what you get:

- 10 MP
- 16:9 aspect ratio
- *small*
- huge 3" screen
- long battery life
- 30fps video at 720p
- leica lenses

It's just a point and shoot. It works great as a point and shoot. The manual mode relatively simple once you get used to it. All adjustments are done via the thumb-stick and not a traditional lens barrel rotate thingie. I've been using the RAW setting to take HUGE pictures that I can then edit in the (included and free) SilkyPIX software. SilkyPIX works better than the photoshop noise reducer plugin thingie.

All that is left for me to do is to learn how to take good pictures... It's hard, but w/ a 4GB SDHC card I can take about 170 raw photos which is plenty for me to just waste a couple of dozen. When I have some that I'm particularly proud of I'll post them somewhere.

My name is timball and I'm a consumer. I've been consuming for almost 30yrs now and I've learned that buying completes me. Amen.

Oh I should mention I got the all black model. It's _WAY_ cooler looking than the silver one.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2

The Official Wii Site for North America in English
Topic: Recreation 4:31 pm EST, Nov 21, 2006

So I woke up early on sunday (6am) and drove all the way out to the Toys'R'Us in beautiful Frederick MD to buy a wii. I was the 23 person in line and I shared a bit of early morning zen w/ my wii buying brethren.

It's been over 2days now w/ my wii. I bought zelda (I strongly believe that owning a wii implies owning zelda), monkey ball, and madden '07. And I'm completely blown away by the game play.

Even the wii-sports game that *comes* with the system is totally addictive and awesome. wii-bowling simply rocks. I broke a sweat playing both wii-tennis and wii-boxing.

I'm waiting for ship-it day on all the online stuff (including the webbrowser opera) as it looks like nintendo is doing it right (aka not charging money for getting online, but only for the licensing of the game content itself).

So sad. I'm now playing video games once again.

The Official Wii Site for North America in English

American Hiking Society: Events and Volunteer Opportunities: National Trails Day
Topic: Recreation 10:49 am EDT, May 31, 2006

National Trails day is this saturday! Find out what events are going on in your area. I'm gonna be going to a MORE event in germantown MD to do some wicked off road biking. (okay I'll probably get my ass handed to me by 12yr olds... I'm so out of shape).

So get off your tuffet and go help, you out of shape bastards.


American Hiking Society: Events and Volunteer Opportunities: National Trails Day

Conspiracy Central Tracker Info
Topic: Recreation 4:59 pm EST, Feb  8, 2006

This is a torrent trakker for only the craziest of the crazy things.

Conspiracy Central Tracker Info

MTX Jack Hammer
Topic: Recreation 4:46 pm EDT, Aug  9, 2005

Have you ever noticed that the people who go to the extreme of customizing their $100,000 cars with the biggest and most blinged out wheels, custom alligator skin interiors, and even steering wheels encrusted with diamonds always seem to have the same 12” woofers as the 16 year-old kid down the street? For these people, the word “excess” doesn't cross their minds when it comes to customizing their car. So, MTX has crafted an all new, 22" SuperWoofer for anyone who's got what it takes to go to the extreme—the MTX Audio JackHammer T9922.

The bling of the boom. 22" woofers baby. Takes 6,000W RMS power to run these babies. Who cares if you can still hear when you're 80 it's all about the NOW.

MTX Jack Hammer

Long film review of _Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_
Topic: Recreation 10:50 am EDT, Apr 11, 2005

] This review is based on a substantially complete version
] of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy shown to a small
] group of journalists in London on 31st March 2005, to
] which I was invited by Buena Vista International and
] Digital Outlook. The generosity of these companies in
] paying for my travel to this screening is gratefully
] acknowledged. The opinions expressed here are the
] personal critical opinions of myself, author and
] journalist MJ Simpson. This review is based on a single
] viewing of the film; if any factual details have been
] misremembered, I am happy to amend those portions of the
] text. Because of its great length, this review has been
] split into four parts:

Long film review of _Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_

Ninja Attack!
Topic: Recreation 2:18 pm EST, Mar 17, 2005

] The only sure way to defeat your foe is with a full-scale
] Ninja Attack! And in case you didnÕt know, real ninjas
] are the greatest assassins known to mankind, plus they
] can turn invisible whenever they want! Just load one of
] the 1-1/4" plastic ninjas into the 5-3/4" long plastic
] shooting device and pull the trigger to launch a stealth
] attack! Four different ninjas included.

Ninja Attack!

AskOxford: Are there any words that rhyme with orange?
Topic: Recreation 8:07 pm EST, Jan 10, 2005

] Orange is one of those words that famously has nothing to
] rhyme with it. The other one is silver. However, the
] Oxford Rhyming Dictionary does show both these words as
] having a half rhyme (also known as 'imperfect rhyme' or
] 'near rhyme').

Stupid English language. Silver, orange, bite me. I probably spent about 2hrs trying to prove this wrong when it finally hit me that a) it was the oxford english dictionary b) they're much smarter than me. Now I'm trying to find if there exists a word in -ANY- language that rhymes with "orange" or "silver".

AskOxford: Are there any words that rhyme with orange?

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