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RE: Metal World Reacts To Dimebag Darrell's Demise


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RE: Metal World Reacts To Dimebag Darrell's Demise
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:41 pm EST, Nov 26, 2007

Vile wrote:
Kid, you should proofread these things before you send them. Maybe you do, already. Who knows. Your lack of intellect is apparent in your words. You've gotten boring. Your posts are great to laugh at. I'm glad that Darrell is dead. I hope you join him soon! Cheers!

adam wrote:

vile you are a disgrace, a sorry exuse for a person.
i could only read a few of your paragraphs before literally feeling unnerved. I never quite understood
the need for humans to categorize, and I never see any good come about from
categorization, as in my opinion, it merely breeds more hate and contempt
than already exists in this world. In regards to Darrell Abbott, I must say that you have no right to judge him
or his music or his talent. While Beethoven and Mozart definitely had
talent that even I admire and respect infinitely, Abbott and heavy metal
musicians have their own style, and while those who are ignorant to this
style may hear nothing but loud distortions, for those who understand it and
cherish it, they see the talent, the dedication, that goes into the art
these musicians create. Now, whether or not you want to consider it music
or not, you have no right to degrade Darrell, his peers, or his fans. It's
downright disrespectful, hateful, and closedminded. in your posts you have implied that you are high class, a superior intellect, talented and worthy. no one is asking you to like heavy metal music. but to justify murder because someone plays a style of music that you dont like is just inhumane. i dont know why i keep posting here because arguing with you is like trying to argue with a barbarian. if you would take a few minutes out of your poor exuse for a life you would see that there are many metal artists that are highly educated, articulate, and of high moral values. open up your heart and your mind. the world has enough people like
yourself, and it does not need any more. Tolerance is the key toward peace.
maybe you should engage in a moment of introspection before you run your
mouth, judging others and their ideals.

Talk out your shitter all you'd like., but I WON this thread!!!! Feel the heat, fucker!!! I WIN!

RE: Metal World Reacts To Dimebag Darrell's Demise

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